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Nez Perce Commish Cut Own Pay

Item: Nez Perce commissioners cut their own salaries: Other elected officials decline to do the same/Sandra Lee, Lewiston Tribune

More Info: Nez Perce County commissioners will cut their salaries by almost $3,000 each, starting Oct. 1. But the other six elected county officials declined to do the same thing Wednesday, saying if they give up this year's 5 percent raise, they go back to their Oct. 1, 2008, salary. With inflation, their loss would be 10 to 14 percent in buying power.

Question: Should legislators and other elected officials in Idaho cut their pay, too? How much?

6th NIdaho County Backs Megaloads

Nez Perce County this week became the sixth northern Idaho county to adopt a resolution in favor of oversize megaload transports; Nez Perce commissioners join the commissioners of Idaho, Clearwater, Lewis, Shoshone and Boundary counties in adopting such resolutions since December. “Our highways were built for commerce,” the Nez Perce county resolution declares/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: Should Kootenai County commissioners take a position on megaloads?

MT: Grow’s Rights Don’t Outweigh Duties

Nez Perce County Commission Chairman Mike Grow, pictured, showed up for work last week after he was charged with a violent felony. Like every other criminal defendant, Grow is presumed innocent — repeat, innocent — until proved guilty. But Grow's constitutional rights as an individual do not parallel — nor do they outweigh — his obligation to serve the public interest. Valley County deputies arrested Grow April 14 at his Brammer Building office. The next day, he appeared before Magistrate Henry R. Boomer on a charge of sexually assaulting a woman April 3 inside a residence at Tamarack Resort near Donnelly. A preliminary hearing is set for May 10. Released on $15,000 bail, Grow attended the April 18 commissioners' meeting. So far, he has declined to talk about his case, except to say he intends to remain in office/Marty Trillhaase, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Should an elected official, like Nez Perce County Commissioner Mike Grow, continue in his job when he's charged with sexual assault or any other violent crime?

INW Headlines — 4.14.11

Rafael Pruneda, holding sign, leads a group of counter-protesters (behind him) demonstrating at a “border fence” placed on the Glenn Terrell Friendship Mall by the Washington State University College Republicans in an effort to promote border security and immigration reform on Wednesday in Pullman. Pruneda, 31, of Othello, Wash., is a senior majoring in history and comparative ethnic studies. Story here. (Moscow-Pullman Daily News photo: Dean Hare)