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UPDATED: Fri., Aug. 18, 2017, 1:07 p.m.

U.S. general pledges to defend Japan from North Korean attack

America’s top military official reiterated Friday his country’s pledge to defend Japan against a North Korean missile attack, as western Japan carried out a test of an emergency alert system.

UPDATED: Thu., Aug. 17, 2017, 3:23 p.m.

Tillerson, Mattis insist military options remain for NKorea

America’s diplomatic and defense chiefs sought Thursday to reinforce the threat of possible U.S. military action against North Korea after President Donald Trump’s top strategist essentially called the commander-in-chief’s warnings …

UPDATED: Thu., Aug. 17, 2017, 4:04 p.m.

‘Maniacal’ focus on China puts Trump aide out of mainstream

White House adviser Steve Bannon isn’t alone in pondering America’s possibly generation-defining question about China’s emerging superpower status – but his call for an “economic war” puts him far outside …

UPDATED: Fri., Aug. 11, 2017, 12:28 p.m.

Iran’s foreign minister: Trump trying to ‘kill’ nuclear deal

Iran’s foreign minister has accused President Donald Trump of trying to “kill” the nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

UPDATED: Sat., Aug. 12, 2017, 11:45 a.m.

Trump: North Korea ‘will regret it fast’ if acts against U.S. ally

President Donald Trump on Friday issued fresh threats of swift and forceful retaliation against nuclear North Korea, declaring the U.S. military “locked and loaded” and warning that the communist country’s …

UPDATED: Thu., Aug. 10, 2017, 9:39 p.m.

Trump doubles down on ‘fire and fury’ vow as war games near

Not backing down, President Donald Trump warned Kim Jong Un’s government on Thursday to “get their act together” or face extraordinary trouble, and suggested he had been too mild when …

North Korea could cross ICBM threshold next year, U.S. officials warn

North Korea will be able to field a reliable, nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile as early as next year, U.S. officials have concluded in a confidential assessment that dramatically shrinks the …

Possible melted fuel seen for first time at Fukushima plant

An underwater robot captured images of lava-like lumps Thursday inside a damaged reactor at Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, spotting for the first time what is believed to be nuclear …

North Korea’s nuke problem is costly. Why Kim Jong Un doesn’t care

When North Korea decided to go nuclear, it committed to a huge investment in a program that would bring severe sanctions and eat up precious resources that could have been …

Iran’s president says his country will ‘stand up to’ U.S.

Iran’s president said Wednesday that it will stand up to the United States and reciprocate for any new sanctions that Washington imposes on the Islamic republic.

North Korea has launched an intercontinental ballistic missile. What does that mean?

Six months ago, North Korea’s dynastic leader, Kim Jong Un, announced in clear terms his nation’s resolve to develop a ballistic missile capable of reaching the continental United States. It …

U.N. agency says Iran in compliance of landmark nuclear deal

The U.N. nuclear agency says that Iran has taken its heavy water producing plant offline for maintenance, a move that keeps it from violating a landmark nuclear agreement by keeping …

Department of Energy ends plans for test to dispose of Hanford waste capsules

The Department of Energy is dropping plans for a test meant to see if some Hanford nuclear waste could be disposed of in a deep borehole.

Trump proposes $120 million budget cut at Hanford despite trouble

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget includes a cut of about $120 million for the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, despite two recent incidents that raised concern about worker safety at the former …

Hanford tunnel collapse prompts some to ask: What’s the long-term solution for nuclear waste?

Tuesday’s collapse of an earthen tunnel at Hanford highlights long-standing concerns about the ways in which nuclear waste is stored.

UPDATED: Thu., May 11, 2017, 10:42 p.m.

Hanford Nuclear Reservation’s collapsed tunnel may have gone unnoticed

A hole that was discovered this week on top of a nuclear waste storage tunnel has been plugged with dirt, ending an emergency situation at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, U.S. …

Budget deal provides solid budget for Hanford

That bipartisan deal to fund the federal government through September would provide a solid budget for the Hanford Nuclear Reservation if approved this week.

UPDATED: Thu., April 20, 2017, 8:58 a.m.

Trump mulls military options for North Korea. They’re all grim.

Three weeks before becoming president, Donald Trump weighed in on the threat of North Korea developing a nuclear warhead capable of reaching the U.S.: “It won’t happen,” he vowed on …

Tillerson declares the Iran nuclear deal a failure

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson declared the Iran nuclear deal a failure on Wednesday but left open the possibility the Trump administration will uphold it nonetheless.

Trump administration says Iran complying with nuclear deal

The Trump administration has notified Congress that Iran is complying with the 2015 nuclear deal negotiated by former President Barack Obama, and it has extended the sanctions relief given to …

UPDATED: Thu., April 13, 2017, 9:48 p.m.

North Korean official blames Trump for region’s ‘vicious cycle’

North Korea’s vice foreign minister told the Associated Press on Friday that the situation on the Korean Peninsula is now in a “vicious cycle,” and that Pyongyang won’t “keep its …

North Korea’s nuclear test site seems ready, U.S. group says

North Korea’s nuclear test site appears “primed and ready” to conduct a trial, according to a U.S. research institute that monitors the country.

North Korea’s parliament meets, with Kim Jong Un at center

North Korea’s parliament convened on Tuesday, with the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, taking the center seat.

UPDATED: Fri., March 31, 2017, 10:23 p.m.

U.S. Defense Chief Mattis says North Korea has ‘got to be stopped’

North Korea must be stopped on its path toward being able to threaten the United States with nuclear attack, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Friday in a stark expression …

UPDATED: Tue., March 7, 2017, 11:14 p.m.

China says North Korea could suspend nukes for halt in U.S. drills

China has proposed that North Korea could suspend its nuclear and missile activities in exchange for a halt in joint military drills conducted by the U.S. and South Korea.

UPDATED: Mon., March 6, 2017, 11:35 p.m.

U.S. moves parts of controversial missile defense to South Korea

The U.S. military has begun moving equipment for a controversial missile defense system to ally South Korea.

North Korea says U.S.-South Korea exercises leading to ‘nuclear disaster’

North Korea warned Monday that U.S.-South Korean military exercises, which it called “the most undisguised nuclear war maneuvers,” are driving the Korean Peninsula and northeast Asia toward “nuclear disaster.”

Hanford ill worker compensation bill passes House

Legislation that could allow ill Hanford workers to more easily get worker compensation claims approved has been passed by the state House.

U.N. atomic chief expects US cooperation on Iran nuke pact

The head of the U.N. agency monitoring the Iran nuclear deal says he emphasized the benefits of the pact in a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and …

EU clears Hungary to build Russia-financed nuclear reactors

The European Union has cleared Hungary to build two nuclear reactors with Russian help after Budapest made commitments to safeguard competition in the energy sector.