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WSU scrimmages to end practice


Back in the summer, as the Washington State football coaches were penciling out the preseason practice, Paul Wulff and his staff decided they wanted to get to live hitting as soon as possible in camp. That would be today, when the Cougars appeared in full pads for the first time. So WSU finished Thursday's practice with a 51-play, 30-minute scrimmage. Read on for more.

A big day around WSU


Believe it or not, this is the most important day of the year. Maybe not for you, maybe not for Washington State athletics, but for someone connected to this blog. If you're interested in whom and you want to get your daily fill of WSU links and notes, read on.

Wet and wild day for WSU


After four warm days on Rogers Field, this afternoon's practice – the last before the Cougars go to full pads – ended on an upbeat note. On what could have been a downbeat day for Washington State fans. Read on for more.

Abdullah brothers head to White House


Back in 2007, my first year of covering this beat, I did a story on Washington State safety Husain Abdullah. The senior was going through practice and games while fasting during daylight hours for Ramadan. You can read the piece I wrote here. … Last year, he and his brother Hamza – another former Cougar – made the national news while doing the same thing during the NFL season. Now the two will break their fast tonight at the White House. Pretty interesting evening for a couple of very good people.

Routine starting to settle in for WSU


Got a pretty extensive to-do list today. Work out. Call the cable company and get an explanation why my bill jumped $50 in one month. Wash the dishes. Pick up some more sunscreen. That should do it … no, there's something else this afternoon. What is it …? Right. Practice. Sorry, it already seems like we're in the middle of the season and such mundane aspects like practice start to slip my addled mind. For more along those lines, read on.

WSU off the field after third day


All of a sudden, Washington State's football players had broader shoulders. Yes, the Cougars added shoulder pads Tuesday under the incremental steps of padding the NCAA enforces. And, with more pads on, there were more popping noises heard on Rogers Field. Read on.

WSU ready for third day of preseason camp


Another beautiful August morning in the Palouse, with the sun shining and the temperature rising. And that's your Tuesday weather report. Now let's get to the news. Read on.

WSU gets through another day


Maybe it was just my imagination, but seemed quite a bit hotter Monday for Washington State's second 2011 practice than it was Sunday. But no matter. The second day was a mirror image of the first, with a few differences. If you want to know what they we were, read on.

WSU preseason camp: Day two


It was warm yesterday in Pullman, but it really couldn't be defined as hot. Not for an early August day in the Palouse. Basically I would have to say it was perfect training camp weather, just hot enough to get really loose but not so hot everyone could be cramping up. But then again, I'm not running around for 2-plus hours on turf, or hitting someone every 10 seconds, or doing up-downs. Just standing, watching. And today? It's supposed to be a bit warmer (hitting the mid-80s during the afternoon practice) without a cloud in the sky. Another perfect day. For more on what happened Sunday, read on.

WSU opens preseason practice


Washington State's first practice of 2011 is in the books. From the pre-practice walk-through to Paul Wulff's post-practice talk, the players sweated their way through a warm Palouse afternoon. We have notes, observations and comments from the day, so read on.

Yes, it’s time for WSU football to get going


Today's the day. The beginning of the 2011 college football season, Pullman style. Which means it's also time to get back into the routine of daily blog posts containing Washington State news and notes, along with links to other stories from around the Pac-12. Read on.

More on an incoming WSU freshman


Thanks to Twitter, there was some news last night on the eligibility of one freshman. Read on.

Some notes from Paul Wulff’s press conference


Paul Wulff met the media today and though he didn't impart any real ground-breaking news, he did cover quiet a bit of ground. We summarize what he had to say (most of it at least) on the link, so read on.

WSU’s preseason practice schedule


If you are interested in attending any of Washington State University's preseason football practices in Pullman, bring sun screen, a good hat and a diet coke. That last item is for me. Just kidding. Anyhow, if you are thinking of heading to Pullman any time soon, you might want to check out the practice schedule on the link.

Answering WSU questions this fine Sunday


In exactly one week, the Washington State University Cougars will officially begin the 2011 football season. Seven days. In commemoration of the final Sunday before college football begins in Pullman, we offer the answers to the seven questions we received this week, along with a few more than seven links and a few less than seven notes. Read on.

WSU will play Pepperdine in Seattle


We're not going to go full blog post here, because the news just isn't worth it. But Washington State did announce one of its basketball games today, the Seattle matchup on Dec. 22 in Key Arena. It will be Pepperdine, which is sort of sad in a way. If the matchup had happened, say, last season, it would have featured the two Thompson boys, Mychel for Pepperdine and Klay for WSU. But in December of this year? Both are gone. Anyhow, you can read more here. Coach Ken Bone said last week he expects the have the entire nonconference schedule finalized soon. … Also, you can read John Blanchette's take about the Pac-12's new network here. … Until later.

Looking back at Pac-12 media day


We have all our coverage of the Pac-12 media day, the best of the rest from around the conference, a couple of other Washington State links and another reason to fear Twitter. All that – and maybe more – on the link, so read on.

A really long Pac-12 media day post


We've written a couple of stories for tomorrow's S-R on the Pac-12 media day (and we'll link them as soon as we can), but there is so much more to go over, we had to put together this blog post. If you want to read the transcript of coach Paul Wulff and receiver Jared Karstetter's press conference, more from Wulff on injuries and academics, and other WSU notes, read on.

Oregon picked first, Cougs last

Defending Pac-12 champion Oregon is the choice to win the 2011 Pac-12 Conference football title in a preseason poll of media members who regularly cover the league.

Pac-12 ready to put on a show


It's not often there is indisputable proof that I am working, but we have some from last night's Pac-12 rules seminar at the Fox studios in Los Angeles. And we have also have some actual items you might be interested in, so read on.

We’re back with WSU news


So where were we? Oh yes, Washington State football and basketball. That's the ticket. After some time off, we're back, so if you want more information on WSU, read on.

Thompson pick puts an end to basketball season


I would think you could say the 2010-11 Washington State University basketball season is officially over now that Klay Thompson's NBA draft saga is complete. But wait, there are still some loose ends. Read on.

Thompson goes 11th to Golden State


Klay Thompson's decision to leave Washington State after three years turned out to be a good one as he was drafted No. 11 in Thursday's NBA draft by the Golden State Warriors. We'll have more about Thompson's selection, including our story, soon.

UPDATE: We have our story for tomorrow's SR. You can read it here. We'll have more in the morning.

WSU picks up a Kansas transfer


We put together a short story on Kansas transfer Royce Woolridge announcing he's headed to Washington State. Read on.

Winston leaving WSU


When reporters pointed out to Ken Bone on signing day the Cougars were committed to three players over the NCAA scholarship limit of 13, Bone pulled out an answer he's used before. By the start of the school year, he said (though I'm paraphrasing a bit), Washington State would be at or below the limit. With the announcement today freshman guard Dre Winston Jr., would not be back for his sophomore year, the Cougars are at 13. And there may be more to come. Read on.

A couple Thursday notes


Haven't been on the blog for a while, partly because there hasn't been huge news to report and partly because much of my time has been spent either covering college baseball – Gonzaga's three-game showdown for the West Coast Conference title last weekend – or prep golf or just catching up on personal stuff. But this afternoon we have some news to pass along, so we've put together a short post. Read on.

Gesser takes behind-the-scenes job at WSU


Before I head out to cover some college baseball this evening – showers permitting – I wanted to pass along this link. We have a story for tomorrow's S-R on the newest addition to Washington State's football coaching staff. As we told you a few days ago, former quarterback Jason Gesser is returning to Pullman in a non-field coaching position. He'll start with the Cougars on Aug. 1. That's it for now.

APR, Bland and Gesser news from WSU


A busy day for those of us at Cougar Central, what with trying to sift through the debris of the APR results for the local Division I colleges as well as deal with the latest Louis Bland news. Oh, and some rumor control. For more on all that, read on.

A Friday morning post from Pullman


It's been a couple days since we had anything substantial to pass along, but that's changed, so read on.

Some stories to pass along on a Tuesday


Nothing huge to pass along this morning, but enough second-level news that it's worth putting together a post, so read on.