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Nightmare Neighbors Upset ‘Hoods

Karen Cronin was sitting in her front room across the street from Underhill Park when she witnessed her 5-year-old grandson being struck by another child wielding a stick. Another time, she watched an ambulance haul away a boy who had been attacked at the park by two other boys, who kicked him repeatedly while on the ground, she said. Last summer, her 13-year-old grandson suffered a cut lip and bruised cheek when he fought off an attack by five children at the park. “They are scared to death to go over there,” Cronin said of her grandkids. Neighbors said what happened to the Cronin family is a slice of a three-year nightmare involving assaults, property damage and other crime coming from a household in their midst/Mike Prager, SR. More here.

Question: Have you ever lived near a "nightmare neighbor"?