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Joe Heller

Cartoon for December 15.

Misikir Adnew: Does the government care about your health?

Does the government care about your health? How is the state spending your tax dollars? The Spokane Regional Health District needs more funding to keep residents healthy.

Michael Ramirez

Cartoon for December 15.

Paul and Jane Wilkins: Thank you, Sacred Heart, for keeping our family whole

Our gratitude to the amazing people who make up Sacred Heart and our new Spokane friends that we made along the journey is bottomless and eternal.

Ben Carson: We won’t allow forgotten Americans to be left behind

The nation’s unemployment rate is at a 49-year low, wages are on the rise, and last year, the official poverty rate fell from 12.7 percent to 12.3 percent, with even …

John R. Kasich: Stop ignoring that 21 trillion-pound gorilla sitting in plain sight

Do deficits matter or not? Because if they do, then the U.S. economy and all of us who depend on its well-being are in deep trouble unless we turn things …

Greg Sargent: Who’s blocking Trump’s wall now?

One of the most mind-numbingly absurd spin games that President Donald Trump and his allies like to play on immigration is to pretend that Democrats are the only ones standing …

Marc A. Thiessen:On Saudi Arabia, Trump is channeling his inner George H.W. Bush

In recent days, many have sought to contrast President Trump with President George H.W. Bush. But there is one area where Trump is channeling his inner George H.W. Bush – …

Paul Waldman: How Nancy Pelosi put down a rebellion and allowed everyone to win

As soon as the rebellion against Nancy Pelosi within the Democratic caucus in the House began to take shape, I (and many others) were highly skeptical that it could succeed. …

Tim Campbell

Cartoon for December 14.

Lisa Benson

Cartoon for December 13.

Charles Lane: It’s time to look at the (political) science behind climate change

The data show that, for all the evidence that climate change is real, man-made and dangerous, and despite wide public acceptance of those propositions, people in the United States do …

Michael Gerson: Pathogens couldn’t care less about Italian politics

FLORENCE, Italy – It was here in 1614 that Tommaso Caccini preached a sermon in the church of Santa Maria Novella denouncing Galileo and other scientists who held the heretical …

Tim Campbell

Cartoon for December 12.

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Are Republicans abandoning democracy?

In case after case, Republicans have demonstrated an eagerness to undercut democracy and tilt the rules of the game if doing so serves their ideological interests.

Spencer Gage: Tiny homes could solve homeless problem

Spokane is currently growing at a rapid rate, adding 20,293 members to our community from 2016 to 2017, according to, a site focused on the population of different communities …

Stuart Rothenberg: Where Republicans, Democrats stand heading into 2019

As we enter a two-year presidential cycle, the parties stand at very different places, but the one thing they have in common is voters’ skepticism.

Marc A. Thiessen: China tried to strike at Trump – and missed the mark entirely

“When you strike at a king you must kill him,” Ralph Waldo Emerson once said. Well, this year China tried to strike at President Trump for daring to launch a …

Joe Heller

Cartoon for December 11.

Joe Heller

Cartoon for December 10.

Leonard Pitts Jr.: George H.W. Bush is gone, and so is his vision of ‘a kinder, gentler nation’

America has seldom seemed further from statesmanship – or from the vision George H.W. Bush articulated – than it does now as the 41st president passes from the scene.

Jim Morin

Cartoon for December 10.

Jeff Danziger

Cartoon for December 10.

Max Boot: Trump can’t do anything right – even his coverups are incompetent

President Donald Trump is either oblivious to, or simply disdainful of, what for good reason has become conventional wisdom in politics. No president has attempted more cover-ups – and with …

Higher-ed investment essential

We celebrate the investment the state has made in K-12 and ask legislators to now focus on funding education beyond high school.

Tom Toles

Cartoon for December 9.

Joe Heller

Cartoon for December 9.

David Ignatius: Michael Flynn appears to have come full circle

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn appears to have come full circle, if you read carefully the sentencing memo released Tuesday by special counsel Robert Mueller. This denouement, in which Flynn …

Eli Lake: Why Huawei should worry America

It’s good to see the U.S. finally taking more concrete action against the telecom giant that American spies have been warning about for nearly a decade. But prosecuting the company’s …

Clay Bennett

Cartoon for December 9.