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‘Myst’ remake among titles in massive Steam sale

The Inland Northwest is getting a little love in Steam's Mystery Midweek Sale, offering 75-percent off computer games through 10 a.m. Friday.

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition, the high-definition remake of Cyan's classic adventure game released on the 20th anniversary of Myst's launch, is available for $8.99, half of the original asking price. Cyan is based in Mead and was founded by brothers Rand and Robyn Miller in 1987. Myst was the best-selling PC game for nine years, its run ended by The Sims in 2002.

Here are some other great titles in Steam's sale you should think about picking up:

Max Payne 3 logo

Max Payne series (Rockstar, $2.49 - $4.99) Pick up the entire Max Payne trilogy for less than $11. Rockstar's run n' gun game puts you in the shoes of a pill poppin' detective with serious issues. Max Payne was the first game to truly bring to life bullet time mechanics, and the classic games still hold up well today. Plus, you can get Max Payne 3 for $5. Rated M for Mature.

Gone Home screenshot

Gone Home (Fullbright, $7.99) I'm itching to play this adventure game that has received multiple accolades for its storytelling through unconventional means. You play as Kaitlin, a 21-year-old who returns to her childhood home where everyone has vanished. You interact with the world through a first-person perspective, piecing together clues about your family's disappearance.

Wolf Among Us logo

The Wolf Among Us (Telltale Games, $12.49) Telltale Games, makers of the fantastic Walking Dead video game series, take players to the comical world of Fables in this five-episode romp through a New York populated by classic fairy tale creatures. You assume the role of Bigby Wolf (AKA The Big Bad Wolf), the sheriff of the fairy tale world who must solve several grisly murders. Rated M for Mature.

For the full list of games on sale through Steam, visit the promotion's webpage. But act fast, you must buy the titles before Friday at 10 a.m. to get the discounts.


Wandermere residents plan to oppose apartments

Residents of several neighborhoods near Wandermere Golf Course have hired an attorney and plan to lobby county commissioners Tuesday to oppose plans to construct a three-story apartment complex on forested land.

At a packed-house meeting Sunday night at Covenant United Methodist Church, more than a hundred neighbors met to make sure they provided what one speaker called a "united front" at a public hearing scheduled for Tuesday night. The lone agenda item is considering a rezoning request from Rudeen Development to change a 4.5 acre parcel from low- to high-density, key in its plans to construct a three-story, 354-unit apartment complex on an oblong plot between North Wandermere Road and U.S. Highway 395.

Here's a map showing where the proposed development would be from Spokesman-Review graphic artist Molly Quinn:

Map of proposed Wandermere development

County commissioners, prompted by Al French, chose to hold another public hearing on the rezoning after the county's planning commission voted in November to reject the rezoning, based on arguments from neighbors about the strain on Mead's schools and area traffic. Jennifer Mudge, an area resident who has led the organizing effort to combat the development, led the meeting Sunday and said she wants to fill the commissioners' public hearing space with bodies.

"I hope we have more than this, I honestly want to flood that room," Mudge said. "I want to be overflowing, out of the room, up the stairs."

Several of the speakers Sunday night talked about traffic concerns on Wandermere, particularly with children playing across the street and crossing to play with children who might move in to the apartment complex. Others worried their home values would plummet with apartments visible from their backyards on the forested bluff where the proposed apartments would be built.

Among those in attendance was Tom Rockefeller, superintendent of the Mead School District. He said after the meeting the school is in a tough spot, but hasn't taken any official position on the development. A member of the school board said they'd be meeting Monday night and would draft a statement in opposition to the project.

At the meeting was an envelope for collections to pay attorney's fees. The neighbors have hired legal counsel in anticipation of the proposal being approved by county commissioners. They would likely appeal that decision, sending the proposal to the Growth Management Hearings Board.

Tuesday's meeting on the rezoning will take place in the Commissioners Assembly Room at the county's Public Works Building, 1026 W. Broadway Ave., at 5:30 p.m. Mudge said she hopes county commissioners, who can overrule the planning commission's recommendation and allow the project to move forward will work with neighbors on the project.

"We're not saying, 'Don't build,'" Mudge said. "We're just saying, 'Work with us.'"

Gonzaga Prep defeats Mead 21-9

S-R photojournalist Colin Mulvany covered the Gonzaga Prep vs. Mead game.  Check out this big picture gallery of his photos.

Mt. Spokane wins 10-0 against Mead

S-R photojournalist Colin Mulvany covered the Mt. Spokane vs. Mead game.  Check out this big picture gallery of his photos.

Mead defeats North Central 42-7

S-R photojournalist Colin Mulvany covered the NC vs. Mead game at Joe Albi.  Check out this big picture gallery of his photos.

Mead vs. University (Sept. 5)

S-R photojournalist Colin Mulvany covered Mead's game against University High in the GSL opener at Joe Albi, Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013.  Check out this big picture gallery of his photos.  The game was suspended at half-time because of lightning and will be replayed on Saturday night.

Teaming Up To Restore Watershed

The sun-dappled water glistened in the late morning light and so did the foreheads of the teens who planted trees along Hangman Creek last week. While some kids learn about sustainability in air-conditioned classrooms, students from M.E.A.D. put classroom knowledge to practical use thanks to a partnership with the Lands Council and help from Spokane Teachers Credit Union. For every member who switches from paper statements to e-statements until June 30, STCU will donate money to plant one tree along Deep Creek, Coulee Creek or Hangman Creek/Cindy Hval, SR. More here. (Jesse Tinsley SR photo: From the foreground, Amanda Parker, Aleu Aleu and Isaiah Mitchell poke cuttings of willow branches into the muddy banks of Hangman Creek in Valleyford on May 7)

Question: Have you ever planted a tree? When? Where? Why?

Cyan’s Myst chosen by Museum of Modern Art for videogame collection

New York’s Museum of Modern Art has added Cyan World’s groundbreaking game Myst to a collection of significant, artistic videogames.

The MoMA game collection, at www.moma.org, is the start of an evolving exhibit expected to grow to around 40 major games. The full list of the first 14 is found here.

The initial list includes games that became widely known, including Pac-Man, Tetris, The Sims, SimCity 2000 and EVE Online.

Myst was released in 1993, produced by Cyan Worlds, based in Mead. The MoMA listing recognizes brothers Rand and Robyn Miller as the game’s primary creators. Later versions of the Myst franchise included the games Riven, realMyst, Myst V: End of Ages, and Myst Online: Uru Live.

MoMA said it will install the 14 games for a public exhibit in March. Some of the games will be installed in interactive mode, allowing visitors to experience the games firsthand.

“Robyn and I were really excited and tickled to hear Myst was chosen by MoMA,” said Rand Miller, the CEO of Cyan Worlds.

Robyn Miller played a key role in the first Myst product. Since then he’s left the company and is an independent filmmaker.

Myst drew widespread attention because it allowed players to explore and find solutions in a world of challenges and puzzles. It drew praise for drastically breaking from the style of games where one destroys orcs, kills enemies or takes over territory.

This marks the second time this year Myst was chosen for a major collection.

Earlier this year the Smithsonian Museum compiled a traveling exhibit called The Art of Videogames. Myst was one of 80 games included.

The Smithsonian group, which included Donkey Kong and Space Invaders and other arcade favorites, resulted from people voting for their favorite games. “The MoMA collection was based on aesthetics,” Rand Miller said, “and that makes it a bit more satisfying.”

Cyan Worlds continues working on projects, employing 10 people. It’s created iPad and iPhone versions of Myst and is preparing to release an iOS version of Riven, considered the sequel to Myst.

Time for prep postseason football

Call this a prep playoff primer. Or, everything else I couldn’t get into our postseason information box today. And a few other things. Pictured above is Coeur d'Alene running back/linebacker Reece Mahaffy two weeks ago against Lake City.

Click the extended tab below to read more.

And as always, feel free to comment. What are your predictions for the games this week?

Remember, I'll be tweeting scores Friday. My Twitter address is: @srpreps

Cyan’s realMyst for iPad now available on iTunes app store

Looking for the all-new realMyst for iPad and new iPad?

Cyan Worlds, in north Spokane, announced the game is now available at the iTunes apps store, priced at $6.99.

It's the rich and detailed Myst Island scenario, recreated with lots more dimensionality and textures.

Office Hours is eager to test the game, or gather comments from gamers. Drop any thoughts and comments here to share with the Myst community.

Spalding Auto Parts to open a north side Pull and Save next week in Mead

Spalding Auto Parts, the largest new/used vehicle-parts seller around, will open a North Spokane location next week. It will be generally identical in operation to the  Pull and Save Spalding has operated in the Spokane Valley, not far from the Spalding main yard.

Our full story appears in Friday's Spokesman-Review business section, and at Spokesman.com.

The firm will have 24 fulltime employees at the Mead site, which is going in on 22 acres once owned by the Kaiser Mead operation.

This photo shows the Spalding's lot along I90; it's not the Mead site.

Mead’s Mires picks Huskies

Baylee Mires (winning state 800 metes as a sophomore), who could finish high school with more gold medals from the state track meet than any athlete in Greater Spokane League history, will run for Washington next season. Read on.

Then & Now: Scott McGlocklin

Here’s a Then & Now feature I did on former Mead football standout Scott McGlocklin that will run in Tuesday’s newspaper. You can read it here. McGlocklin is pictured above at his office at Bouten Construction where he’s a project manager.