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Claim: Man hoarded urine to make meth

A man arrested after Spokane police found a suspected methamphetamine lab was said to be collecting his urine to use in the manufacturing of the drug.

 Washington Department of Corrections probation officer Scott Wright tipped police to the suspected lab Wednesday at a home Michael Ward Baker, 54, shares with his elderly mother in the 4500 block of North Hawthorne Street, according to a search warrant.

Wright said neighbors complained about drug activity in the home and another witness said Baker collects his urine "to be recycled for use in manufacturing methamphetamine," according to the warrant.

Spokane police drug detectives joined DOC officers at the home Wednesday and found Baker staying in the garage, where meth pipes and materials to make meth were present, police said.

Baker has seven previous felony convictions, including two for drugs.

Police returned with a search warrant and seized suspected meth-making materials, as well as receipts for cold medicine, the barrel of a shotgun, a drug scale and suspected methamphetamine during the search, which occurred about 5:20 p.m. Chemicals - including sulfuric acid and hydrogen - were destroyed by the Spokane clandestine lab team.

Crumps and Blood nabbed in meth bust

Six children were taken into protective custody in Bonner County today as detectives arrested three people for manufacturing methamphetamine.

Priest River residents Leuis Mark Blood, 44; Brandon N. Crump, 33; and Shauna L. Crump, 32, also face charges of injury to a child, according to the Bonner County Sheriff's Office. The suspects are pictured clockwise, left to right.

They were arrested today after investigators searched two homes at 352 and 358 Bandy Road in southern Bonner County, east of Hoodoo Lake and Spirit Lake Cutoff Road.

 The children are in the care of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Long-term meth lab busted in Blanchard

A longstanding methamphetamine was dismantled and its operator arrested recently in Blanchard, Idaho.

Wilifred J. Dechenne, 38, was "taken through a decontamination process" before being booked into the Bonner County Jail on charges of manufacturing and possession of methamphetamine.

A team from the Bonner County Sheriff's Office arrested Dechenne while executing a search warrant Thursday at noon in Blanchard.

A hazardous materials team and the Spirit Lake Fire Department assisted.

Detectives processed the scene for five hours "safely removing hazardous materials and taking evidence samples," according to a news release.

Man w/ meth lab on back knows drug well

A suspected burglar who police say had a methamphetamine lab in his backpack has been caught with the drug several times, including a September incident in which neighbors called police to report a strong smell of chemicals.

Helmut U. Borchert, 52, was not charged with a crime after police found powdery resident and meth lab remnants, include a hot plate, coffee filters and chemicals, on the floor of a home at 2409 E. Sharp about 4 a.m. on Sept. 12.

But Borchet (left, in 1999) faces meth possession charges after police arrested him at 2728 N. Cook late Saturday. He’s to be arraigned next week.

According to court documents, Borchert was struggling with a Spokane police officer when another officer put him in handcuffs – then began coughing due to smoke and chemicals coming from Borchert’s backpack.

Borchert told the officer he had a meth lab in the backpack and that he uses the drug for “his personal use,” according to court documents. A silver coffee pot with a blueish-white powder inside was near the bag.

A hazardous materials team disposed of the chemicals.

The case is Borchert’s third pending methamphetamine charge in Spokane County. He was arrested in December 2008 after a search at 717 E. Ermina turned up meth.

He’s also charged with possession of meth, tampering with evidence and attempting to elude police for a Nov. 1 arrest in which police allege he threw meth and two glass jars out his car window while fleeing police.

Back in September, officers responding to a report of a strong chemical smell forced their way into an apartment after Borchert refused to open the door, according to a search warrant.

Borchert remains at Geiger on $15,000 bond.

Past coverage:

Sept. 21, 2009: Authorities bust 2 meth labs in 2 days

Authorities bust 2 meth labs in 2 days

Law enforcement in Spokane County this month discovered two homemade methamphetamine labs within two days and on opposite sides of the county.

Spokane police and firefighters found the first lab Sept. 12 after someone reporting a strong smell of chemicals at 2409 E. Sharp about 4 a.m.

Officers forced their way into the basement apartment after the man inside, Helmut U. Borchert, 51, (left, in 1999) refused to open the door, according to a search warrant.

Borchert, who was not a tenant, was allowed to leave after telling police they wouldn’t find meth there. Police powdery residue along with meth lab remnants like a hot plate on the floor, coffee filters and chemical samples, according to the warrant.

Borchert, who has not been charged, has four felony drug convictions and has been arrested for possession of pseudoephedrine with intent to manufacture and possession of meth.

Less than 24 hours after that search, a woman told the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office that her ex-boyfriend, Jerry F. McDowell, 47, was “cooking meth” at an outbuilding behind his father’s property with anhydrous ammonia stolen in Spangle, according to a search warrant.

Deputies smelled meth-making chemicals on McDowell when they arrested him on an unrelated warrant hours later on Sept. 13, leading to a raid at the outbuilding, 12509 N. Freya St.

The search revealed coffee filters, used hypodermic needles, scales, a stained hot plate, stained glassware “and several fire extinguishers that smelled strongly of ammonia,” according to the warrant.

McDowell is at the Geiger Confinement Center on a charge of manufacturing a controlled substance. It’s a charge he knows well.

According to this news brief from January (it’s the third item), McDowell and his then-girlfriend Natalie A. Miller were arrested as they drove from the Freya Street home with eight small baggies of meth.

Detectives found a meth lab in the home along with two ounces of the drug. McDowell was already on probation for manufacturing methampethamine.

Things apparently went sour with Miller after that. She’s the one who turned him into the Sheriff’s Office this time, according to the search warrant.