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Day 2 in the books at WSU camp


FROM PULLMAN — Another day, another practice in the books on Rogers Field, though this one was a bit warmer than Thursday's camp opener. It was also a big day for one of WSU's incoming freshmen. Read on.

WSU finishes Day 1 of practice


FROM PULLMAN — It was a very business-like day at Rogers Field, with the Cougars getting back into practice mode after a summer of workouts some described as the hardest of their lives. We have some notes for you after the jump.

It begins — fall or not


FROM PULLMAN — So, fall camp is upon us. Even if it's still summer, and won't actually be fall until the Cougars take the field for their fourth game of the season. Oh, well. We have links, regardless.

Mike Leach discusses fall camp, among other things


FROM PULLMAN — Mike Leach met with media for about 24 minutes this afternoon, previewing fall camp while also getting a little philosophical about a number of topics. We have a full transcript for you below.

WSU camp position previews, plus links


FROM PULLMAN — We're back on the east side after a quicker-than-usual drive from Seattle yesterday afternoon, gearing up to cover Washington State's first fall camp under coach Mike Leach. He'll meet with the media today at about 1 p.m., but first, we have a quick look at each position heading into camp, along with some other stories you should read.

Programming note


Just a quick blog post to let folks know I'll be joining Ryan Divish of the Tacoma News Tribune and Bob Condotta and Bud Withers of the Seattle Times for a college football roundtable discussion Thursday from 1-3 p.m. with Ian Furness and Jason Puckett on KJR 950 AM in Seattle.

You can listen online here.

Wonder who makes what, working for the state? We can show you

To search the updated database of state employees' salaries, click here.

OLYMPIA – The best-paying state jobs in Washington are still in academia, with the very best in athletics.

The annual listing of salaries for all state employees shows once again that the biggest paychecks in 2011 went to staff at either the University of Washington or Washington State University, with the top five going to coaches of the two schools’ football and basketball teams.

Husky football coach Steve Sarkisian tops the list of state employees with an annual salary topping $2.5 million. He also saw the biggest increase from 2010, with an increase of $546,000.

University officials are always quick to point out, however, that salaries for coaches and the other athletic departments’ staffs don’t come out of state tax dollars. They are covered by a combination of ticket sales and broadcast revenues.

UW basketball coach Lorenzo Romar is second, with a little more than $1.2 million. WSU basketball coach Ken Bone, former WSU football coach Paul Wulff and former UW assistant coach Nick Holt round out the top five before the first non-coach, WSU President Elson Floyd shows up on the list at $625,000.

The list represents all payments made to state employees. . .

To read the rest of this item, or to comment, click here

WSU, the APR and links


Figured a quick blog post detailing WSU's APR numbers — which were released for all schools yesterday by the NCAA — would be a pertinent way to start your Thursday. So here it is. Read on.

Catching up to WSU’s commitments


There's been quite a bit of news on the recruiting trail during the past 48 hours or so, and as such, we have a quick post for you this morning catching you up to speed. Read on.

Another nice Friday


I really can't think of a better way to end the workweek. I warmed up a cup of Thursday's coffee, opened up the computer and began reading stories from Miami, San Francisco and Seattle about subjects as varied as the NBA Finals, the U.S. Open and the Mariners. Throw in the time I spent reading the S-R this morning and, yep, I can't think of a better way to start my Friday. Read on.

Brophy coach: Bruggman is ‘a man of his word’


Had a chance to speak this afternoon with Brophy Prep coach Scooter Molander about the commitment of quarterback Tyler Bruggman to Washington State. Read on for a partial transcript.

Touted QB commits to Cougars


Several outlets are reporting this afternoon that Brophy Prep (Phoenix) quarterback Tyler Bruggman has given a verbal commitment to play his college ball at Washington State. Read on for more.

A transfer, plus an addition for WSU


Checking back in again this morning with a couple of small, but notable news items on the Washington State football front. Read on.

Look forward or behind; it’s your choice today


Yep, summer's here. Not officially, mind you. That's not for a couple weeks yet. But unofficially, it's summer time in the sporting world. Sure, hockey playoffs are still going on (the only NHL team I've ever seen live is leading the Stanley Cup finals 2-0) and the NBA isn't even to its final series yet, but those two winter/spring sports are on their last legs. What does this all mean to the Inland Northwest sports fan? It means if you want to read about local sports that aren't named baseball or softball, you either have to look back … or ahead. There is little in the way of today in college football or basketball. Read on.

Cougs lose a player, plus links


We check back in this morning with a small bit of news — but news nontheless — regarding a scholarship player leaving the Washington State football team. We also have other collections of words and sentences for you to read. Onward.

WSU links, and the best catch you’ll ever see


It's been a while since we greeted you in the morning, so we'll go ahead and pass along some links today that we thought you might enjoy. Plus some non-WSU video — with a Cougar-related backstory — that is just too incredible not to share. Read on.

A wide range for the morning


It's an eclectic mix we present for you this morning, with links ranging from New Jersey, where former Gonzaga star Adam Morrison had a tryout with the Nets, to Tampa, where the Bucs said goodbye to Kellen Winslow and sent him to the Seahawks. Read on.

Links on a Thursday


FROM PULLMAN — This is why we toil through the winter months out here — it's mid-May, and I'm writing this in the middle of the night with the screen door open and a nice breeze blowing through the apartment. Ahh, summer weather in spring. Read on for some more reading material.

Checking back in with some WSU links


FROM SEATTLE — Heading back to the Palouse this morning, but wanted to put this post together first because there are a few links out there worthy of your attention. Read on.

Lighting up your day


When I started this morning, the temperature outside was in the mid-30s. Now it is in the mid-40s. Oh the power of sunshine. Now if the sun could only make up for no Mariner game and little other news to link. Read on.

Maybe it’s just a short-term lease


One of the definitions of ownership is “legal right of possession; proprietorship.” Sounds like what the Mariners have over the Tigers right now. Read on.

Leach talks mustaches, other musings


FROM PULLMAN — We have a few WSU-related links to pass along. Continue reading if you want to continue reading. We'll keep it short.

Get out your No. 2 pencil


A little known fact: I grew up next to a major league baseball pitcher. A former Mariners pitcher. And, from time to time, I would spend a few days with him in Seattle. Once, while driving to the Kingdome, he made a statement that resonated through the years last night, following the last out of the M's loss, an out that prompts a little baseball etiquette lesson. Read on.

We present an alternative today


It's going to be the nicest day of the year in the Inland Northwest today, so if you can, get out and enjoy it. If you can't, say because you have to something mundane like working to support yourself and loved ones, well, sit in front of your computer and read today's post. It's almost as good as being outside in sunny, 70-degree weather. Almost. Read on.

Recapping a busy day on the Palouse


FROM PULLMAN — Sometimes, slow days can be a relief. But we've had a number of those this spring, so yesterday's events were a welcome change. Read on for a summation.

Running around on a Monday morning


We're going to get right at it today, not because there is anything earth-shattering to relate or any incredibly important place for me to go. No, we're getting right at it because we're running late today and want you to have your morning update. Read on.

Every day is big now


Sunday mornings were always a chore – and a joy – growing up in the newspaper world. The papers were huge, and when your family made its living making sure those papers were in folks' driveways first thing in the morning, that was a chore. But the papers were huge, which made them a joy to read. Times have changed. Read on.

• UPDATE: Now I don't make it a habit to read obituaries, but today while eating breakfast I spied the picture in this one and decided to read it. As it was intended, it made me laugh, which makes it worthwhile to pass along just for that. But there's an even bigger payoff in Larry McKay's obit, if you are a Mariners' fan. You have to read all the way down to the penultimate paragraph, but it's worth it. This is the type of sendoff I want.

Recover with our links


FROM PULLMAN — If your Cinco de Mayo involved a few too many Coronas, nurse your headache by taking in our Sunday morning links. There aren't many, so you might want to take some Advil, too.

At least it’s not limbo


Though I make jokes about it occasionally here on the blog, I really don't yell at the radio or television much. Usually it's more of an under-the-breath mutter about this or that. But that changed last night in the seventh inning of the Mariners' game with Minnesota. And the screaming was cathartic. Read on.