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Monday night practice at WSU


It's been a long day, so we're going to keep this short. But we do have a couple items to share, so read on.

A Monday morning WSU post


Good morning. It's Monday. TGIM. It's time to get back on the treadmill that is the college football week. Final goal this Saturday: Oregon State in Seattle. Read on.

Shadle’s Boese commits to WSU; Stanford review


We'll be back soon with our post on Paul Wulff's press conference but we wanted to pass along some news. Read on.

• UPDATE: We have some notes on said press conference on the link.

WSU’s loss to Stanford, the morning after


When I was in high school 40 years ago, we had an old Catholic priest who sobered up us freshmen real quick after we received our first quarter report cards. He said (cue deep Irish accent), "It's only a halftime score." I thought of Father Cyril last night as I sat down to write the story of what happened to Washington State in its game with seventh-ranked Stanford. What Father Cyril was saying, and most of us were almost smart enough to understand, was those quarter grades, like football game halftime scores, mean nothing. Nowhere in the record books is a listing of who won the first half. The final score was, and is, what matters. In WSU's case Saturday night, that final score read Stanford 44, Cougars 14. Read on.

Stanford rolls over WSU in second half


As usual it's really late and we're just getting done with all of our items for tomorrow's paper. On the link we will give the wherewithal you need to read everything we've written tonight. Maybe. Read on.

A WSU pregame post


We're at Martin Stadium as the students wander in, taking their spots behind the Washington State bench. The clouds have broken up, the sun is shining on the field and there's little to no breeze. Perfect football weather. Perfect homecoming weather. Too bad there has to be an excellent opponent. Read on.

Football Saturday from Pullman


What a great morning. I know it was raining hard here last night, but now it's just cloudy and cool. Football weather. Real football weather. With basketball weather just around the corner. We have links and notes on both.  Read on.

A late-night WSU post


The Midnight Mayhem event at Washington State, kicking off the official start of the 2011-12 college basketball season, wasn't standing-room only in Bohler Gym, but there was a decent crowd on hand to get to know the men's and women's teams. Read on.

A quick WSU morning post


Much, much easier today. The computer seemed to nearly fly across the World Wide Net, landing softly on each website and loading faster than a UPS guy on Dec. 23rd. So we have your morning report in a timely manner. Yahoo. Read on.

Tuel may start against Stanford


Remember way back to this morning when I blogged this about whether Jeff Tuel or Marshall Lobbestael would start against Stanford … "This morning I would say don't bet on either guy right now. I'm not sure which guy will take the first snap against Stanford." Well, that was basically what Paul Wulff said today in his press conference. Read on.

A delayed WSU morning post


If you don't follow our Twitter account, you missed the reason why our morning posts have been appearing anywhere from a half-hour to an hour late recently. For some reason recently, Adobe Flash videos on a few newspapers' websites have slowed my high-class MacBook Pro to a crawl. I've tried just about every work-around I can think of, but nothing seems to help. So we're slogging through the delays and trying our darndest to get you your news before noon. We did it today, but not by much. Sorry. Read on.

Tuel returns to WSU’s practice


There was something different about practice Wednesday. What was it? Can't put my finger on it. Maybe it was Jeff Tuel actually running around and able to be hit – though he never actually was. But he's been cleared to play this weekend and just might. Read on.

WSU’s prep for Stanford seems to be going well


After practice last night, Jeff Tuel told the assembled media it was one of the best Tuesday practices the team's had since he's been in Pullman. "Really good tempo with a lot emotion," he said. Don't know what it will mean come Saturday, but just thought I would pass it along. Read on.

UPDATE: We don't have much more than this, and won't until we talk with Paul Wulff after practice, but Jeff Tuel was cleared to play by team doctors this morning. How he will be used this weekend is still up in the air and will be a game-time decision, according to WSU.

WSU preps for powerful Stanford


Washington State is off the field after its first full-pad practice of the week. Nothing out of the ordinary, but we do have a couple things to pass along. Read on.

The start of a long Tuesday at WSU


An interesting day yesterday, right? Not only was it the first day back to football practice at Washington State for the Stanford week, the Pac-12 was thrown into a tizzy with Arizona firing football coach Mike Stoops. More on both those things on the link. Read on.

WSU starts prep for Stanford


It's late, mainly because Washington State doesn't start its Monday practice until 7:30 but also because I had a couple of interviews to do after it was done. But we're done now and have a few notes. Read on.

Another Monday, another WSU post


It's Homecoming week in Pullman. On the link we have a question about that, drawing on the deep readership base of this blog to increase my intelligence. Flawed plan? Only you can decide. And, oh yes, we have some Washington State news, notes and links. Read on.

Wulff talks about UCLA, Stanford


We're back in the Inland Northwest and will be for the next week or so, thanks to a home game in Pullman this Saturday (and yes, we've almost forgotten what those are like). Paul Wulff had his postgame press call this afternoon, so if you want to know what he had to say, read on.

WSU’s tough loss to UCLA, the morning after


We're in the airport after a solid four hours sleep, so if we mess something up, please forgive us. We're going to get this Sunday morning started with a few notes and all the Washington State links. Then we'll add the rest of the Pac-12 links and a few WSU and UCLA quotes later. Read on.

WSU drops a tough 28-25 decision


It's after midnight, so I really don't know why I should be blogging, but I am. We have some thoughts, so read on.

Tuel not cleared to play for WSU tonight


It's time for our pregame post, this one coming from one of the iconic football facilities in the country (notice I didn't say best). And, for once, the post includes some news, though not the news Washington State fans want to read. Read on.

It’s game day in Pasadena


It's game day, the best day of the college football week. For many fans, the only day. For the players, the day they take their test. Read on.

WSU en route to Los Angeles


We're moving, which as George Clooney once said in a movie, is living. But it's also nice to take the time to read as many stories as possible about Washington State and college football. We've done that, now you can as well. Read on.

A little extra from WSU tonight


The weather was a little wetter and a bit warmer today than it was Wednesday, so we're not complaining. Especially considering we'll be in line at an In-N-Out burger in less than 24 hours. Before then, however, we have a short practice report, a summary of Paul Wulff's presser and a special added attraction. Read on.

Finally catching up with WSU


Got up this morning and turned on the computer. No World Wide Net. Nothing. I blame the guys power washing the decks in the apartment complex. Don't know what that would have to do with it, as they hadn't even started yet, but if Steve Bartman and ESPN has taught us anything the past couple weeks, it's that we always need a scapegoat, right? Miraculously, an hour later no problems. Sun spots? My obesity? TCU to the Big 12? Have no idea what caused it. But we're back now and have a pretty full post. Read on.

Despite conditions, WSU practices well


All of sudden it turned cold in Pullman. Not Arctic cold, but, oh, maybe Bozeman cold. With a slight breeze. And an occasional shower. Just the kind of day to have a poor practice. Well, that didn't happen. Washington State went through a crisp, intense, sharp workout Wednesday. Read on.

A Wednesday full of news


Talk about a morning just chock full of news. Today is it. Nothing knock-your-socks-off major, but a bunch of interesting little stuff. Read on.

Tuel practices but reps limited


Practice is over and Jeff Tuel took some snaps in team drills. How did he look? Is he going to play this week? How does he scare his roommates? We have answers to at least a couple of those questions on the link, so read on.

A Tuesday morning post from WSU


Before practice last night we thought we would have to write a quarterback-situation story. Then during practice realized, because Washington State wasn't wearing any pads, Monday's practice wasn't any different for Jeff Tuel than the ones he participated in last week. No story. Then coach Paul Wulff decided to say yes when asked if Marshall Lobbestael will start Saturday against UCLA. Back to writing a story. Read on.

Quarterback job still Lobbestael’s


Washington State is off the practice field for its relatively quick Monday night practice and they have the same starting quarterback. Read on.