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Motley Fool: Made-to-order growth

Moves suggest McDonald’s recent growth may continue.

Motley Fool: Prescription for profit

Shares of CVS Health have had a tough year, dropping in large part due to fears about Amazon’s potential entry into the pharmacy business.

Motley Fool: A towering portfolio candidate

American Tower is a real estate investment trust that’s one of the world’s largest owners of towers and other structures designed to hold telecommunications equipment.

Motley Fool: Take a bite of Apple

Whether you’re looking for a company with earnings, cash on the balance sheet or a wide competitive moat, Apple fits the bill.

Motley Fool: Shopping for Shopify

Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) helps more than 600,000 businesses sell their products online. It offers more than 100 website templates to help customize the experience, and it can provide services such …

Motley Fool: A mouse for your house

Walt Disney’s future looks as strong as ever, and its stock seems undervalued today.

Motley Fool: Microsoft has been changing

You can find higher dividend yields elsewhere, but not all companies offer Microsoft’s stability and long-term growth potential.

Motley Fool: A super market?

Kroger stock has been in a slump for much of the past few years, but it’s finally showing some signs of life, partly because of a groundbreaking deal with British …

The Motley Fool: Consider investing in cancer-fighter Exelixis

If you can tolerate risk and volatility and you’d like to invest in a biotechnology company, consider cancer drug developer Exelixis.

Motley Fool: Game On! Winning the battle royale

Activision Blizzard’s growing stable of popular video games ensures its future doesn’t depend on the success or failure of any single title or franchise.

Motley Fool; The Amazon of China?

You may not have heard of (Nasdaq: JD), but plenty of retailers in China have, as it’s much like the of China. Along with Alibaba, which is a …

Motley Fool: A fat blue chip dividend

With the merger with Time Warner recently completed, AT&T’s long-term prospects are even better.

Motley Fool: Profitable relationships

Shares of Salesforce have more than tripled in value during the past five years, and many analysts expect continued robust growth.

Motley Fool: Fab-less and fab

High-quality audio processor maker Cirrus Logic may not be a household name, but this “fabless” semiconductor manufacturerprovides parts that show up in many of the items you use every day.

Motley Fool: Digital real estate

Digital Realty has grown tremendously over the past decade or so, and there’s reason to believe that the growth still is in the relatively early stages.

Motley Fool: A Visa to Profitland

Visa enjoys a host of competitive advantages – such as its scope.

Motley Fool: A river of profits

With significant and accelerating growth drivers, is well worth considering as a long-term investment.

Motley Fool: Some PepsiCo for Your Portfolio?

With a solid dividend and some underappreciated growth catalysts, PepsiCo is worth considering for your long-term portfolio.

Motley Fool: Booking profits

With solid economic conditions across much of the globe and a rising interest in travel, the outlook for the industry is bright, and Booking Holdings has established itself as a …

Motley Fool: Pfizer for your pfortfolio?

Pfizer is arguably one of the best health care stocks to own right now.

Motley Fool: Learn your Alphabet

With Alphabet’s unparalleled control of search and promising position in many other businesses, investors might want to buy and hold Alphabet for decades.

Motley Fool: Toying with profits

It might be game over for toy retailer Toys R Us, which is undergoing liquidation as its business evaporates, but that doesn’t mean that toy and game giant Hasbro (Nasdaq: …

Motley Fool: Profits brewing

While there’s reason to monitor Starbucks’ slowing growth in the U.S., savvy investors focusing on the bigger picture could do well buying now, because the growth likely isn’t over.

Motley Fool: A biotech bargain?

The market seems to think Celgene is in horrible shape, but the biotech still claims a compelling growth story.

Motley Fool: More than a phone company

The days of seeing Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ) as just a phone company are long gone.

Motley Fool: McDonald’s still cooking

Customers are returning to the iconic fast-food chain and profitability has shot to new highs.

Motley Fool: Investing in infrastructure

Brookfield Infrastructure Partners plans to increase its payout between 5 percent and 9 percent each year as it steadily expands its portfolio.

Motley Fool: Senior real estate

If you’re interested in investing in real estate without taking title of any property, consider a real estate investment trust, a dividend-paying company that owns or finances income-producing properties. A …

Motley Fool: Dollars and cents from Tencent

A particularly appealing Chinese tech stock is Tencent Holdings.

Motley Fool: Firing on many cylinders

General Motors stands out as an attractive, undervalued income opportunity at recent prices.