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‘First Man’ blasts off behind ‘Venom,’ ‘A Star Is Born’

The Neil Armstrong film “First Man” settled for a third-place landing at the North American box office in its opening weekend in theaters. The Ryan Gosling-starrer and a host of …

UPDATED: Thu., June 14, 2018, 4:05 p.m.

For writer-producer Mark Steilen, telling the ‘Tag’ story has been a dream

Mark Steilen is a Spokane guy who has helped tell the movie story of 10 other Spokane guys.

UPDATED: Fri., June 8, 2018, 10:02 p.m.

‘Tag’ hits the right notes for Spokane contingent at Thursday’s world premiere

Spokane can relax. The movie is funny. “Tag,” the comedy inspired by the exploits of 10 Gonzaga Prep graduates and their decades-long game of tag, is also irreverent, inappropriate and …

Italy: As election nears, film imagines Mussolini’s comeback

A new film that comically imagines dictator Benito Mussolini returning to present-day Italy and trying to stage a comeback opened Thursday, in the middle of an election campaign that has …

UPDATED: Tue., Jan. 30, 2018, 1:05 p.m.

Coates hopes ‘Black Panther’ hype transfers to comic book

As people gear up for the “Black Panther” movie, Ta-Nehisi Coates wants them to check out the original source, Marvel’s Black Panther comic book.

UPDATED: Wed., Jan. 24, 2018, 1:13 p.m.

Movie, newspaper that share name confusing some ‘Post’ fans

A student newspaper in Ohio is getting some social media love meant for the award-winning movie with the same name.

Stream on Demand: Noah Baumbach’s latest brings Stiller, Sandler, Hoffman and Thompson to the screen

What’s new for home viewing on video-on-demand and Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services.

UPDATED: Tue., Oct. 10, 2017, 12:44 p.m.

‘Legends’ star shatters stereotypes with Muslim superhero

Tala Ashe is thrilled to debut her new character, a Muslim-American superhero joining season three of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.” It’s a particularly poignant moment for the Iranian-born, Ohio-reared actress …

Billie Jean King’s early epiphany led to social activism

Billie Jean King discovered tennis at 11 and noticed it was nearly all white – the dresses, the balls and the people.

Cops ‘find’ red balloon floating in Stephen King’s hometown

Police in the Maine city that’s home to Stephen King played a prank to coincide with the opening of the horror film “It,” based on King’s book.

Ed Skrein pulls out of ‘Hellboy’ film after backlash

British actor Ed Skrein has withdrawn from the upcoming “Hellboy” reboot a week after his casting sparked outcries of whitewashing.

Racial content sweeps away ‘Gone With the Wind’ screening

A Tennessee theater has canceled a long-running screening of “Gone With the Wind” because of racially insensitive content in the classic 1939 film.

‘Step’: This inspiring, exuberant doc is the feel-good sleeper of the summer

The movies have given us lots of reasons to feel exhilarated this summer, from the pop-feminist stylings of Gal Gadot in “Wonder Woman” to the goofy ensemble kick-in-the-pants that is …

Angelina Jolie says child casting story is false, upsetting

Angelina Jolie says accounts of her casting process for children to appear in her film “First They Killed My Father” are false and upsetting. An excerpt from a Vanity Fair …

NBC says ‘Downton Abbey’ movie in works

A “Downton Abbey” movie is in the works, with production likely to begin in 2018, an NBCUniversal executive said Wednesday.

UPDATED: Wed., June 21, 2017, 2:32 p.m.

Movie review: Latest ‘Transformers’ is more, more, more

“Transformers: The Last Knight” is a fidget spinner jacked up on steroids.

Actress Gal Gadot discovers Wonder Woman’s power in costume

Gadot says in a recent interview that even though she’s seen the “Wonder Woman” movie in theaters Friday, it hasn’t totally sunk in that she’s portraying the iconic heroine.

‘Queen of the Desert’: Gertrude Bell biopic trudges ploddingly through melodrama

The subject of “Queen of the Desert,” writer-director Werner Herzog’s first narrative feature since 2009, is Gertrude Bell, an Englishwoman who, in the years after World War I, used her …

‘Logan’ claws its way to the top of box-office charts

Twentieth Century Fox’s “Logan” may be Hugh Jackman’s final portrayal of the iconic X-Men character Wolverine, but the man with the adamantium claws isn’t going out without a fight.

American Humane: Third-party report clears ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ movie

Leaked video showing a frightened dog being forced into churning water during filming of “A Dog’s Purpose” was misleadingly edited and the German shepherd was unharmed, according to third-party findings …

Doug Clark: ‘Groundhog Day’ Spokane-style would be radio jingle, Zags gear

Remember Bill Murray stuck in a time loop in the 1993 comedy movie classic, “Groundhog Day”? Murray, as the jaded and condescending TV weatherman Phil Connors, wakes to find himself …

American Humane investigating treatment of dog in film ‘A Dog’s Purpose’

The organization that ensures animal safety in film and television productions said Wednesday it is investigating whether a frightened dog was forced into churning water during the making of “A …

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Not my place to absolve Nate Parker

As a man, it’s not my place, nor is it within my power, to absolve Nate Parker. I’m just trying to decide whether to see his movie – whether doing …

Movie review: ‘War Dogs’ tells a crazy story of young arms dealers

“War Dogs” is too good of a true story not to get the Hollywood treatment, even if the end result doesn’t entirely do justice to the moral ambiguities and larger …

Movie review: In ‘Hell or High Water,’ empathy for cops, robbers

“Hell or High Water” is a gripping heist drama keenly attuned to the outsider politics of our times. Set in the desolate sprawl of West Texas, it opens, like many …

‘Big Lebowski’ actor David Huddleston dies at 85

David Huddleston, a character actor best known for portraying titular roles in “The Big Lebowski” and “Santa Claus: The Movie,” has died. He was 85.

Movie review: ‘Pets’ have a lot of secrets in this enjoyable kids film

A movie about what pets do during the day is a winning premise. Of course we want to know what those adorable creatures with whom we share our lives are …

Movie review: ‘Mike and Dave’ need a better movie

Although the premise is spelled out right there in the title, “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” makes very little sense. That’s despite it being (shockingly) based on a book. …

‘Finding Dory’ breaks record for opening of animated film

“Finding Dory” is officially the record holder for top animated opening of all time in North American theaters, unseating “Shrek The Third.”

Movie review: ‘X-Men’ impressive, but lacks originality

By now it’s pretty obvious how the world’s screwed-up political scene is affecting Hollywood. The same kind of black-white, up-down, in-out, you’re-wrong-you-moron polarization that can be seen everywhere from the …