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Vandals fall short in Boise, again. Broncos win 86-75.

Another game at the CenturyLink Arena in Boise, same result for the Idaho men's basketball team. The Vandals have dropped their third consecutive game against Boise State at CenuryLink Arena, and their sixth consecutive against the Broncos.

Boise State outlasted Idaho 86-75 Tuesday night in the annual neutral court clash. 

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Idaho’s Don Verlin wants home-and-home with Boise State

While Idahoans wait for the Idaho - Boise State football rivalry to start up again (and they might be waiting for a loooong time), the two schools are willing to play each other regularly in one sport, at least.

The two schools meet tomorrow at 6 p.m. at the CenturyLink Arena in Boise for their annual men's basketball rivalry game, which has been played every year since both UI and BSU were in the Big Sky Conference.  

Read what Idaho coach Don Verlin has to say about the game after the jump. 

Akey: UI May Go Independent

Idaho football coach Robb Akey said the Vandals are considering independence as a way to keep their program's Football Bowl Subdivision options open. Idaho is one of two football-playing schools left in the decimated Western Athletic Conference. New Mexico State is the other. "We've been trying like a son of a gun to find a home. The best place for us would be the Mountain West. They don't want us right now. I understand all those things. Hopefully, it's going to re-allocate. I would expect there would be a change again in a couple more years," Akey told the Idaho Statesman on Tuesday. "I wouldn't be surprised if we end up having to operate as an independent for a few years. We're just looking for a home, my brother"/Rob Murphy, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Would you support UI Vandals becoming an independent football school to stay in the Football Bowl Subdivision?

Read more here: http://voices.idahostatesman.com/2012/06/26/bmurphy/akey_wouldnt_be_surprised_if_idaho_becomes_football_independent#storylink=cpy

Boise State To Join Big East

Boise State’s highly ranked football program officially accepted an invitation from the Big East on Wednesday, ending months of speculation about the Broncos’ future conference plans. The rest of Boise State’s programs are going to the Western Athletic Conference, which was the Broncos’ home from 2001 to 2011. The conference moves will take effect July 1, 2013. “Today’s announcement represents another significant step forward in the evolution of the Bronco football program and in the incredible growth of Boise State University. The move to the Big East Conference makes a powerful statement about our vision for the future of the football program, and more than ever will showcase the Broncos in the national spotlight," Boise State President Bob Kustra said/Brian Murphy, Statesman. More here. (Joe Jaszewski Statesman photo: Boise State is stiff-arming the Mountain West and bringing its powerhouse football program to the Big East in 2013)

Question: What do you think about the Boise State sports programs beyond football returning to the Western Athletic Conference?

Noon: Blueless At Boise State

File this one under “Y” for “You’ve got to be kidding.” The Mountain West conference, the new home to Boise State University’s athletic program, has told the football team it can’t wear its traditional all-blue uniforms for home games anymore. Seriously. If you follow the Broncos football program, you’ve probably heard some interesting theories revolving around BSU’s trademark blue playing field. One myth is that birds are always crash-diving into it, mistaking it for a large body of water. That one has led to some pretty clever T-shirts. Another theory is that the Broncos have an unfair advantage wearing all-blue uniforms at home because, since that is the same color as their field, they blend in and are harder for opposing players to see/Idaho Press-Tribune Editorial Board. More here. (AP file photo: action in 2010 game between Boise State and Oregon State in Boise)

Question: Do you think Boise State has an unfair advantage when it wears blue on its blue-turf football field?

Boise State Leaves WAC Today

(Today) marks Boise State’s final day as a member of the Western Athletic Conference — a welcome milestone for many around the Broncos, who have long chased the Mountain West membership that begins Friday. But before the balloons rise and the confetti falls, before the celebratory toasts and the logo changes, Boise State owes the league it is leaving a simple statement: Thank you. Thanks for the opportunity, the exposure, the support, the cheerleading, the scheduling, the marketing. Thank you. It wasn’t a one-way relationship, no doubt/Brian Murphy, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Are you sorry to see Boise State leave the WAC? Or excited to see what will become of the Broncos in the new Mountain West Conference?

Mountain West Unveils New Logo

The Mountain West Conference on Monday unveiled its new logo — part of an intense branding campaign that marks the league’s transition away from Utah, BYU and TCU and to Boise State, Fresno State, Nevada and Hawaii (football only). The new logo looks like a cube, with a block “M” and block “W.” Conference officials are calling the logo “The Rock” — and they say it’s a sign of unity and strength for the reshaped conference. The old logo featured a mountain scene. “We’re about as much west as we are mountain,” commissioner Craig Thompson said. “We’re going to emphasize both names”/Chadd Cripe, Statesman. More here.

Question: What do you think of the new Mountain West logo?

Hawaii To Abandon WAC, Too

Hawaii slotback Greg Salas, center, holds up the WAC championship trophy as Hawaii head coach Greg McMackin, right, looks on at the end of the NCAA college football game against UNLV at Aloha Stadium, Saturday in Honolulu. Hawaii defeated UNLV 59-21. The Hawaii victory won them a three way tie for the WAC title with Boise State and Nevada. Now, Hawaii is poised to announce that it’s joining Mountain West Conference in football only in 2012. More here. (AP Photo/Marco Garcia) And: you can read Vandal football coach Robb Akey’s thoughts about Idaho’s future here.

Question: Should the Idaho Vandals begin looking for an alternative conference to play in, now that the best football schools have left the Western Athletic Conference?

Hawaii May Leave For MWC, Too

Boise State’s new conference is starting to look an awful lot like its old one. Hawaii is poised to join the Mountain West Conference in football only, becoming the third WAC team to join the league since Boise State announced it was switching leagues in June. Negotiations between Hawaii and the Mountain West are ongoing, Hawaii and Mountain West officials said Thursday night. “We have a handshake but we do have to agree on the details,” Hawaii president M.R.C. Greenwood said at a press conference. She also termed it as “final discussions”/Brian Murphy, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: What becomes of Idaho, if Hawaii leaves for the Mountain West Conference, too?

Murphy: UI Happy Among WAC Dwarfs

Members of the WAC Lite confronted their new realities Thursday morning — the left-behinds taking various approaches to their suddenly depleted conference. Utah State bragged about having the integrity to turn down advances from that dirty Mountain West Conference, which snagged Fresno State and Nevada on Wednesday, leaving the WAC in its current shambles. The Aggies let everyone know they were the first school to be contacted. Louisiana Tech boasted about its lack of ties to any one conference or rival, as if sending a signal to any league with a potential opening. “Louisiana Tech has never been defined by its association with any one or two schools,” athletic director Bruce Van De Velde said. “We have positioned ourselves to be a strong and proud member of any conference.” Hawaii, isolated and left behind again, pondered independence from its conference of more than 30 years, having seen this scene play out too many times. And then there was Idaho — Happy among the remaining WAC dwarfs/Brian Murphy, Idaho Statesman. More here. (Disney illustration: Happy the dwarf)

Question: What should Idaho do now?

Mountain West Hijacks 2 WAC Teams

Another tumultuous day on the college athletics landscape left the Mountain West Conference with two new teams, the Western Athletic Conference in peril and BYU’s future in limbo. Fresno State and Nevada accepted invitations Wednesday to join Boise State in the Mountain West. Boise State moves in the summer of 2011, but it’s still unclear whether Nevada and Fresno State will take that step in 2011 or 2012. The schools missed the July 1 deadline to leave the WAC for 2011-12, but there is room for negotiation. … The departures will leave the WAC with six members and could block BYU’s reported intention to leave the Mountain West to play football as an independent and in the WAC in all other sports/Chadd Cripe, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: What should the Idaho Vandals do now?

Report: BYU Leaving Mountain West

Item: Reports: BYU leaving Mountain West/Brian Murphy, Idaho Statesman

More Info: Boise State’s new conference is about to get rocked by a second defection this summer, according to the Colorado State athletic department. Colorado State posted on Twitter late Tuesday that fellow Mountain West Conference member BYU will go independent in football and join the Western Athletic Conference in all other sports. A press conference is scheduled for Thursday, according to the post by @CSUFootball - the official Colorado State football Twitter account. The Mountain West, which added Boise State for 2011 in June, already has lost Utah to the Pac-10.

Question: What should Boise State do, if BYU indeed leaves the Mountain West to go independent and to join the WAC in all other sports?

Sources: Utah Ready To Join Pac-10

Sources close to UteZone indicate that Utah informed the Mountain West Conference Monday of its intentions to leave the conference. When asked about this report, a representative from the Conference could neither confirm nor deny the alleged report. If sources are to be believed then, the deal to invite Utah has already been done, and is merely a formality at this point. All that would remain of course is the announcement from the PAC-10 and a press conference by the University of Utah/UteZone. More here.

Question: If Utah jumps to the Pac-10 (or Pac-12, if Colorado is considered), what did Boise State gain by jumping to the Mountain West?

HBO Poll: BSU, UI Must Continue Rivalry

  • Monday Poll: 92 of 126 respondents (73%) said they wanted football teams from Boise State and Idaho to continue to meet yearly despite BSU’s jump to the Mountain West. 27 of 126 (21%) said they didn’t. 7 of 126 (6%) were undecided.
  • Today’s Question: Is Rep. Phil Hart a principled man who is fighting the IRS and state tax officials or a tax dodger who is hiding behind principles?

HBO Poll: Not Excited About 3 WalMarts

  • Weekend Poll: Only 81 of 261 respondents (31%) said they were excited that WalMart will have three stores in the Kootenai by mid-September, two in Post Falls and one in Hayden. 170 of 261 (65%) aren’t happy to see WalMart open two new stores in the area. 10 of 165 (4%) were undecided.
  • Today’s Poll: Should Boise State and Idaho do everything possible to ensure that their football teams continue to meet each year despite the Broncos jump to the Mountain West?

Murphy: UI-BSU Rivalry Should Continue

Item: Murphy: Idaho-BSU rivalry needs to stay alive/Brian Murphy, Idaho Statesman

More Info: With no excuses, no hiatus and no exceptions, Boise State and Idaho must continue their annual football game. Boise State’s well-deserved invitation to the Mountain West to begin play in 2011 should not be the pretense to end a 40-year rivalry. It’s important for the state that its two largest universities and major football programs play each year. It’s an economic generator, whether the game is in Boise or Moscow. It’s a state showcase, a proud moment for fans of both teams, whether they attended the schools or not.

Question: Do you agree w/Brian Murphy that the Idaho-BSU football rivalry should continue without any “excuses … hiatus … exceptions”?

Boise State joins Mountain West

Boise State has joined the Mountain West Conference effective July 2011, leaving the WAC and fellow state school Idaho. Read the release here.

Breaking! Mountain West Won’t Expand

Boise State is not going to the Mountain West today, anyway. Commissioner Craig Thompson announced Monday that the conference’s nine presidents have decided to wait to make a decision on expansion until there is more clarity about what will happen with conferences around the country/Chadd Cripe, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: What do you think will happen with realignment in college football?

Boise State Ready To Leave WAC

Football power Boise State appears to be only waiting for an invitation to become the 10th member of the Mountain West Conference. That invitation could officially come as early as Monday when the MWC’s board of directors meets in Jackson, Wyo. Speculation around the MWC and the Western Athletic Conference is that Boise State will bolt from the WAC. Typical is the comment by Idaho athletic director Rob Spear, who recently wrote to Vandals fans in his blog, “I am predicting June 7 will be the day when the first shoe drops regarding conference realignment”/Irv Moss, Denver Post. More here.

Question: What will be the impact on Idaho if long-time rival Boise State jumps to the Mountain West Conference, as expected?

BSU’s WAC Exit Inevitable, Unavoidable?

Bye-Bye Boise? It’s barely a question mark; almost went with the period instead. Hawaii’s biggest football rival will likely be out of the Warriors’ league in 2011, although Western Athletic Conference commissioner Karl Benson reminded me yesterday that, “there has to be an invitation before it can be accepted.” Most believe it will be a formality when the WAC defectors invite BSU next month at their presidents meeting. I’m sure many of you view the above quote as an example of Benson passively watching events unfold rather than actively participating in them, that he is just setting himself and the conference up for another big blindside hit … like the one in 1998 that formed the Mountain West/Dave Reardon, Hawaii Star Bulletin. More here.

  • Cutline: Boise State coach Chris Petersen gets soaked after Boise State beat TCU 17-10 in the Fiesta Bowl Jan. 4 in Glendale, Ariz. (AP Photo/Matt York)

Question: Should national powerhouse Boise State consider leaving the Western Athletic Conference?