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UPDATED: Sat., Nov. 17, 2018, 4:45 p.m.

Space station supplies launched, 2nd shipment in 2 days

A load of space station supplies rocketed into orbit from Virginia on Saturday, the second shipment in two days.

NASA’s Parker spacecraft makes 1st close approach to sun

A NASA spacecraft has made its first close approach to the sun, just 2

Kepler telescope dead after finding thousands of worlds

NASA’s elite planet-hunting spacecraft has been declared dead, just a few months shy of its 10th anniversary.

NASA astronaut describes close call following failed launch

The NASA astronaut who survived last week’s failed launch and emergency landing knew he needed to stay calm.

NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover seen, but still not heard

NASA’s Mars rover, Opportunity, has been seen, but still not heard.

UPDATED: Tue., Sept. 25, 2018, 1:49 p.m.

This car-sized NASA spacecraft is hurtling closer to the sun than any mission before

In little more than a month, a NASA spacecraft will come closer to the sun than any mission before – more than three-quarters of the way there – and it …

NASA satellite launched to measure Earth’s ice changes

A NASA satellite designed to precisely measure changes in Earth’s ice sheets, glaciers, sea ice and vegetation was launched into polar orbit from California early Saturday.

UPDATED: Sat., Sept. 1, 2018, 5:13 p.m.

NASA anxious to hear from Mars rover as dust storm clears

NASA is anxious to hear from its dust-silenced Mars rover, Opportunity, as the planet’s red skies clear.

Air leak temporarily patched at International Space Station

Astronauts scrambled Thursday to patch a tiny hole that was allowing air to leak from the Russian side of the International Space Station.

A Sputnik-era dream: NASA spacecraft hurtles toward the sun

Embarking on a mission that scientists have been dreaming of since the Sputnik era, a NASA spacecraft hurtled Sunday toward the sun on a quest to unlock some of its …

UPDATED: Sat., Aug. 11, 2018, 9:14 p.m.

Last-minute technical problem delays NASA’s flight to sun

A last-minute technical problem Saturday delayed NASA’s unprecedented flight to the sun.

UPDATED: Fri., Aug. 10, 2018, 8:04 p.m.

NASA sending spacecraft straight into sun’s glittering crown

NASA is sending a spacecraft straight into the sun’s glittering crown, an atmospheric region so hot and harsh any normal visitor would wither.

NASA announces astronauts for SpaceX, Boeing launches from U.S.

After a seven-year hiatus, American astronauts will once again go to space from the U.S.

UPDATED: Fri., Aug. 3, 2018, 3:30 p.m.

Astronauts picked for SpaceX, Boeing capsule test flights

NASA on Friday assigned the astronauts who will ride the first commercial capsules into orbit next year and bring crew launches back to the U.S.

NASA’s next great space telescope is stuck on Earth after screwy errors

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope was supposed to be a million miles from Earth by now. The telescope unfortunately has some screws loose.

Boeing faces significant setback with spacecraft it’s designing to fly NASA astronauts

The spacecraft Boeing plans to use to fly NASA astronauts to the International Space Station suffered a significant setback when, during a test of its emergency abort system in June, …

UPDATED: Fri., June 29, 2018, 2:48 p.m.

SpaceX launches AI robot, strong coffee for station crew

A SpaceX rocket that flew just two months ago with a NASA satellite roared back into action Friday, launching the first orbiting robot with artificial intelligence and other station supplies.

More delay, cost for NASA’s next-generation space telescope

NASA’s next-generation space telescope has been delayed yet again at a staggering cost of $1 million a day.

UPDATED: Wed., June 13, 2018, 8:46 p.m.

NASA rover knocked out as gigantic dust storm envelops Mars

NASA’s seemingly unstoppable Mars rover Opportunity has been knocked out by a gigantic dust storm that is enveloping the red planet and blotting out the sun.

Humans are causing massive changes in the location of water all over the Earth, NASA says

A 14-year NASA mission has confirmed that a massive redistribution of freshwater is occurring across the Earth, with middle-latitude belts drying and the tropics and higher latitudes gaining water supplies.

UPDATED: Tue., May 8, 2018, 4:32 p.m.

Flying cars get Uber boost from research pact with NASA

Uber Technologies announced a partnership to study urban manned aircraft in conjunction with the U.S. space agency NASA, following a partnership last year that focused on unmanned drones. As part …

UPDATED: Sun., May 6, 2018, 9:22 p.m.

Musk’s SpaceX is using a powerful rocket technology; NASA advisers say it could put lives at risk.

When Elon Musk and his team at SpaceX were looking to make their Falcon 9 rocket even more powerful, they came up with a creative idea – keep the propellant …

NASA launches InSight spacecraft to Mars to dig down deep

A robotic geologist armed with a hammer and quake monitor rocketed toward Mars on Saturday, aiming to land on the red planet and explore its mysterious insides.

UPDATED: Fri., May 4, 2018, 7:23 p.m.

NASA spacecraft will have company all the way to Mars

NASA’s next Mars explorer is going to have company all the way to the red planet: a couple of puny yet groundbreaking sidekicks.

NASA’s only moon rover just got canceled

Months after President Donald Trump signed a directive ordering NASA to return astronauts to the moon, the space agency has canceled its only lunar rover currently in development.

New NASA boss gets ‘hearty congratulations’ from space

NASA’s new boss is already getting cheers from space.

NASA baffled by mysterious ice circles in the Arctic

Add this to the ever-growing list of things you have to worry about: Somewhere in the Arctic sea ice, where the temperatures are typically below freezing on even the balmiest …

UPDATED: Thu., April 12, 2018, 8:11 p.m.

NASA Tess spacecraft to prowl for planets as galactic scout

Look up at the sky tonight. Every star you see – plus hundreds of thousands, even millions more – will come under the intense stare of NASA’s newest planet hunter.

UPDATED: Sun., April 8, 2018, 9:21 p.m.

NASA’s $248 million project to take supersonic jets from ‘boom’ to ‘thump’

Bethesda, Maryland-based aerospace giant Lockheed Martin thinks it can step into the supersonic passenger flight gap, with the help of hundreds of millions of dollars from NASA.

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity marks 2,000th day on red planet

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has now marked 2,000 days on the red planet.