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Spring cleaning finds

An email arrived this morning from a North Idaho reader named Lauren.

The subject line said "A spring cleaning find…" and there was an attachment.

Because I know and trust Lauren, I opened it up. It was a photo of an Expo '74 lapel pin.

I wrote back, asking for details. Here is her follow-up report.

"After ten years, we need new carpeting. If anyone was going to be in every room of my house measuring, I needed to clean out closets. I found a box in the linen closet that appeared to be 'don't know what to do with it' stuff of my husband's. In a film canister (remember those?) was a wedding band from my husband's first marriage — engraved 5-4-74. How weird is that? Also cuff links (who wears those?) and the little Expo pin."

The fair, as you may recall, opened on May 4. I wonder how many others got married on that day.

Here is a link to President Richard Nixon's remarks in Spokane.