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(Transcript) Mike Leach at media day

Mike Leach addressed the media here in Hollywood this afternoon. The format has been changed from previous seasons, where the coaches and players simply came up for their "podium session" group by group, and were asked inane, "off the wall" questions that nobody used in their actual stories. This year the coach and each player were available at separate podiums for 40 minutes. The verdict seems to be that the questions were a little better (we still got most of the good stuff at lunch with the players and coaches afterwards) but that there were many repeat questions as reporters moved around the room. The Pac-12 was good enough to transcribe the interviews with the coaches for us, and we've passed along Leach's after the jump.


More from media day

Back with some leftovers from media day, but these are the good kind (like Thanksgiving). Actually my notebook in today’s paper ran so long with items on the schedule and 3-point defense that I couldn’t fit in these two.

So read on for Kelly Olynyk’s early season struggles and a note on Finals Week.