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Can Idaho and Washington pick up the tech-job creation pace?

  With all the attention on technology and job-creation in last night's State of the  Union  address by President Obama, Office Hours wonders if Washington and Idaho are primed to be key contributors in that effort.

 Certainly both have unemployment rates that are stubbornly stuck close to the national average, or above.

 We looked to the most recent issue of the Milken Institute's 2010 State Technology and Science Index to see how it ranked Washington and Idaho. The index, which has been compiled since 2002. (The rankings did not occur in 2009.)

 Washington, ranked 5th in 2008, slid to 6th in the 2010 index. That mostly looks to be the result of a strong gain by Utah, which moved up to 5th.

 Idaho, notably, stayed exactly where it was: 27th in both 2008 and 2010.

For the full STSI, go to this PDF link (free signup at Milken required.)

Economic vitality of Northwest cities tumbles

The economic vitality of Northwest cities has tumbled in the last year, according to new rankings by the Milken Institute.

The exception in the 2010 index of Best-Performing Cities was the Tri-Cities, which climbed to fifth among the 200 rated by job, income and output growth, with an emphasis on high-tech employment

Spokane fell to 74th from 41st in the 2009 rankings. Among 179 small cities, Coeur d’Alene sank to 93rd from 15th in 2009. Two years ago, the Kootenai County city peaked at No. 2.

Texas cities ruled the Milken chart, with five among the top 10. Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood topped the list. Detroit was at the bottom.

Among other Northwest cites ranked were Seattle, down from 17th to 37th; Portland, down to 107th from 37th; and Boise, down to 154th from 114th.

Lewiston, unranked previously, was 139th among small cities. Fargo, N.D., was No. 1.