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WSU turns up the intensity


Sitting out at practice this evening I was thinking about the Nov. 12 Arizona State game. It wasn't 7:30 yet (still isn't as I write this) but it was getting awfully cold out there. And it's still 11 days yet until the Sun Devils come to Pullman. Eleven days closer to winter. As for the practice Tuesday and Paul Wulff comments on his press conferences (and a special video added attraction), read on.

It’s November, which means the heat is on - figuratively


The 2011 calendar has turned another page. It's November, the month of Thanksgiving, college basketball tournaments and crunch time for Washington State football. Read on.

WS’s Halloween practice not spooky at all


Halloween practice at WSU was quite interesting. A Power Ranger walked by. A couple of schoolgirls. Even a group of folks dressed as soccer players. Wait, maybe they were headed to an intramural game. My bad. Read on for what happened at practice.

A tricky morning treat from WSU


What a nice day. I don't know what the weather is like, because I have yet to look outside my windows. But I know it's a nice day. It's Halloween and when I was growing up in Southern California, it was always nice on Halloween. So much so, the older boys used to play a trick on us little folk carrying paper grocery sacks. Read on.

• UPDATE: The Arizona State game on Nov. 12 will start at 7:30 p.m. and be televised by Versus. As I said on Twitter, better bring a blanket. Or three. By the way, it looks as if WSU was able to wrangle a TV waiver so that the game this Saturday at Cal can be televised back to Washington. Something official should be coming soon.

Settle in for a long WSU morning-after post


With an early start time for Saturday's game, there was enough time to get organized afterward, write and then put together items for this morning's post. Plenty of time. So we have more than usual for you on the link. Read on.

• UPDATE: Not a lot from Paul Wulff on his press conference tonight. We have a story in tormorrow's S-R and will pass that along in the morning. Cougars came out of game Saturday healthy. More in the morning.

A quick after-game post from Eugene


We've been at Autzen Stadium longer than I would have ever imagined, but we have just one more thing to do. Give you your post-game blog fix. Read on.

A pregame post from damp Eugene


So I'm sitting here in the open-air press box at Autzen – note to my replacement: Always bring one more coat to a game here than you think you need – wondering what to write. Then it hit me. Read on.

An early morning post from Eugene


There are a few-more-than-usual links to pass along this morning, mainly due to the Pac-12 basketball media day in Los Angeles. And, of course, there is the full compliment of conference football games, headlined by today's action here in Eugene. Read on.

Friday’s pre-trip morning post


We're headed off to Eugene today, but before we get on the road, we have to put together our morning post, don't we? Read on.

• UPDATE: We're not at the Pac-12 media day today, but we wanted to pass along the writer's picks (I didn't vote as I will be leaving this job prior to almost all the conference games). The Cougars were picked to finish tied for 10th with Colorado. Understandable with the loss of Klay Thompson and DeAngelo Casto but it might be a bit low.

Wulff on Oregon, Tuel


We're headed out to football practice, but a quick post on what coach Paul Wulff had to say at his press conference. Read on.

Sun shines, morning post benefits


Another day, another morning post. The monotony of it all gets to me after a while. But all it takes to break the spell is a peek outside. The sun is shining, there's a bit of sparkling frost on the ground, and the view is exhilarating. OK, back to the post. Read on.

Switching sports for a day


We've got a different type of blog post today. Really different, so read on.

Just another day at WSU


You would think, with 66 days until we move into the next phase of our life, things would be settling down. You know, Laz-E-Boy easy. But no. Nothing is ever that simple, especially around Washington State University. The school must have an exceptional drama department, if you get my drift. Let's see. On the link we examine the ongoing struggle to expand and modernize the football stadium and build a much-needed football building, the ongoing quarterback injury situation and the ongoing soap opera that is the head coach's life. And we do our typical run around the Pac-12. Read on.

Late night from WSU


It turns out Jeff Tuel was more banged up than previously revealed. His left clavicle is not fractured again – it's real sore though – but his right calf is pretty beat up. Read on.

A quick Tuesday morning WSU post


Why wait? Let's get right to the morning post. Read on.

WSU’s Tuel out of practice, status unclear


Jeff Tuel was not at practice Monday night as he was undergoing an examination of his injured left shoulder and a sore right calf. Read on for more from Washington State's short practice.

Monday morning from WSU, Part 7


We tweeted the news last night (@vinceg55) about Jeff Tuel's injury and status for this week's game with Oregon – it's not good – but we have some more news on the link, so read on.

WSU’s morning-after post, Parts I and II


OK, we've taken a bit more time, have tooled around the Web to gather Pac-12 information – any second thoughts Utah? – and pulled together some notes and quotes about last night. Read on.

A postgame post from Seattle


Really, that wasn't all that hard to explain. “What happened today is they outplayed us today,” said linebacker Sekope Kaufusi. “Records don't matter, as you could clearly see tonight. Whoever comes out that day and plays the best, wins. Bottom line is, Oregon State made more plays than we did.” Read on.

WSU post, half-hour before game time


We're at beautiful CenturyLink Field – afraid of the news reports, we got here four hours early, and wasn't the first writer in the press box – and, after hearing the horror stories about the drive over, I want to say to all you West Side folks that drive to Pullman, I now understand your pain. Read on.

Saturday morning from Seattle


It's Saturday morning and I know the Washington State flag is being waved somewhere in sight of a TV camera. It's about all you can count on in this cockamamie world anymore. Heck, WSU's home game today isn't even in the 509 area code. Thank goodness my long distance is free or the charges I would rack up today would break the S-R's depleted bank. We have links and more for you, but only if you've seen the flag. Read on.

The usual Friday post, with a basketball note


What an event down in Tucson last night. Note that I didn't write “game.” The game itself wasn't great shakes, but the whole aura surrounding it, along with the blowout nature, which gave the ESPN guys plenty of time to talk about Rick Neuheisel's future, and the pre-halftime fight, made it must-see TV. Read on.

WSU finishes up Thursday prep


Though the game Saturday is in CenturyLink Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks, it is a Washington State home game, of course. That circumstance – a home game 280 miles away – led to a funny occurrence at the beginning of Thursday's practice. Read on.

Thursday morning with a WSU flavor


Let's see. Where do we go today, besides a Paul Wulff press conference and to football practice, of course? Well, there's always that seat in front of the computer in the apartment. Seems like a good spot right now. Read on.

WSU’s practice a bit wet


It rained during practice. And that wasn't the lowlight of the afternoon. Read on.

WSU’s Seattle Week up for debate


Washington State has a home game this week. But instead of fighting the Pullman traffic – and before you get all cynical and snide about that statement think about this; put an extra 20,000 folks onto streets not designed for it and yes, on game days, actually game weekends, the traffic is tough to navigate – we'll be fighting Seattle traffic, with its closed roads and folks in forest-green Subarus headed off to some folk-music palooza. So where do you think this game should be played? Read on.

This and that from WSU


Couldn't get to Paul Wulff's media conferences before we headed out to practice, so now we're playing catch up. We have what he had to say along with a note about an injury to an offensive lineman. Read on.

Moody Blues never sang about Tuesday morning


Sometimes writing the morning post is about finding stories and passing them along. Sometimes it is more about recalling things I wanted to write about the night before and just plain forgot. And sometimes it's about chasing down items and setting the record straight. Today it's all three. And yes, I know, the headline shows how really old I am. Read on.

Monday night practice at WSU


It's been a long day, so we're going to keep this short. But we do have a couple items to share, so read on.

A Monday morning WSU post


Good morning. It's Monday. TGIM. It's time to get back on the treadmill that is the college football week. Final goal this Saturday: Oregon State in Seattle. Read on.