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Robbery suspect escapes drug rehab

A robbery suspect allowed to leave jail for drug rehabilitation is wanted by police for escape.

Aaron Lee Goldstein, 18, left Spokane Addiction Recovery Center, 812 S. Walnut Ave., on Friday, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday.

He’d been in custody since December, charged with first-degree robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Detectives believe he’s connected to armed robberies in November and December at the Holiday gas station on North Argonne Road, Sam’s Stop and Shop on East Sprague Avenue, Nevada Street Brew Espresso, McQuick Mart on South Regal, and the Zip Trips at Fourth Avenue and Sullivan Road and at Illinois Street and Perry Place.

Two other suspects, Sean T. Smith and Vanessa E. Orr, both 23, are in jail. Goldstein, a transient with family in Northern California, is described as 6-foot-1 and 170 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes.

He has tattoos of two teardrops under his left eye, and “Bay Boy” tattooed on his neck.

Anyone with information on Goldstein’s location should call 911.

Crime Stoppers also is offering a reward for tips that lead to Goldstein's capture.

‘Sinful Nature’ tat is fugitive’s giveaway

Crime Stoppers is targeting a suspected car thief with “some fairly visible tattoos,” the organization announced. 

Zachariah Leonard Zech, 33, is wanted for second-degree taking a motor vehicle without permission.

He was arrested Aug. 11 after police stopped him at Spokane Community College in a stolen 1995 Honda.

There was a shaved key in the car's ignition, police said. Zech said a friend had told him he could use the car, which he claimed was parked near Rowan and Sanson with a key inside.

A $10,000 arrest warrant was issued Dec. 15 after he failed to show up for a court hearing.  Crime Stoppers issued a reward for information on his capture this week.

Zech, 5-foot-7 and 175 pounds, was last known to live in the 2700 block of East Sanson. He has several tattoos, including “Sinful Nature” on the left side of a his head and the infamous tear drop under his left eye.

Anyone with information on his current location is asked to call 1-800-222-TIPS or submit tips online.

Man in 100 mph chase gets 100 months

A 23-year-old Spokane man once considered one of the city’s top 10 repeat offenders was sentenced this morning to eight years in prison.

Allen S. Easley was in and out of jail several times last spring for property crimes and a freeway chase with police in which he reached speeds of 100 mph.

Now he’ll have a spot at a state prison after Superior Court Judge Sam Cozza approved a plea deal that sentenced him to 100 months in prison.

Easley pleaded guilty this morning to nine felonies, including four counts of second-degree burglary, two counts of unlawful possession of a firearm, and single counts of forgery, possession of a stolen motor vehicle and first-degree trafficking in stolen property, said Deputy Prosecutor Eugene Cruz.

Easley, who police say has a swastika tattoo on the back of his head, was arrested after a freeway chase in May but posted bail, then was arrested again a couple weeks later while trying to sell stolen property at a Hillyard pawn shop.

2nd bank extortion suspect arrested

The girlfriend of a man accused of a botched bank extortion has been arrested on a conspiracy to commit robbery charge. 

Cheryl A. Siekerman, 33, appeared in Spokane County Superior Court today via video from the jail, where she was booked Thursday.

She’s accused of helping Donnell L. Winston, who police say called Inland Northwest Bank, 518 W. Francis, on Oct. 14 and threatened to blow up five school if he didn’t receive $10,000.

Police say Winston asked for the money to be dropped off at 13th and Arthur - where his home is located. Police saw him talking on his cell phone on porch, then watched him retrieve a package dropped off by an undercover detective.

Winston, 37, was convicted of bank robbery in 2004 and was arrested the night of the incident on a probation violation and remains in jail. Police have recommended he be charged with attempted first-degree bank robbery, along with five bomb threat charges.

Murder charges filed in gang slaying

Seven people have been charged in connection to a Jan. 17 gang-related slaying in Hillyard.

Edward L. “TD” Thomas (right) is wanted on charges of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder after police say he shot John S. Williams in the face with a Ruger mini 30 rifle and fired shots at another man.

Wanted on conspiracy and rendering criminal assistance charges are Marc A. “Bookie” Carter, John E. Burton, 27; and Christopher J. Route, 23.

Already in jail on the charges are cousins Cedric E. “Dirty” Burton, 23; Eric “Smalls” Burton, Jr., 25; James C. Henderson, 33. The three appeared in District Court today via video feed from the jail today.

Cedric Burton has been in jail since early May, when detectives arrested him in Los Angeles. His public defender said he had traveled south to attend the funeral of his cousin, Aaron D. Bascomb, a Long Beach 22-year-old who was shot and killed in Inglewood, Calif. April 9.

Lingering hostility between two gangsters who have a child with the same woman may have been what sparked the most recent fatal shooting.

Read my full story on the murder investigation here.

Pictured above, from left to right, first row: Thomas, Carter and Route. Second row: Cedric Burton, Eric Burton and Antonio Cook, who is charged with illegally posessing the murder weapon. Pictures of John Burton and James Henderson were not available.

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Reward offered for tips on stabbing suspect

A man accused of stabbing another man in what police believe may have been retaliation for an earlier fight is wanted by Crime Stoppers.

The organization is offering a reward for tips that help arrest Jacob M. Maravilla, 20.

Maravilla (right) is wanted on several charges, including first-degree assault, in connection with a Feb. 10 attack at 907 E. Wabash. A resident, Michael P. Dennis, suffered a non-lief threatening stab wound to his back.

Oscar Rodriguez, 24, was arrested last week and remains in jail. Another suspect, Richelle R. Swinkels, 20, was arraigned in Superior Court Wednesday and was given an August trial date. A warrant has been issued for a fourth suspect, Meghan L. Jeske, 21, after she did not show up for her arraignment yesterday.

Witnesses said Rodriguez punched one victim, and woman struck him with a hammer. Maravilla was identified was Dennis' attacker, according to the court documents.

Maravilla was arrested the next week on charges of first-degree burglary and second-degree assault, but the investigation was ongoing and charges weren't filed until May 10. A warrant was issued May 13.

Maravilla, whose moniker is Baby Joker, is considered a gang associate and repeat offender.

He has convictions for driving on a suspended license, possession of a dangerous weapon and possession of a stolen vehicle and last gave 1508 E. Hartson in Spokane as his home address.

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Felony warrant issued for missing gangster

A man named in an ongoing homicide investigation is wanted on an escape from community custody charge.

Edward L. “TD” Thomas, 24, hasn’t been located by his Department of Corrections supervisor since on or about Jan. 19, according to Superior Court documents filed last month.

Now he’s wanted on two felony charges of escape from community custody and bail jumping. The bail jumping allegedly occurred in June 2009 on a first-degree robbery and second-degree assault case.

Thomas is believed to have been at the party on Jan. 17 in which John S. Williams was shot to death.

One witness told detectives that Williams was shot to death after he punched out a passenger-side window in a car in which Thomas was riding, according to court documents. “His whereabouts are currently unknown,” prosecutors wrote of Thomas.

Thomas has a felony conviction for riot resulting from an incident two years ago in which a woman was attacked and her purse stolen at 6128 N. Wiscomb.

Also charged in that case is Cedric E. Burton, who remains in jail.

Thomas and Burton were charged in a gang-related murder in 2005. Both have been named in documents related to the ongoing Williams’ murder investigation.

Repeat offender busted at pawn shop

A burglary suspect arrested after reaching 100 mph during a freeway chase two weeks ago but later released from jail is back behind bars after police say he tried pawning stolen guns.

Allen S. Easley (right), 23 and considered one of Spokane top 10 repeat offenders, was picked up Tuesday at Pawn One, 3705 N. Market, along with Brittnei J. Fawver, 19 (left).

Easley’s current stay at the Spokane County Jail is his fourth since mid-April.

“This is a chronic pattern of crime sprees committed by prolific repeat offenders who continue plague our community,” said Officer Jennifer DeRuwe in a news release. 

Easley was arrested earlier this year on car theft and drug charges but spent little time in jail, documents show. He left jail after appearing in Superior Court on car theft and drug charges but was back by the end of April, however, after a suspected check forger told police it was Easley who stole the check during a burglary at a car dealership.

During questioning in connection with that case, Easley reportedly admitted to another burglary and told police of a woman who has equipment to make bogus checks using legitimate bank account numbers stolen from bills left in mail boxes, according to court documents. Easley appeared in court May 3 but left jail shortly after, and prosecutors have not yet filed burglary charges.

Police arrested the woman accused of making checks, Kristina Fricke, as well as Easley’s girlfriend, Randi Shepherd, April 30 in connection with the burglary investigation, but neither has been charged.

Also arrested was 36-year-old Kimberly L. Fawver (right), on charges of possession of a stolen motor vehicle, forgery and identify theft. She was arraigned on Tuesday and remains in jail.

Easley said he used Kimberly Fawver’s car to commit at least one of the burglaries, according to court documents. It’s unclear if Brittnei and Kimberly Fawver are related.

Easley returned to jail after a high-speed police chase May 9. He posted $20,000 bail May 14 but remains behind bars after appearing in Superior Court today on new charges.

Police believe Easley and Britteni Fawver may be responsible for other thefts in Spokane and released their mug shots Wednesday in hopes alleged victims will file reports with Crime Check, (509) 456-2233.

Easley has a swastika tattooed on the back of his head, police said.

Happy 1st birthday, Sirens and Gavels!

One year ago today, this blog was born.

It’s been an evolving experiment since then, filled with news and tidbits aimed at giving you, the reader, an informative, entertaining and digestible look at crime and court cases in the Inland Northwest and beyond. 

And it all started with the devil-worshipping sex offender.

Since the inaugural post about Danny Schertz (who has left Spokane) being very upset at the suggestion he wasn’t a true Satanist, this blog has become a hub of history for Spokane crime hounds.

One thing I’m most pleased with is the collection of ‘tags’ that appear at the top of each post.

While their presence at the top of the post instead of the bottom may seem clunky, clicking on the links takes you to every Sirens post ever marked with that tag.

Consistency in tags has given Sirens quite e a collection of easily accessible information.

Popular tags include sex offenders, murder, jury trials and homicide. I encourage you to check out the sentencings tag and the caught on tape tag for looks at how punishment is handed down and at surveillance photos from past - many likely still unsolved - crimes. (Also, I decided yesterday on a new tag: Neck tattoos.)

Above all, I want to hear from you.

What are your favorite features and what do you think I should do more or less of?

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Feel free to comment on this post or email me at meghannc@spokesman.com. If you swear or say something truly offensive on the blog it will get deleted, so use the email for those comments.

‘Muscle’ in mom-daughter robbery: Guilty

A Spokane man who prosecutors say helped a mother and daughter beat and rob a man last fall pleaded guilty to three felonies today but was given an extra week before sentencing to allow him to say goodbye to his family.

Prosecutors will recommend Robert L. Hensley, 21 and already a four-time felon, receive nearly five years in prison for the Nov. 29 kidnapping, robbery and beating of Jeremy Brotherton.

Brotherton was working at Denny’s in Spokane Valley when Hensley and, allegedly, Alisson D. Taylor, 34, (aka Alisson D. Hall) and Breeanna C. Sims, 18, picked him up and said they had money Taylor owed him.

Instead, Hensley assaulted Brotherton to the point where he lost consciousness as they drove to his apartment at 9015 E. Cataldo. Hensley further assaulted Brotherton inside the apartment after he (and Sims, allegedly) forced Brotherton into a room as Taylor helped, according to court documents.

Taylor devised the plan “to feed her addiction to hydrocodone pills” and recruited Hensley as “the muscle,” Deputy Prosecutor Larry Haskell said today.

Hensely is a Sureno gang member, according to court documents. He pleaded guilty today to first-degree robbery, residential burglary and unlawful imprisonment. Haskell dimissed other felonies ” to reward Mr. Hensely for stepping forward and taking a gaint chunk of responsiblity for what happend that day.” Hensley faces 57 months in prison under the plea agreement. The high-end of his standard sentencing range is 75 months.

Sentencing was set to May 26 to allow Hensley time “to see his family and children and just say goodbye,” said his public defender, Thomas Cooney.

Sims and Taylor are out of jail on bond. Trials for the mother-daughter duo are set for June.

Tips sought on Nordstrom purse snatchers

Spokane police are looking for two women who stole expensive purses from Nordstrom on Sunday. 

Surveillance photos show the women in the downtown Spokane store about 3:30 p.m, police said. They left in a red, four-door car. 

One woman had her dark hair in a pony tail and wore a blue hooded sweatshirt. She has what police describe as a “distinguishing tattoo” on her neck, but the photos don’t show it in detail.  

The other woman wore a gray sweatshirt with “PINK” written on the back. 

Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-222-TIPS, or submit tips online here.

Witness in 2 gang crimes sought by police

A witness in criminal cases against two reputed Spokane gangsters hasn’t been staying in contact with court officials, and Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for tips that help arrest her.

Summer R. Abrahamson, 32, is to testify in the upcoming attempted-murder trial of Timothy Lucious, who faces life in prison under the three-strikes law for a shooting last summer.

Abrahamson also is the alleged victim in a first-degree robbery and second-degree assault case against Antono E. Cook, Jr., 29.

Cook is accused of punching Abrahamson and stealing a knife Sept. 6 in a fight over a sexually suggestive text message, according to court documents. Cook also is charged with illegally possessing the gun used in the Jan 17 murder of John S. Williams.

In Lucious’s case, Abrahamson was with a group of women when a fight that began at a bar festered at a party, then erupted on the other side of the city with two women shot and another punched unconscious. Lucious is the alleged shooter.

Prosecutors want Abrahamson jailed to assure her presence at trial.

“Based on her numerous unfavorable contacts with law enforcement and the courts, it is doubtful she would voluntarily appear for trial,” according to court documents.

Abrahamson has previous convictions for robbery, drugs, assault and malicious mischief.

A $100,000 material witness warrant was issued April 23. Crime Stoppers offered a reward for tips on her location this week.

Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-222-TIPS, or submit tips online here.