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Mark Richard and Eric Sawyer: Advisory Option B is better for Spokane’s future

Joe Albi Stadium has decayed to the point of no return. The infrastructure is crumbling and it has outlived its useful life. Local high school sports doesn’t draw enough fans …

Clay Bennett

Cartoon for October 29.

Max Boot: What is happening to our country?

I am so sad. I am so heartbroken. What is happening to our country? How can we live in an America where a gunman can barge into a synagogue and …

Kathleen Parker: 2018 midterms: He vs. she

Slowly but inevitably, the two major political parties have become the party of women and the party of men – guess which is which – so that the 2018 midterms …

Lisa Brown: Divided We Fall

I believe the root of the toxicity in the current political environment is connected to growing income inequality, and associated economic and social insecurity experienced by many Americans. And these …

Tim Campbell

Cartoon for October 28.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers: There is more that unites us than divides us

There is more that unites us than divides us. Our shared values of liberty, justice, and equality of opportunity are stronger than any campaign or controversy. May I, as your …

Cass Sunstein: The party, not the tribe, enforces political divisions

Most Americans are not zealots. They approach politics in a pragmatic spirit. They are willing to listen. But as it stands, the party system is the primary source of tribalism. …

Oscar Haupt: Another perspective on socialism

Socialism does not take away the freedom of anyone. What takes away freedom is authoritarian governments. I believe that it does not matter whether they hide behind socialism or capitalism. …

Lisa Benson

Cartoon for October 27.

Editorial Endorsement: Idaho’s Prop 1 is a bad bet

Idaho is a devoutly free-enterprise state, yet voters there are being asked to change state law to prop up one industry: horse racing. Proposition 1 on the Nov. 6 ballot …

Joe Heller

Cartoon for October 26.

Editorial Endorsements: Holy, Volz and Graham for District 6

Voters in Washington’s 6th Legislative District have clear choices when they step into the ballot box. Jeff Holy, Mike Volz and Jenny Graham would best represent the region.

Marc A. Thiessen: McConnell could be the most consequential conservative leader of the century

The 21st century is still young. But so far, Mitch McConnell is arguably the most consequential conservative leader of the century. And he may not be done yet.

Editorial Endorsement: Keep Szambelan on the bench

When pondering their choice for Spokane County Superior Court, voters would do well to remember Gov. Jay Inslee’s words when he appointed the current occupant of the seat, Shelley Szambelan, …

Michael Gerson: Afghan War reveals the terrible price of security in a hostile world

The Afghan War – really, the war against terrorists and their allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan – has elements of a Greek tragedy. It was unavoidable, but seemingly unwinnable. Following …

Joe Heller

Cartoon for Oct. 25.

College of Physicians supports I-1631

I am a primary care internal medicine physician and medical educator who grew up in Spokane. I currently serve as governor of the Washington Chapter of the American College of …

Michael Ramirez

Cartoon for October 24.

Paul Waldman: Trump’s impotent rage over the border could lead to something drastic

Sometimes when President Donald Trump says something false and ridiculous, you say to yourself, “I’m sure his supporters are just going to eat that up.” But at other times, you …

Editorial Endorsements: No on the carbon tax; yes on the grocery tax ban

Washington voters will find two tax measures on the ballot. They should reject new taxes that will hinder economic growth and every Washingtonian’s pocket book by voting no on a …

Tom Toles

Cartoon for October 23.

Michael Hiltzik: Mitch McConnell says it out loud: Republicans are gunning for Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare next

All Washington seems to be buzzing over a single question: Is Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., deliberately trying to throw the election to the Democrats? At the root of the debate …

UPDATED: Mon., Oct. 22, 2018, 1:55 p.m.

Guest Opinion: City Council must adopt “Protecting Passenger Rights For A Safer Spokane”

If Spokane truly is the “City of Choice,” let’s choose to do the right thing and adopt “Protecting Passenger Rights for a Safer Spokane.”

Tom Toles

Cartoon for October 22.

Lisa Benson

Cartoon for October 22.

Joe Heller

Cartoon for October 22.

Michael Ramirez

Cartoon for October 22.

Joe Heller

Cartoon for October 22.

Joe Heller

Cartoon for October 21.