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Running around on a Monday morning


We're going to get right at it today, not because there is anything earth-shattering to relate or any incredibly important place for me to go. No, we're getting right at it because we're running late today and want you to have your morning update. Read on.

Every day is big now


Sunday mornings were always a chore – and a joy – growing up in the newspaper world. The papers were huge, and when your family made its living making sure those papers were in folks' driveways first thing in the morning, that was a chore. But the papers were huge, which made them a joy to read. Times have changed. Read on.

• UPDATE: Now I don't make it a habit to read obituaries, but today while eating breakfast I spied the picture in this one and decided to read it. As it was intended, it made me laugh, which makes it worthwhile to pass along just for that. But there's an even bigger payoff in Larry McKay's obit, if you are a Mariners' fan. You have to read all the way down to the penultimate paragraph, but it's worth it. This is the type of sendoff I want.

Recover with our links


FROM PULLMAN — If your Cinco de Mayo involved a few too many Coronas, nurse your headache by taking in our Sunday morning links. There aren't many, so you might want to take some Advil, too.

At least it’s not limbo


Though I make jokes about it occasionally here on the blog, I really don't yell at the radio or television much. Usually it's more of an under-the-breath mutter about this or that. But that changed last night in the seventh inning of the Mariners' game with Minnesota. And the screaming was cathartic. Read on.

Memories from Pullman


Over the course of covering Washington State football for five years, I dealt with a diverse group of players. There were small ones, big ones, tall ones, short ones, fast ones and not-so-fast ones. They all sort of melded together in the memory banks after awhile. But one guy stood out for something he used to do on the sidelines at practice. And now that guy is in the news again. Read on.

Mike Leach’s best quotes of the spring, plus links


FROM PULLMAN — With news getting leaner by the day — though we do have some — we're going to have a little fun this morning by passing along Mike Leach's five best quotes of the spring. Read on for the list, as well as some links.

Making a little progress


There was a lot of response yesterday to my thoughts on remaining a Mariner fan. To be honest, I appreciate the advice, but have yet to make up my mind. It isn't a results-based analysis, so the fact the M's lost again yesterday isn't really a factor. It's more about the process, which starts at the top and filters down to the field. Read on.

Is it time to bail?


It just may be time. Time to sell my allegiance. Time to give up being a Seattle Mariner fan and start rooting for another team. Time to root for a team with an ownership that wants to win consistently and is willing to do what it takes to make that happen. Or is it the wrong thing to do? Read on.

Two negatives make a positive, right?


There was an old song sung by The Carpenters that included the lyrics, “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” So what happens when Monday is a rainy day? Do two downs make an up? All I know is I'm feeling a bit low watching it pour outside my window right now when there aren't a lot of links falling from the Internet sky. Read on.

A strange and wonderful Sunday


What a day. The alma mater is headed to the NCAA semifinals and I read a headline I thought I would never see in my lifetime. Read on.

Start your weekend here


It's Saturday morning. There is a lot to digest and we're not talking about last night's dinner. The NFL draft went through two more rounds (when is Roger Goodell going to realize you can stretch the seven rounds through six days and rest on the seventh, just like his counterpart upstairs?) with a few more Pac-12 stars being chosen. And the Mariners rallied in the ninth (in large part to a crucial error) and defeated the Toronto Blue Jays on a Michael Saunders' 10th-inning grand slam. Read on.

Even Roger Goodell looked surprised


“With the 12th pick of the draft, the Seattle Seahawks make a trade.” Now, those exact words were never spoken by Roger Goodell last night, but something similar was. Nothing surprising, of course, about that. Teams trade draft picks all the time. “With the 15th pick of the draft, the Seattle Seahawks draft Bruce Irvin, defensive end, West Virginia.” Those words, or something really close to those words, were spoken last night and they knocked most observers' socks off. Read on.

Make your pick tonight


I don't know about you, but I'll be listening to the NFL draft on the radio tonight when I drive back from Moscow. It will fill in the gap between Palouse and Garfield. Read on.

A little this, a little that on Thursday


FROM PULLMAN — Our WSU coverage is a bit more diverse than usual today. And it's about to become even more so. Read on for the details.

No stopping this bandwagon


What the heck? I got up this morning all ready to see how others around the country had began jumping on the Jason-Vargas-for-Cy-Young bandwagon and all I can find is stories about the Mariners' offense? Doesn't everyone realize yesterday's seven runs was a flash in the pan but Vargas – 3-1 already by the way – is the real deal? I don't get it. Read on.

Live chat today, lots of news from WSU


FROM PULLMAN — As we've said in this space recently, this time of year is typically accompanied by a dearth of college football and basketball news. Well, Tuesday was different. Read on for our daily rundown.

Day 15: Cougars put a bow on the spring


FROM PULLMAN — The next time we see Washington State on a football practice field with coaches and pads, it'll be August. Yes, the Cougars practiced for the 15th and final time on Tuesday, putting the finishing touches on the first spring of the Mike Leach era. As usual, we have some notes, though they come with a caveat.

Loyalty must have a new meaning


While driving back from the Seattle area yesterday, the ride was accompanied by a sports soundtrack. There was the news of Seth Greenberg's firing at Virginia Tech. There was the fallout from Ron Artest's elbow to James Harden's head. And, most prominently, there was the news from Arkansas that John L. Smith was headed back to the Razorbacks to become head football coach for the next 10 months. That, by the way, is twice as long as he was head coach at Weber State, his alma mater. Read on.

A special Monday. Why? It’s warm


Every Monday starts with a goal: Finding one sports-related story that's off the beaten track for you. We did that today. Read on.

A perfect Saturday


For all of you who have been griping about the Mariners' offense, what do you want? Perfection? OK, you got it Saturday. Though not the right way. Read on.

(Spring) pregame from Albi


FROM SPOKANE — We're in the press box at Albi Stadium, where fans are enjoying the various concessions available, as well as some bouncy-house type activities for the kids. Pretty laid-back feel so far. More like a carnival than a football game, for the time being.

A highly anticipated day arrives


We're in the Seattle area this week on personal business but that doesn't stop us from filling you in on the sports happening around the Inland Northwest. Just like the dirty looks my wife Kim kept shooting me didn't stop me from saying “there's another person headed to the Cougar spring game,” every time an RV passed us headed east on Interstate 90. Read on.

The spring game has arrived


FROM COEUR d'ALENE — We're visiting a friend in this fine city in Idaho before heading over to Albi Stadium, but we've also got some links and news for you before the day begins in earnest. Read on.

Video: Anthony Carpenter


FROM PULLMAN — Our series of video interviews continues with a look at WSU safety Anthony Carpenter.

We’re not that old


Fenway Park is turning 100 today and I'm here to refute the nasty Internet rumor that I was at the first game. Nope, couldn't get tickets. And, besides, I wanted to wait until Buck O'Brien was on the bump. Read on.

One day til Spokane


FROM PULLMAN — We're officially one day away from the spring game, but we've got a few loose ends to tie up here in Pullman before driving to Coeur d'Alene later today. Visiting a friend there before Saturday's big scrimmage. Read on for some links, because there are a few.

Day 13 in the books as spring game awaits


FROM PULLMAN — WSU needed to go without pads either today or on Tuesday — you're only allowed 12 practices in pads and they've already had 10, with the spring game coming up Saturday — so they were in helmets and shorts this afternoon. It was a lighter workout than usual.

If you can manage to get through today’s post …


While reading through items I found yesterday about the M's loss to Cleveland on Tuesday night, one line in a Geoff Baker blog post about Eric Wedge caught my eye. “Managing a baseball team is about leading people as much as it is about playing percentages and crunching numbers,” Baker wrote. Now Baker, the longtime beat writer for the Seattle Times is a numbers guy, in the sense he understands all the statistics that are in play and have become the rage in baseball. But he also understands there is more to winning at the major league level than just running numbers through a laptop. Read on.

One more practice before the real(ish) thing


FROM PULLMAN — WSU practices this afternoon for the 13th time this spring — and the final time before perhaps the most anticipated spring game in the history of the program. (The Cougars do have another practice scheduled for the following Tuesday, though I'm guessing that won't receive as much attention.)

Video: Darren Markle


FROM PULLMAN — Our series of video interviews continues with a look at WSU junior linebacker Darren Markle.