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WSU’s win over Western Oregon, the day after


In a sense it is Christmas week. Ya, we know the holiday isn't until Sunday, the start of a new week, but it is less than seven days until everyone opens their presents. With that in mind, we have a question for you. Read on.

WSU plays last game in Pullman for a while


Washington State will play its final Beasley Coliseum game of 2011 today, when it hosts Western Oregon this afternoon at 4:35. Yet the Cougars will host three more games, including two conference games, before the year is done. Read on.

Calm in Pullman right now


There's only one Christmas carol appropriate for Pullman this time of year. “Silent Night.” Not sure how many of you attended WSU as a student or, if you did, stuck around over Christmas break, but there is something so relaxing about the town right now. Heck, even Arby's was empty last night. Read on.

Another Friday from WSU


This is the silly season of college football and the fun part of college basketball. The silly comes from the game of musical chairs played by coaches, though it doesn’t seem all that silly to the families involved. The fun comes from the interesting matchups on the court, with schools traveling thousands of miles to play or local schools getting together. Read on.

A quick and easy Thursday from WSU


Some days this time of year, like yesterday, there is a lot to pass along. Other days, like today, not so much – a phrase we use a lot for effect, but mean literally this morning. Read on.

Got some time this morning?


We once worked for a boss who talked often about saving our readers' time. It was the one thing, he said, they had a finite amount of. Then we began blogging and found most of those same readers love to spend that finite amount invested with their favorite college athletic team, discovering every piece of news they can find on Washington State. But we still try to save their – or should we say, your – time. Read on.

WSU in the midst of finals


It's finals week in Pullman (and the senior football players who graduated over the weekend have all said goodbye and left town) so it's kind of quiet and dull. But we did find a few items to pass along. Read on.

Everything’s slow on a Monday


Monday morning in Spokane. Attended a party, and an after-party party, last night. Though we woke up early this morning, there was no way we could stare at a computer screen for an hour or so. But time passes and the vision clears. Read on.

Leach’s less-traveled path to Pullman


Weird questions run through my mind sometimes, especially as they relate to sports. The nice part of this job, though, is when such questions pop up, oftentimes you get to ask them. Read on.

The Saturday morning WSU buffet


It looks as if UCLA has finally found a coach, as if Andrew Luck will not win the Heisman and as if we will have some fun this weekend. Read on.

It’s Friday and all that entails


Another Friday morning, another Friday morning post. The first Friday in a while without a pretty full slate of college football games to look forward to on the weekend. Kind of sad, isn't it? Read on.

WSU’s win over Idaho, the day after


It's time to make the transition to basketball. Yep, there is still some football to be done, but the main emphasis from now to the end of the year will be hoop. Read on.

WSU about to take on Idaho


We spent quite awhile this morning waiting for a call from the new football coach, but it never came. So now, as we prepare to cover tonight's basketball game in the Cowan Spectrum on the University of Idaho campus, we're waiting again. Just call me Vladimir. Or Estragon if you prefer. Read on.

A jam-packed Wednesday morning


Sure hope you freed some time this morning. As weekday mornings in December go, I can't remember more good stories to read than the ones grouped on the link. From Mike Leach's public coronation in Pullman to San Diego State becoming part of the Big East – yes, I just typed that – it's a morning filled with stories you'll want to make time for. Read on.

More on Leach’s big day


We're back in our palatial Pullman apartment with the heater going full blast, the sun that shined most of the day a distant memory. We have a few thoughts, along with links to our stories from Mike Leach's introduction, so read on.

Leach meets the Pullman faithful


Just a quick note now that I am where I can write following the Mike Leach introductory meet-and-greet. Actually, the last part of it was a press conference – after the cheering stopped. Read on.

Leach ready to make WSU debut


OK, where were we? Oh ya, Mike Leach is in the Inland Northwest, arriving Monday afternoon by private plane in Spokane. He'll be in Pullman most of the day today before flying over the Seattle this evening. Read on.

Summing up WSU’s week


It's been a long time since I've written a morning post from Spokane. But that's where we find ourselves on this nicer-than-average Sunday in early December. We only have one question for you. Is your Christmas shopping done? Read on.

WSU runs over Eastern, 75-49


On Wednesday, Washington State pounded a Grambling team that had seven players on the bench. On Saturday afternoon, the Cougars pounded Eastern Washington, but this time it was WSU that was short-handed. Read on.

WSU shorthanded vs. EWU


Trying to keep track of about three games on my computer while also attempting to get ready for a Washington State basketball game is not the easiest juggling act. But it's fun. It's a Saturday with college football and basketball going on. Pretty fun time of year. Read on.

An early morning post from WSU


Got up real early this a.m. so you could have your morning blog post on your computer's equivalent of a doorstep by 6:30 … who am I kidding? It's early because I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. Read on.

Leach speaks to Arute


Have a quick post for you summarizing Mike Leach's appearance on SiriusXM, talking football and what's happening with him now. Read on.

A sunny Friday in Pullman


The basketball season gets back into gear tomorrow, with Eastern Washington traveling down U.S. 195 from Cheney to face WSU in the early afternoon. There are still a few football loose ends to clear up, though. Read on.

An evening post from Pullman


The mood around Pullman has settled down after the events of the past few days, but that doesn't mean the waters are placid. We have some links and some notes, so read on.

Strange, WSU seems the same today


Got out of bed this morning and looked outside. Nope, it wasn't 74 degrees and sunny. It wasn't raining chocolate. And there wasn't an In-N-Out on the corner. Nope, Pullman was Pullman. Or was it? Read on.

A combo post from WSU


We're in Beasley, so we could watch the men's 67-39 beatdown of a depleted Grambling State team and as much of the women's game I can see while still writing. Read on.

Mike Leach WSU’s new football coach


Washington State has made an official offer to former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach to become its 32nd football coach. Though Leach has yet to accept it, sources in the athletic department told me they believe he will. No information on the offer itself or when this might reach a conclusion, but we'll try to stay on top of it.

• UPDATE: Here's the latest story we have. More after a Moos conference call at 4:30.

WSU, the morning after


We're back with some short links today – sounds like a breakfast order – mainly due to putting up the main ones last night. Read on.

The last word tonight from WSU


It has been a long day for a lot of people, one that started early this morning, and including what for Bill Moos was quite possibly the toughest meeting he's ever held as an athletic director, when he had to tell Paul Wulff he was no longer Washington State's football coach. We've finally put together our report for tomorrow's S-R. Read on.

Nothing new yet on Wulff


We don't have a long blog post this morning for two reasons, but we won't bore you with them here. Read on.