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A full Friday morning WSU post


We started yesterday's post with a bit of news about the snow being gone. We start today's post with a bit of news about the snow being here. And there. And there. Yep, there is a bunch, my scientific term for the boatload of snow that fell overnight. OK, it was about an inch, but I was just trying to scare everyone from coming down Saturday, so I have Martin Stadium all to myself. It is my last home football game as the S-R's WSU beat writer you know. It would be great to have the press box all to myself. For once, my fat thing-I-sit-on wouldn't feel squeezed. It might be a bit lighter than usual on the Cougar side of the field as well. Read on.

WSU overcomes Sac State, 79-68


We've got our game story done, which you can read here, so we have time to really break down what went on Thursday night in Beasley Coliseum. The short version: The better team won. But not that easily. Read on.

A WSU football/basketball post


Our evening post is split into two parts. There is the football section, with some items from Paul Wulff's press conference and practice. And there is basketball in advance of tonight's game. Read on.

After the snow, sun


The snow fell last night and covered the streets of Pullman with an icy mess. The highway to Moscow was even closed for a while, according to a tweet from the police (yes, even the police tweet). But it's now 39 degrees and it's all gone. Actually it's really nice outside, what with the sun shining. So there's your daily nowcast of the weather. Read on for sports.

Snow night in Pullman


You know when snow is really fun? When you are sitting in your living room, cup of coffee on the table, a fire roaring, and nowhere to go. You can sit and watch it all day. You know when snow isn't fun? When you have to stand at football practice for two hours while it falls sideways due to the wind. That was the case this evening at football practice. Read on.

On back side of weekly mountain


It's been a long slog up the mountain, but we've finally made it to Wednesday. Now it's time to strap on the skis and ride the powder downhill to Saturday's football game. Sort of. Read on.

A feisty, fun day at WSU


Football practice is done. Paul Wulff's press conferences are done – despite someone's best efforts to disrupt his local one. For more on all that, read on.

From late night to early morning with WSU


We're not going to bore you with the details, but it suffices to say starting a basketball game at 9 p.m. here on the Left Coast isn't the best formula for getting information to newspaper readers. Or even to blog readers, when your target audience is already in bed when there is finally time to post. Oh well, read on.

It’s Monday morning and all that entails


Talk about frost on the pumpkin. Well, it is almost the ides of November, so I guess a little cold at night is to be expected. What might not have been expected is, with two games remaining in its football season, WSU still has a chance to play in a bowl game. And, yes, the basketball season gets underway tonight. Read on.

Sunday night from WSU


We have talked with Paul Wulff and got his perspective on Saturday's win over Arizona State. For that, read on.

The win over ASU, morning-after edition


Got a solid, three-and-a-half hours of sleep before waking with a start. Looked outside and, though it was dark, it was still possible to see the snow was gone. Had Saturday, from the calming ride down the back way from Spokane, as we call it, to the snow, to talking with Steve Gleason, to a Washington State football victory built on the not-so-wide shoulders of a redshirt freshman quarterback, to the incessant sound of my computer's keyboard until after midnight, had it all been a dream? Sadly, no. I still had to get out of bed and pound out a morning post. Better put on the coffee. Read on.

WSU finds a way, defeats ASU, 37-27


I would love to go back to apartment, take the shoes off, grab a cold beverage, sit down and exhale. But I can't. Not after that game. Not after that performance. Read on.

Gleason talks before the game


Sorry this is so late but there is a very good reason. Read on.

Saturday morning from WSU


Woke up to a light snowfall, though it's expected to get warm enough for a while today it will all melt off. But by game time tonight, expect a rematch, with snow winning once again. It's a busy day in college sports, so read on.

WSU nearly ready to return home


Believe it or don't, there is a home football game this week. Yep, one actually in Pullman, Washington. What has it been, three-and-a-half years since the last one? Read on.

A Thursday night post from Pullman


Night is falling in Pullman, with a large, round moon slowly rising over the northeast stands of Martin Stadium. That was the backdrop for the Cougars practice this evening, as they continued their prep for Saturday night's Arizona State game. We have notes from that along with some items from Paul Wulff's press conference. Read on.

Thursday morning from Pullman


The sporting nation's attention is on State College, home of Penn State and, in a bit of coincidence, where the WSU women's basketball team is headed for a weekend season-opening tournament. Our attention is on football, basketball and Pullman, where Washington State will host Arizona State this Saturday night. Read on.

WSU signs three, fourth expected


Not a lot to share today, as opposed to yesterday, but there is some, so read on if you like. We have basketball and football news.

A midweek WSU morning post


I thought I would leave last night's post as the most-recent WSU one for a little longer today, just to induce some traffic. That's why we're a bit later than usual with our morning post, not because somebody overslept. No, really that's why. Promise. Read on.

Wulff, Bone and Caple


We have a lot to share tonight, from Paul Wulff's press conferences to Ken Bone's – tomorrow is signing day – to football practice. But before we get there, I want to share some personal thoughts about the person who is going to be filling this position come the first of the year. Please read on.

A busy Tuesday from WSU


Most Tuesday morning posts are pretty dry, cut down from the weekend and not a lot of meat on their bones. But not today. Even the Washington State entry has some surprise items. Read on.

WSU goes indoors for Monday’s practice


I'm kind of bummed out. Feeling old. If you want to know why, and what went on at Washington State's practice tonight, read on.

A time out for morning post


At times, it's tough to get up in the morning. Not today. Rolled out of bed at 7 a.m. sharp and headed downstairs humming a Beatles' tune ("When I'm 64," which has special meaning in my family today). Opened up the computer ready to write and realized something. Was out of town yesterday. The clocks in the house are still on daylight savings time. Could have slept a bit longer. Damn. Read on.

One more Sunday post


We promised we would be back after Paul Wulff's press conference – why, I'm not really sure – so we are. Read on.

WSU’s loss to Cal, day-after post Part 1 and Part 2


Is it appropriate today is the day everyone in the state of Washington falls back? You can discuss that amongst yourself as we present, in this go round, the links to yesterday's Washington State football game. And basketball coverage. Read on.

• UPDATE: We've added Pac-12 links before we get on the plane, along with the answer to a question posed last night, which can be found at the bottom of the post.

A tale of woe from AT&T Park


You've probably already gone to bed but if you haven't you may want to spend some time reading more on the football game and a couple basketball links. Read on.

We’re at AT&T … finally


After a 45-minute wait for a shuttle that took all of five minutes – and I probably could have walked in 10 – we're at AT&T Park for today's game. A few thoughts on the links, so read on.

It’s Saturday from San Francisco


It's game day once again and I'm sure the Cougar flag is flying in Alabama, Louisiana or some other southern state where they are holding this week's "Game Of The Century!" But we're not sure. The TV is off just yet so we can concentrate on bringing you the best of the links. Read on.

A first post on a Friday morning

COUGARS • UPDATED: 10:20 A.M.; 1:30 P.M.

We're on the early flight to Seattle out of Spokane, so we'll post our Washington State links, then catch up with the rest of the Pac-12 after we get into the Emerald City (does anyone call it that anymore?). Read on.

• UPDATE: We're finally in a spot where we can share other links with you. We have added the Pac-12 links and a basketball one.

• UPDATE NO. 2: We've got some basketball news to pass along for tomorrow's exhibition game in Pullman vs. Lewis-Clark State (and no, we're not going to be there). The Cougars will be without starting guards Reggie Moore (groin) and Faisal Aden (concussion), according to assistant athletic communications director Jessica Schmick. They both were injured in last week's closed scrimmage vs. Montana. Also injured in that scrimmage was post Brock Motum, who has recovered and will play this weekend. With Moore and Aden out, expect to see a lot of freshman DaVonte Lacy and Fresno State transfer Mike Ladd.

WSU is nearly ready for Cal


Washington State's Thursday walk-through is over so that means the preparation for California is pretty much over as well. We have some on that and how it relates to what coach Paul Wulff had to say at his short news conference as well. Read on.