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Paul Turner: Time to consider those midyear resolutions

So it’s time again to consider your Second Half of the Year Resolutions.

Paul Turner: Not just another roadside attraction

There used to be two kinds of families.

Paul Turner: Good luck keeping kids to their books this summer

What are adults using in 2018 to scare kids into making academic progress over the summer?

Paul Turner: About that missing invitation to the lake

Why don’t you get invited to friends’ lake places? See if you think one of these multiple-choice options might be the explanation.

Paul Turner: Maybe Spokane is a place where tolerance returns to politics

Paul Turner: You think of yourself as a fair-minded person, right?

Paul Turner: So long and good riddance to classroom sheriffs

I visited a local elementary school last week and was impressed.

Huckleberries: Farewell to a patriot’s patriot

Coeur d’Alene remembers native son Jim Shepperd as a patriot’s patriot.

Shawn Vestal: Nethercutt looks back on his time as a ‘giant killer’

George Nethercutt’s victory over Tom Foley in 1994 was a stunner, and presaged a wave of Republican victories across the country. Now, his successor, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, faces the …

Cathy McMorris Rodgers: Out with the old, in with the new (tax code)

Americans deserve a tax code that is fair, and encourages U.S. businesses to hire more workers and invest here at home – and that’s exactly the results the Tax Cuts …

UPDATED: Thu., March 22, 2018, 1:18 a.m.

Article on Vinegar Flats lacking

In response to a Terrence Vent article, “Neighborhood bounded by old and new: Mix in Latah/Hangman area poses challenge for council” (South Voice, Thursday, March 15, 2018):

Shawn Vestal: A reckoning at the gun lobby’s Maginot Line

Twenty years ago, a blip of a debate surfaced among the camps of the gun lobby regarding legislation in Olympia.

Sue Lani Madsen: Public sector unions use the state as collection agency

But there is no longer any reason for an employer to provide bookkeeping and bill paying services. And change has public sector unions scared spitless.

Shawn Vestal: Idaho schools should teach science, ignore legislators

By stripping the truth about climate change from educational science standards, the members of the Idaho House Education Committee have equated established scientific knowledge with overconfident ignorance, columnist Shawn Vestal …

UPDATED: Sat., Feb. 17, 2018, 8:34 p.m.

Faith and Values: Navigating love’s labyrinth

We all want and deserve love. Finding it, keeping it and giving it is hard, though. Love is labyrinthine. Navigating it is a risk I’m glad I’ve taken, but it …

UPDATED: Sat., Feb. 17, 2018, 2:32 p.m.

Sue Lani Madsen: Infrastructure, eh?

We could learn a few things from our cousins in Canada about designing and building infrastructure.

Spin Control: Somebody call the IT department

To err is human, Shakespeare said, but to really screw up takes a computer.

Sue Lani Madsen: On revenge and accountability

HB 2587 purports to be about simply adding fee disclosure requirements for special deputy prosecuting attorneys appointed by an elected county prosecutor. But the bill isn’t about transparency, it’s about …

Shawn Vestal: ‘Live PD’ paints Spokane at its ugliest

The reality-TV shows “Live PD” and “COPS” have gleaned plenty of footage in working with local police agencies – and have helped fuel an image of the city as a …

Faith and Values: Can we disagree without being disagreeable?

I’m beginning to think either I’m getting old or I’ve been living under a rock, but apparently I missed the obituary for the age-old adage, “We need to disagree without …

Sue Lani Madsen: From the government and here to help

Apollo Fuhriman loves his job. He’s from the government, and he’s helping. His job is finding regulations to eliminate. “We look at regulations, guidance documents, anything the federal government touches …

Sue Lani Madsen: No replacement for a father’s love

It’s called the “father factor.” It’s at the root of every negative cultural measure – children twice as likely to drop out of high school, more likely to abuse drugs …

UPDATED: Fri., Jan. 26, 2018, 8:44 a.m.

Huckleberries: John Austin was careful how he spent his hard-earned $10

With a sly grin, John Austin admits he liked to window shop but not buy as a young man growing up in the shadow of the now-defunct Wallace bordellos. But …

Sue Lani Madsen: As Roe v. Wade approaches milestone 45th anniversary, questions of viability, abortion on collision course

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor wasn’t on the Supreme Court when Roe v. Wade was decided 45 years ago. But in 1983, she wrote a dissenting opinion in a subsequent abortion …

Spin Control: Tips for tracking the Legislature from across the state

Keeping up with the Legislature from Spokane can be difficult. We offer some suggestions to make it easier.

Sue Lani Madsen: Security and freedom

There is common ground on health care – the system isn’t working. Everyone has favorite anecdotes about what’s working the worst, either before or after the Affordable Care Act or …

Sue Lani Madsen: Waving the bloody shirt

Lack of skepticism spreads fake news in the ongoing civil war of words. This time it was progressives who got snookered.

Huckleberries: Seasons admonitions for the grinches among us

Every holiday season brings much goodwill. But there are also random acts of meanness that cause us pause.

Sue Lani Madsen: Landowners need more than a ‘modicum’ of water

She hopes to provide “a modicum of water for rural landowners.” Not adequate water, a modicum. A smidgen. A pittance. A drop in the bucket.

Sue Lani Madsen: Taking transportation back to the future

Predicting the future accurately is impossible. Government planning is doomed to fail, according to Randal O’Toole, author of “The Best-Laid Plans.”

Faith and Values: Plenty of constructive ways for Jews to express their anger

Q: It seems to me that if anyone has a right and a reason for protesting and marching in the streets (it) is the Jewish people, considering all the horrible …