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Marc A. Thiessen: Trump’s failure to condemn the bigots of the alt-right tars his presidency

How can a president as successful as Donald Trump be so unpopular?

Editorial: The Spokesman-Review isn’t ‘the enemy of the people’

No American president, or any city council member, for that matter, has ever unreservedly delighted in the way he or she was presented in the press. “I so appreciate the …

Other Voices: Leaving more than 200 Washington State University students without beds is unacceptable

Washington State University will welcome its largest freshman class ever Wednesday, but students will be greeted with cramped rooms as the university struggles to meet its freshman live-in requirement.

Robert J. Samuelson: Trump’s no-win trade war

When all is said and done, President Trump’s trade war may be fated to fail. There are many reasons why. One is that the target countries – prominently, China, Japan …

Jim Morin

Cartoon for Tuesday, Aug. 14.

Michael Gerson: The only way to save the GOP is to defeat it in the House

University of Chicago researchers – who clearly have a lot of time on their hands – have found that the use of certain brands and products is a good predictor …

Joe Heller

Cartoon for Wednesday, Aug. 15.

Guest Opinion: Let’s keep the trust between U.S. and Canada

The United States and Canada enjoy a largely free interchange of goods, capital and people between the two countries due to decades of cooperation and trust. Let’s work to keep …

Joe Heller

Cartoon for August 13.

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Intolerance can never be up for debate

Donald Trump is a man of famously definite opinions. Whether it be about Mexicans, Muslims or Mueller, he knows what he thinks and isn’t shy about sharing. So it was …

Michael Ramirez

Cartoon for August 13.

Lisa Benson

Cartoon for August 13.

Clay Bennett

Cartoon for August 13.

Lisa Benson

Cartoon for August 12.

Sheriff Ben Wolfinger: ICE is doing its job: Enforcing our country’s laws

As the president of the Western States Sheriffs’ Association, I have the privilege of representing sheriffs from 16 states west of the Mississippi River on a variety of issues. One …

Robert J. Samuelson: The Age of Malware

Welcome to the Age of Malware. It promises to be a huge downer and, possibly, a great tragedy. For years, we have regarded personal computers, the internet, smartphones and various …

Marc A. Thiessen: Democrats have their own foreign espionage problem

Imagine if it emerged that the Republican chairman of the House or Senate intelligence committee had a Russian spy working on their staff. Think it would cause a political firestorm? …

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers: With a stronger military and increased support for our veterans, people in Eastern Washington are Better Off Now

Two years ago, I made a promise alongside House Republicans to provide a better way for America’s future by focusing on pro-growth policies like tax cuts and regulatory relief to …

Joe Heller

Cartoon for August 12.

Joe Heller

Cartoon for August 11.

Froma Harrop: Dereliction of political duty in a tweet

It’s been policy hereabout to ignore presidential tweets of no national consequence. Whether Donald Trump likes Roseanne or dislikes Rosie matters not. But Trump’s tweets about the catastrophic California fires …

Sosha Lewis: Addiction is a disease. My drug-addicted parents showed me that.

I got out of bed and followed the smell of bacon and the sound of my parents’ voices to the kitchen. The Eagles were harmonizing from the tape deck, and …

Jonah Goldberg: Are we to blame for the Alex Jones problem?

The behemoths of the internet have shunned Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist and paranoia monger. The debate over this cartel-like decision is much larger than Jones now, and it’s taking …

Mark Finney: Welcoming refugees is what made America great

Stories like Elise’s remind us that we must continue to stand for and with refugees and immigrants in our community, advocating for compassionate, common-sense policies.

Tom Toles

Cartoon for August 11.

Megan McArdle: The private musings and short fuse of Elon Musk

Tesla’s Elon Musk’s recent Twitter stylings indicate that he is getting rattled by persistent investor skepticism about a money-burning, never-profitable enterprise with a market cap of about $60 billion.

Dana Milbank: Trump, down three touchdowns at halftime, declares victory

This is a grim moment for President Trump and his fellow Republicans. A Trump-boosting Republican member of Congress has been indicted on charges of insider trading – from the White …

Jim Morin

Cartoon for August 10.

Letter: Cannon’s Addition residents helpful, kind during search for missing pet cat

Recently a cat named Phoenix went missing in the area of Cannon’s Addition. My friends and I have been searching for her for several days. Even though we haven’t found …

Letter: Congratulations for wedding engagement

Thank you for sharing your joy with us over Sam and Ryan’s happy news (“Front Porch: Wedding plans are happy news for mother,” column by Stefanie Pettit, Aug. 2 in …