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Milo visits the vet

So, Milo had a check up last week, too. You can see how much he enjoys going to the vet. The good news is Milo is svelte and healthy. It's not hard for him to stay trim when Thor is eating most of his food.

PS: Bought pheromone spray at the pet store. Easy cat car trip, ever.

Do your pets travel well?

High Noon: A Pet’s Birthday

February is a busy month at our house. In addition to Valentine’s Day, we celebrate three family birthdays: Milo’s, Thor’s and mine. The less said about my 40-something-and-counting birthday, the better. But Milo’s third birthday and Thor’s first are truly reasons to celebrate. Pre-Milo, our family had been petless, unless you count goldfish. Alas, the boys and I had grown weary of watery funerals. When we adopted Milo, he was an 8-week-old fuzzy furball of need. He skittered around his metal cage at the pet store during pet adoption week like a kid in desperate need of Ritalin/Cindy Hval, SR. More here.

Question: Do you celebrate your pet's birthday?

Milo Back Home After High-Speed Toss

Milo, a 6-year-old Jack Russell terrier, took an unexpected ride last week, apparently in a thief’s getaway car. The dog’s owner, Paul Defazio, said someone stole items from his barn last Thursday. Defazio suspects either the thieves stole Milo, or that Milo unwittingly jumped in the vehicle hoping for a joyride. His joyride came to an abrupt end later that day when he was thrown from the driver-side door of an older, red pickup truck with no license plates, at 60-plus mph on Highway 195 near Washington Road. Stephanie Dunn, 21, of Spokane Valley, was behind the truck and watched in horror as Milo was chucked out the window. “In all honesty, I was almost hysterical,” said Dunn, a self-described animal lover. “I was just in shock”/Chelsea Bannach, SR. More here. (SR photo: Dan Pelle)

Question: On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the highest regard), how much of an animal lover are you?

High Noon: A Purr Never Hurt Anyone

Several years ago, local author Niki Anderson wrote a best-seller titled “What My Cat Has Taught Me About Life.” I thought about that title as our own kitty, Milo, recently celebrated his first year of owning us. We had set out to adopt an older female feline, so I wouldn’t be the only girl at home. We ended up with another hyperactive baby boy. Go figure/Cindy Hval, Washington Voices/SR. More here.

Question: Have you learned anything about life from your pet?