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Steve Explains His Walks

Steve Widmyer emails: "Just a clarification on the walk. I am walking all the streets of Coeur d’Alene but at this point I am not making door to door stops. If I see people on the road or in their lawns I wave and if it looks like they would like to talk I will stop. Everyone is very busy in their lives and I respect their privacy. I, for one, have never really liked someone coming up unannounced to my door. This walk puts me out there and lets people know I am available to talk if they wish..It also gives me a chance to see all of the areas of Coeur d’Alene up close. Someone asked me why I just didn't drive all the streets because it would be much faster. My answer is that I want to see as much as I can and give those people that wish to talk an opportunity. I want to be the most available and approachable Mayor that Coeur d’Alene has had. I think the walk is just part of it. I worked the street fair for 3 days and I will be at the North Idaho Fair for 5 days. My email address is Steve@widmyerformayor.com for anyone that has a question for me.

Question: Do you mind having candidates knock on your door?

Verner beat the field in most precincts

(Click on map to enlarge)

By now, everyone knows that Spokane voters like to chew up mayors and spit them out after one term, so Mary Verner's ability to win the primary is noteworthy.

But just how noteworthy might be best shown by the above map of precinct results, which shows that she didn't just beat second place finisher David Condon in enough precincts to place first. She actually beat the field — all challengers' vote totals combined — in all but 11 of the city's 123 precincts.

And in 12 precincts, she beat the field by more than 100 votes. Condon outpolled Verner in seven precincts, but in six of them, she got more than 40 percent and the vote for the other three challengers was negligible.

One way to look at this — and it's much more likely that Verner will look at it this way than Condon — is that right now, the voters who want to keep Verner far outnumber the ones that want to replace her with anyone else.

Sunday spin2: I am shocked — shocked! to find gambling going on

Reporters have been known to bet on almost anything, from when a jury will come back to which candidates will win the races they are covering.

It’s a tendency that even some professional gamblers find appalling. So when a Craigslist ad offered a cash prize for the best handicapper of Tuesday’s mayoral race, it caught some eyes in the newsroom.

Even more curious, the referenced website seemed to be that of Mike Noder. But a closer look showed that it wasn’t his mikeforspokane site, but a mocking site, mike4spokane, set up by someone he describes as a former friend turned critic.

To be fair, the mike4 site is close to being an equal opportunity annoyer of all five candidates. The photo of Mary Verner looks like it was shot by the photographer who did Michelle Bachmann for Newsweek, and the shot of David Condon makes his head seem as round as a balloon. The other three candidate’s photos are so out of focus as to be almost unrecognizable.

Only 13 people found their way to the site and left a prediction before the contest closed. The average: Condon 40 percent; Verner 38 percent; Barbara Lampert 9 percent; Noder 7.5 percent and Robert Kroboth 3 percent. Actual results may vary.