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Robert J. Samuelson: A wasted campaign?

We’ll know soon who won the fiercely contested midterm elections, but we already know who lost: We all did. What’s been missing is any realistic engagement with the difficult issues …

George Nethercutt: Choose wisely when selecting a leader

Leadership today is more important than ever, so choose wisely when exercising one’s franchise.

Joe Heller

Cartoon for November 5.

Tim Campbell

Cartoon for November 5.

Marc A. Thiessen: We survived Nixon. We’ll survive Trump.

While many seem convinced that the United States will never recover from the Donald Trump presidency, the truth is conservatism, the Republican Party and our nation survived Nixon – and …

Joe Heller

Cartoon for November 4.

Tim Campbell

Cartoon for November 3.

Christine M. Flowers: Anchor babies away? Why Trump shouldn’t mess with birthright citizenship

Whenever I talk about immigration matters, I try not to let people see that tattoo on my forehead, the one with the Statue of Liberty wrapped in a copy of …

Froma Harrop: Funny how the stock market tweets come and go

Trump’s bragging tweets about the stock market will probably continue to come and go. Sophisticated investors, now as earlier, will walk past the tent.

Put on your athleisure and go to the polls

Kids these days. Sure, we’ve spent the past year Instagramming our “self-care” regimens and writing Medium posts about CBD, but we had finally begun to get some sympathy from our …

Joe Heller

Cartoon for November 3.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Saudi Arabia still has many questions to answer about Khashoggi’s killing

The story is all too familiar: Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist and a family man, entered Saudi Arabia’s Consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2 for marriage formalities. No one – …

Gov. C.L. ‘Butch’ Otter: Proposition 1 is clear, necessary, and right for Idaho

Idaho voters can and should vote “Yes” on Proposition 1 and help revive an industry that embodies our Idaho values of hard work and fairness, entrepreneurialism, and our commitment to …

Robert J. Samuelson: The future of anti-Semitism

I had assumed that my three children, now in their late 20s and early 30s, would grow up in a world where their Jewishness, depending on how much they felt …

Tom Toles

Cartoon for November 2.

Jessa Lewis: I’m ready to fight for Eastern Washington

I hope to provide a rare mix of lived experience and an understanding of the issues in Olympia. We need representation that will put people over politics and ensure we …

Froma Harrop: Forget about cheaper drugs on Trump’s watch

President Trump’s plan for lowering Medicare drug costs is good, even cutting-edge. As Democrats successfully campaign on health care, Trump has come back with a proposal that could save Medicare …

Lisa Benson

Cartoon for November 1.

It’s time for a new day in politics

Participating in this election has been one of the most engaging and rewarding aspects of my career. I started my campaign as a concerned citizen. Since then, I’ve had the …

Ami Strahan and Dr. Michael Van Dyke: Prevent another Freeman: Vote yes on 1639

Join us in voting Yes on Initiative 1639 this November to help prevent tragedies like the Freeman shooting from happening again.

Michael Ramirez

Cartoon for October 31.

Ranesh Ponnuru: The midterms of 2018 aren’t so earth-shaking after all

This year’s national elections are already unusual in the emotional intensity they have generated. They may have turnout to match. But the truth is that the stakes this time are …

Jay Fleming: Support Initiative 940 to better train police and save lives

Recently, in an editorial on Initiative 940 (“Vote no on the gun initiatives,” Oct. 17, 2018), this newspaper made the case that our men and women in blue put their …

Joe Heller

Cartoon for October 30.

Mark Richard and Eric Sawyer: Advisory Option B is better for Spokane’s future

Joe Albi Stadium has decayed to the point of no return. The infrastructure is crumbling and it has outlived its useful life. Local high school sports doesn’t draw enough fans …

Clay Bennett

Cartoon for October 29.

Max Boot: What is happening to our country?

I am so sad. I am so heartbroken. What is happening to our country? How can we live in an America where a gunman can barge into a synagogue and …

Tim Campbell

Cartoon for October 28.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers: There is more that unites us than divides us

There is more that unites us than divides us. Our shared values of liberty, justice, and equality of opportunity are stronger than any campaign or controversy. May I, as your …

Lisa Brown: Divided We Fall

I believe the root of the toxicity in the current political environment is connected to growing income inequality, and associated economic and social insecurity experienced by many Americans. And these …