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Strange, WSU seems the same today


Got out of bed this morning and looked outside. Nope, it wasn't 74 degrees and sunny. It wasn't raining chocolate. And there wasn't an In-N-Out on the corner. Nope, Pullman was Pullman. Or was it? Read on.

A combo post from WSU


We're in Beasley, so we could watch the men's 67-39 beatdown of a depleted Grambling State team and as much of the women's game I can see while still writing. Read on.

Mike Leach WSU’s new football coach


Washington State has made an official offer to former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach to become its 32nd football coach. Though Leach has yet to accept it, sources in the athletic department told me they believe he will. No information on the offer itself or when this might reach a conclusion, but we'll try to stay on top of it.

• UPDATE: Here's the latest story we have. More after a Moos conference call at 4:30.

WSU, the morning after


We're back with some short links today – sounds like a breakfast order – mainly due to putting up the main ones last night. Read on.

The last word tonight from WSU


It has been a long day for a lot of people, one that started early this morning, and including what for Bill Moos was quite possibly the toughest meeting he's ever held as an athletic director, when he had to tell Paul Wulff he was no longer Washington State's football coach. We've finally put together our report for tomorrow's S-R. Read on.

Nothing new yet on Wulff


We don't have a long blog post this morning for two reasons, but we won't bore you with them here. Read on.

No resolution in Pullman


After all that, Bill Moos and Paul Wulff didn't even meet Monday and a press conference is scheduled for 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. Read on.

The Wulff saga continues


There is no news to report right now on Paul Wulff's future, other than he and Bill Moos will continue their conversation sometime today. But we can pass along other items that might be of interest, so read on.

• UPDATE: Added some items from Bill Moos' radio show.

Moos puts off Wulff decision


We will have more soon, but we wanted to pass along WSU athletic director Bill Moos' statement after meeting with football coach Paul Wulff on Sunday:

“Paul and I met for an hour and a half this afternoon so I could hear his assessment of the season and where he would like to take the program from here.  Our discussions will be ongoing.”

• UPDATE: Here's a link to our story. Another link on the next page.

WSU’s Apple Cup defeat, the early edition


It's the day after the Apple Cup and the day we should learn the future of Washington State's football program. To recap: Bill Moos says all year he'll decide Paul Wulff's fate at the end of the year; WSU lost the Apple Cup to Washington 38-21 at CenturyLink yesterday to finish the season 4-8; within minutes after the game the Seattle Times posts a story that Moos has decided to let Wulff go. Read on.

WSU loses Apple Cup and Wulff may be out


The Apple Cup is over and so is Washington State's football season. Is Paul Wulff's tenure as football coach at his alma mater done as well? There is a report of that being a done deal by Bud Withers of the Seattle Times, but I can't get confirmation – or denial – of that. Read on.

An Apple Cup pregame post


We're in the press box at CenturyLink Field and we were going to post some video and commentary about our last football game at the Washington State beat writer, but then I thought, why change now? I haven't done that before, so why start now? Read on.

An Apple Cup morning post


It's Apple Cup Saturday, which should be a state holiday, with anyone working on the day earning double-time. Well, that would happen if you folks elect me governor next year. I'll be retired. After covering Washington State the past five years, running Washington state should be a breeze. Read on.

No bargains in this Friday post


It's Black Friday – or, as it was known back in the Stone Age when I was young, the day after Thanksgiving. Bargains are everywhere. And nothing beats the price of the information on the link. Free. But only if you have a coupon. So click the link, enter promo code %g*OD&a$Wg%#s and you can access it all for no cost. Just kidding. It's always free here on SportsLink. And you get what you pay for. Read on.

Giving thanks for being able to share


Last night we told you we would have a blog post this morning and we do. It's just not your typical morning post. Read on.

Our last WSU football practice report


I'm tearing up a little here. This afternoon marked the last football practice for yours truly. Though WSU practices tomorrow, we're going to be in Spokane with the family. So today was the last time I had to stand out on that turf. The last time I had to brave either searing heat or teeth-rattling cold. The last time I had to deal with sun or rain or snow. They are, if you want to know, tears of joy. Read on.

WSU news, notes, Pre-Thanksgiving


There are a lot of things I'm looking forward to tomorrow, not the least of which is a nice sit-down dinner with the family. There is more, sports-related, of course, so read on.

Halliday released; WSU practices


There is a hackneyed saying in the theater world that goes something like, bad dress rehearsal, good play. Maybe that was what Washington State was going for Tuesday. Read on for that and some Connor Halliday news.

WSU news on an AC Tuesday


Much of what is written on the link I will disavow in the future. It was written while my fingers were shaking and my head was about to explode. Read on.

WSU braves the elements on Monday night


The Cougars are done with their first Apple Cup week practice and the people missing made for some interesting combinations. Read on.

Apple Cup week begins


It's Apple Cup week. The final week and game of the season. The last game for Washington State's seniors and the last football game for some other folks. Read on.

Barton joins Halliday on sidelines


Since Paul Wulff's press conference late this afternoon we had to hit Dissmores, mail some bills, get some dinner and try to listen to the basketball pregame show. That last thing is about over, so we can sit down and pass along what Wulff had to say about Connor Halliday and others. Read on.

Halliday injures liver, out of Apple Cup


Our reporting is finished. Washington State quarterback Connor Halliday suffered a lacerated liver in the game against Utah on Saturday. He'll be in the hospital for a couple more days and will not be available for Saturday's Apple Cup. Our story is on the link. Read on.

WSU OT loss to Utah, the morning after


There weren't a lot of people there to see it, but Saturday's contest at Martin Stadium had just about everything you could ask for in a college football game. Hard-hitting defense, explosive offense, clutch special teams, weather, exaltation, heartbreak, controversy and courage. Read on.

One last missive from WSU tonight


The conditions were interesting to say the least at Martin Stadium on Saturday afternoon, and the game mirrored them. From a nearly offense-free first half to a scorefest in the second – the teams combined for 14 points in 18 seconds at one point of the fourth quarter – to a disastrous overtime for WSU, the game was interesting from the opening kickoff. Read on.

A pregame post from Martin Stadium


When it snows, it pours. Lots of pregame obligations today, so were keeping this post short. Read on.

A Saturday morning post from WSU


It doesn't feel like a Saturday in November. More like one in late December or January. It feels like we should be heading indoors for a basketball game, maybe one with Arizona in town and Sean Miller opining about how hard it is to get to Pullman. Read on.

From seniors to the stadium, a busy Friday


Earlier tonight we posted our roundtable interview – done, oddly enough, around a round table –  with the WSU fifth-year seniors, a piece that I had fun putting together. After the recorder was off, the guys began telling stories they didn't need to share. I was able to add one about Andrew Roxas, who attended the same high school as I did, just a "couple" years later. Read on.

A full Friday morning WSU post


We started yesterday's post with a bit of news about the snow being gone. We start today's post with a bit of news about the snow being here. And there. And there. Yep, there is a bunch, my scientific term for the boatload of snow that fell overnight. OK, it was about an inch, but I was just trying to scare everyone from coming down Saturday, so I have Martin Stadium all to myself. It is my last home football game as the S-R's WSU beat writer you know. It would be great to have the press box all to myself. For once, my fat thing-I-sit-on wouldn't feel squeezed. It might be a bit lighter than usual on the Cougar side of the field as well. Read on.

WSU overcomes Sac State, 79-68


We've got our game story done, which you can read here, so we have time to really break down what went on Thursday night in Beasley Coliseum. The short version: The better team won. But not that easily. Read on.