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Wiltjer, Karnowski facing decisions

You never know. Just like the games themselves, the sporting world rarely follows a script. I didn't plan on sending out texts, making phone calls and scouring NBA mock drafts on Monday but that's what happened when it became known that Kyle Wiltjer is considering skipping his senior season at Gonzaga.

A month ago, if you'd have asked me the odds on a Zag leaving/staying, I probably would have said Domantas Sabonis 50-50, Kyle Wiltjer (20-80), Przmek Karnowski (15-85). And today? Sabonis has told coaches he's coming back. Wiltjer is seriously considering leaving GU. Karnowski is gathering information and hasn't made a final decision.

You never know.

Here's my article on Wiltjer/Karnowski and Vince Grippi offered his opinion. Gonzaga is in the mix for three top transfers.


Our allegiances are about to be stretched


Is there anything worse than your Pop Tart breaking and half of it falling on the floor? Yes, there is. Read on.

What could have been in the Northwest


Want to see what Seattle's professional basketball future could have looked like? Just watch Steve Ballmer's introduction to the Los Angeles Clippers fans yesterday. Read on.

Whatever happened last night, it wasn’t cool


Even Superman had his Kryptonite, right? I guess we found LeBron James' last night, didn't we? And, ironically for the team he plays for, it was the heat. Or maybe it was the humidity. Read on. 

Not just yet


A blind man could see the glow grower brighter around here. After so many years in the void of lost dreams, the M's faithful are ready to embrace this team, to begin enjoying baseball again. Am I wrong to be reticent about joining in? Read on.

Seems like there would be better uses for the money


It's a number that's hard to comprehend. Two billion dollars. It sounds almost like a laugh-line in a new Austin Powers movie. Two billlllion dollars. But it isn't a joke. Not really. It's the amount of money former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has available to spend for a sports franchise. Something about that just doesn't seem right. Read on.

Thanks again


Being it is Memorial Day, I want to memorialize the veteran who meant the most to me. Read on.

You can always use a broom to pound on the ceiling


Paul Simon once wrote about one man's ceiling being another man's floor. I always felt that had great application in the world of sports. Read on.

A rare spring day blooms around here


Let's be clear here. Today is going to be a great day. And it has nothing to do with sports. OK, it has a little to do with sports. Read on.

The view from someone who has been there


There have been few NBA players better than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. And even fewer smarter. He proved that again yesterday. Read on.

So long, Dr. Jack


One of the sad parts of growing older is losing your heroes. Today is another of those sad days. Read on.

A team name you wouldn’t see today


Does this make you think the graphic designer did not understand firearms?

It’s time to get to the big fellas


After a few days of preliminaries, we finally get to the meat of the matter. The unit that makes a college football team go. Read on.

Well that’s interesting


It's nearly impossible to predict what will kick off a lively back-and-forth between readers. I've quit trying to figure it out. And I know I should just shy away and let the conversation continue without me. But sometimes I can't. Read on.

Is Lakers’ greatness only a memory?


OK, I admit it. There was a time when there wasn't a bigger Laker fan on this planet. But we all grow out of our youthful indiscretions, don't we? Read on.

Olynyk Faces NBA Draft Today

Now that the Miami LeBrons have successfully bought another NBA championship, it's finally time for this year's crop of exceptional college basketball players to find out where they'll be making money next season. Spokane hoops fans will have their eyes on the draft board this evening as Gonzaga's own Kelly Olynyk, who announced this spring that he'd forego a redshirt senior season to play pro ball, waits to hear where he'll start his NBA career. NBADraft.net currently has him as the #17 pick and headed to Atlanta in their latest mock draft. The draft begins tonight at 4:30 pm on ESPN/Mike Bookey, Inlander. More here. (AP file photo of Kelly Olynyk)

Question: Any predictions re: where former Zags Olynyk & Elias Harris will go in the NBA draft?

Have a little perspective


Perspective is tough to find in sports. Especially these days. Read on.

Another failure on Father’s Day


How hard is it, really? You drop hints about what you want for Father's Day – if by hints you mean saying, "I want that" – for the last month or so and, on the big day, no one comes through. Oh, there are other, perfectly fine gifts, of course, but they are a bit like, I don't know, finishing second in the U.S. Open. It's better than 33rd, but it's not exactly what you wanted. Read on.

It wasn’t a dream


Sometimes, when my back hurts or my leg is sore, I will take a nighttime pain reliever before bed. It helps me feel better and contributes to a long night's sleep. But it also gives me some real weird dreams, hallucinations really. Take last night for example. With my back barking, I took two and went to bed. And had this weird, almost surreal, dream the Mariners won. Not only won, but on a complete game two-hitter. From Aaron Harang. In front of more than 40,000 people. Talk about a true hallucination. Wow. Read on.

The only resemblance is the hairline


On the desk to the right of my computer I have a mouse pad. On it is a cartoon of a yellow man with a couple hairs, sleeping in his chair at work, a pink donut balanced on his stomach. Of course the man is my hero, Homer Simpson. I've had the mouse pad since 1995. Or just before Tim Duncan entered the NBA. Read on.

Another sports hero is gone


Even the nickname scared me. "The Fearsome Foursome." The NFL's first front four that became media stars. The Rams' defensive line in the 1960s. The guys who really got me excited about pro football. And now only one of them is left. Read on.

Dan Dickau used to be 6- foot, 3-inches. Maybe, but he’s downsized since then

After writing today's story about Dan Dickau opening his barber shop, The Barbers, up by the North Division Y, the only reservation we had is about the former Zag hoop star's listed height.

At his NBA page, Dan is listed at 6 foot 3, 180 pounds.

When I visited Dan at this shop, I was struck by his size. He's not 6-3 and not 180 anymore. Either he's lost weight and height, or those NBA stats were a bit inaccurate.

He does have large hands. He's a good addition, by the way, to Spokane's small business team. Welcome, Dan.

Photo: NBA.com

Have a great holiday


We wrote a lot about a couple different subjects yesterday morning, so today we'll keep it a little simpler, mainly because we're a little burned out, not because it's a holiday. Read on.

Will Hawks rise early today?


Ten in the morning comes darn early, especially on a Sunday. But that's when the Seahawks will kick off their quest for a third meeting with the 49ers this season. Or their NFL playoff game with Atlanta, if you prefer. The kickoff comes so early we don't want to get in the way, so we'll be quick. Read on.

Ending the week in style


It was a pretty interesting Thursday around here, what with Gonzaga having to hold off St. Mary's best shots, Eastern winning in a blowout fashion for the first time this season and the Pac-12 releasing the football schedules for next season. We cover all those items. Read on.

This is where everyone knows your name


Years ago I used to look forward to Thursday nights because it meant "Hill Street Blues" and "Cheers." Now I look forward to Thursday nights because it means a full night of college basketball. These days are better, though I miss hearing "let's be careful out there." Read on.

Basketball season creeps closer


As we get closer to Halloween and the cold winds of November, the focus needs to widen a bit. Yep, it's almost college basketball season – heck, the NBA opens tonight – and all that entails. Read on.

WSU faces tough task at Stanford


For a season that started with such promise, I'm not sure there's much in the way of anticipation today for Washington State's game with Stanford. Well, there is some anticipation. Anticipation it won't be close. Read on.

Let’s think a little out of the box


Let's see. The World Series is going on, college football is getting to crunch time and the NFL nears the halfway point. So what do we focus on today? Local college basketball, of course. Read on.