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Photos show rescued dog getting TLC

SEARCH AND RESCUE — Readers following the story of the lost dog rescued high in the Kettle Range yesterday will enjoy these followup photos.

The pix, just sent to me by Mariann Crooks, show Rebel, a 7-month-old bluetick coonhound, still wiped out from the two nights he endured in the winter wilds north of Sherman Pass after being lost during a snowshoeing trek to Columbia Mountain.

But Rebel's home now, getting plenty of comfort and attention from Mariann's daughter, Sabrina Crooks.

And a few hearts will justifiably melt to see one of the other family dogs nursing Rebel's feet, which were raw and sore from the snow, cold and ice high in the Colville National Forest.

Crooks said Rebel slept pretty much nonstop for 36 hours after he got home.

Rebel was rescued by a group of forestry students from the Curlew Job Corps Center.

See photos of the rescue in this blog post

Snowshoers find dog that spent two nights out near Sherman Pass

MISSING PETS — A young, energetic family dog lost from its owners during a snowshoe hike on Sunday has been found after two days out in the high country near Sherman Pass.

A Job Corps forestry crew heard about the lost dog and the despair of the family through an email network, so they decided to go out for a snowshoe hike today and see what they could see.

Lo! They found Rebel, a seven month old male bluetick coonhound that had been lost since mid-day Sunday in the vicinity of Columbia Mountain near Sherman Pass in Colville National Forest in northeast Washington.

He survived the ordeal wearing an orange collar, a red head halter and a small blue pack.

His owners are being notified.  The dog reportedly was dehydrated but otherwise in good shape.

Credit a close network of locals in the Republic-Curlew area who have the skills to get out in the backcountry and the generosity to look out after others.

More on this later…

Snowshoers lose family hound near Sherman Pass

MISSING PETS — During a snowshoe hike on Sunday (Jan. 22), a seven month  old male Bluetick Coonhound who answers to the name Rebel was lost in the vicinity of Columbia Mountain near Sherman Pass in Colville National Forest in northeast Washington.  

Anyone living in the area or out playing in the backcountry in the vicinity of Sherman Pass, please keep your eye out for him!

His owners say Rebel is super friendly and should approach anyone that calls him. 

Last seen, he was wearing an orange collar, a red head halter and a small blue pack. 

The dog has tags on to identify where he belongs. 

His owners are very worried for him. If found, please contact Mariann at (509) 496-9370 (cell) or via email at mendenhall_mini_farm@yahoo.com