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New Years Resolutions…

Good morning, Netizens…

Since those who know me personally read Community Comments almost every day, I must pay particular attention to what I state are my New Years Resolutions, for I will have to abide by them. I made several resolutions last year, some of which I have never fulfilled, and as a result, I am constantly reminded of them by several persons who shall not be named. Unlike some of my other improbably long lists, my New Years Resolutions are fortunately short and in descending order of importance.

One: Each morning, seven days a week, I rise from my bed at approximately 3 AM, pour myself a cup of Mother McCree’s Kick-Ass coffee custom-brewed to eliminate any doubt of its toxicity, and within seconds of taking my first sip of this indescribably mean-spirited, robust caffeinated blend, I light up my first of many cigarettes. Now one of average intelligence might ask how the Devil I have managed to survive sixty-four years with my pack-a-day habit. I haven’t a clue. However I admit I simply have to eliminate this habit from my life. Not only is it an increasingly-expensive habit to maintain, it is ethically wrong to defile the temple in which I reside with such crap. However, I always drink coffee and smoke when I write, which creates another problem. Moreover, having tried to quit several times, I know the scope of the immense changes I have to make in my lifestyle in order to accomplish my goal. I will have to completely change my office around, eliminate the nicotine stains on the walls and learn to drive without a cigarette at the ready. This effort will not be simple nor fast. However, I need to quit.

Two: Altogether too often Blogs tend to be either 1. a rehash of the news as viewed from one perspective or another, 2. a thinly-veiled political set of arguments which attempt to sway one toward their way of seeing things, or 3. a set of rambling personal interludes. Community Comment tries to rise above all this, to be a warm place in the heart, sometimes written in fiction, sometimes not. It has a Virtual Ballroom consisting of ghosts and spirits and a Virtual Espresso Bar of utterly unique qualities. Although we offer some of the qualities of other Blogs, one of my New Years Resolutions is that so much as is possible, Community Comment shall endure so long as I draw breath.

Three: Like every man who stands tall in a system of beliefs, there is a woman, a tall creature with lustrous brown eyes, who stands beside me in everything I do. She is my guide, my helpmate and my best friend. Before anyone should ever give me credit for anything I do or say, they must carefully consider the substance of who she is, how she made it inside my consciousness and how carefully she guides my orisons. I must always keep all these things close to my heart, where I will carry them all the days of my life.

Four: Last and far from least there are a coalition of friends who often disagree with me on principle, but still remain my friends nonetheless. We cling together, bonding to one another in times both good and bad, and because we share willingly and joyously of ourselves with one another, we often become as one. Some of us have been friends for decades, and have thus stood the test of time. Therefore, one of my New Years Resolutions is always to be a good friend to those who will have me and to uphold and uplift my friends in this, the New Year.


2009 in the rear view mirror,2010 in the windshield…

[Picture: AP A blue moon, the second full moon in a calendar month, is seen during fireworks to celebrate the new year in Omaha, Neb.]

Good morning, Netizens…

We have swung the magic machete past the boundary of 2009 and are now have arrived in 2010. Some suggest this might be a good thing while others, whimpering in their beer, suggest that 2010 might give us even more of a downhill slide into a paroxysm of government super-subsidies, health care dismemberment or perhaps even revolutionary overthrow of Democracy. Others suggest we have turned a new corner, and we are making much-needed progressive forward progress into a new decade of enlightenment. Could this be the Age of Aquarius on steroids?

The ideologues of both sides of the issues, each pulling us one way or the other, want us to believe what they think are the correct ways to guide this ship we call Home, and if we disagree it suggests that we are somehow flawed in our intellect, deficient in our logic or otherwise unpatriotic in our belief systems.

Our educational system is so fractured so as to be only marginally functional, as fewer and fewer high school students, those few capable of completing graduation, continue their educations by attending colleges or universities; even then those few who make the leap into higher education attempt advanced degrees that some older adults take for granted.

Our former Police Chief, Terry Mangan, was correct when he forecast the arrival of street gangs into positions of power and authority. All you have to do is drive down any street in Spokane and watch for their tags gaily displayed on buildings. Arrival? They are here now, proclaiming their place in society as proudly as if they were members of the New Age Rotary Clubs. They bring with them a vast underground subcultural trade in drugs and everything that trade produces. Can the police keep up? Not bloody likely, based upon the latest wave of home assaults. 

However we have witnessed the rise of the entertained generation. The incredible rise of the Wii, Xbox, PS2/PS3 and home entertainment centers the size of boxcars make the lives of even the under-educated purportedly Internet-illiterate an integral part of the digital New Age. They may not be able to functionally read or do their math, but they can play video games.

However, if we claim a place in the vast cultural wasteland around us, we in Spokane have heart. If a family is burned out of their homes, their property gets stolen from a U-Haul truck or they simply fall on truly hard times, people in Spokane give freely. A person carrying five dollars will donate two to help someone who is in need. Every day hungry people in need get fed at various locations throughout the town all because a retired eye doctor cares deeply enough to show up and cook a meal.

My, how I prattle. Now I must complete my New Years Resolutions, encouraging everyone to do the same.