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Sunday morning links

From Pullman — Lots of great story lines out of yesterday's action, with ASU narrowly avoiding an upset to keep command of the Pac-12 South. While Washington State didn't play because of their bye week, it was still a Saturday chock-full of west-coast college football, one in which just a single home team wonUtah coll. Check out our links from those games after the jump.

Saturday morning links

From Pullman — Many of my fondest memories of growing up in Olympia include the basketball gym at the Evergreen State College. My AAU team had practices and occasionally tournaments there and you could always find a pickup game on weekdays in the late afternoon. Geoducks games were always a lot of fun, and occasionally they'd get a real stud, someone who could be playing D-I ball like Quincy Wilder or Nate Menefee. For just a few bucks you could watch the game until you were bored, and then head into the back gym to play against other kids with the same idea. When water damage made the Capital High School gym unusable my senior season, we practiced and played at TESC until everything was fixed up.

None of that is relevant, except to provide context for just how bemused I was to find out that Utah, a Pac-12 school, played a regular season game against the Geoducks today. The result was pretty much what one one would expect against a team that battles community colleges for recruits. It's especially curious considering that the Utes played their exhibition game against St. Martin's University, an NCAA Division-II team and the local rival of TESC, which plays in the second division of the NAIA.

The men's basketball team at Washington State University had its home opener today, narrowly beating Cal State Bakersfield.

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Friday morning links

From Pullman — Men's college basketball returns to Washington State University tonight … The Cougars are expecting a lot from their well-traveled forward … Five goals the team must meet to be successful in 2013-14 … Meanwhile, the football team is back at it … The Cougars signed a speedy running back.

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Thursday morning links

From Pullman — Good morning. The Cougars return to practice today so look for a story in tomorrow's paper … In the meantime, divert yourself with our Pac-12 picks … Are WSU players thinking too much?

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Wednesday morning Pac-12 links

From Pullman — Well, another election day has come and gone. Congratulations/I'm sorry that your favorite candidate did so well/poorly. Speaking of tight races, the Pac-12 South is too close to call … Hopefully this poll is accurate … Alright, no more bad puns. Let's get to those links.

Tuesday morning Pac-12 links

From Pullman — The Cougars are still off and won't practice again until Thursday. In the meantime, we'll be having our live WSU chat tomorrow at 11 a.m., and here are some links.

Athletic director Bill Moos has some advice for antsy fans … The Cougars will have their earliest kickoff of the season at Arizona … CougCenter takes a look back at the loss to ASU.

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Monday morning links

From Pullman — Today will be another Monday without a WSU football press conference. Thanks to the bye week there won't be as much access as usual while the team takes some time off, but we'll still be having our weekly Wednesday WSU football chat. In the meantime, peruse our unit grades check out what's going on in the Pac-12.

But do not click the upcoming link. You're not going to like it. OK, I warned you.

Saturday morning links

From Pullman — Take a deep breath, make another pot of coffee. This is just the second out of three straight Saturdays you must endure without a Washington State University football game. I know, it's hard on me too. What to do with your Saturday? There are a few good games on this weekend (OK, just the Florida State-Miami game) or perhaps it's time to take a break. Instead of football, watch birds. Read a book rather than a box score. Or, if you're like me, there's nothing you'd rather do with your weekend than devour all the Pac-12 news you can find. But don't be too ravenous; you might get a tummy ache.

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Friday morning links

From Pullman — By the time the Cougars came out for warmups the Sun Devils had already scored three touchdowns. Ok, not really, but that's how it seemed as Arizona State shot out to an early lead and never looked back in a 55-21 thrashing of Washington State … It wasn't a good showing for WSU on national TV … The new money coming from the Pac-12's TV deal is great. The late starts? Not so muchNot everyone enjoyed WSU's Halloween promotion.

Follow the jump to find out what the Pac-12 teams that weren't playing a Thursday night game were up to.

Hallow’s Eve links

From Pullman — Happy Halloween and game day all rolled into one. Washington State's football team will take on Arizona State tonight …  But what can the Cougars do to ensure a victory? … Our predictions for that and the rest of the Pac-12 games this weekend can be found here … Tyler Lockman of Fox Sports Arizona asked me five questions about the game. So I gave him five answers … Deone Bucannon's WSU career is ending with a bang … The Sun Devils are out to prove they can win away from home.

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Wednesday Morning Links

From Pullman — The Cougars had their Thursday Night Football scrimmage on Tuesday, due to the accelerated schedule caused by Thursday's Halloween football game … Washington State will get a little help from the weather … There weren't any surprises in the Pac-12 last weekend, and our Power Rankings didn't change much.

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Tuesday Morning Links

From Pullman — Finally some semblance of order as the Pac-12 coaches teleconference will take place on Tuesday, today, just like always. We'll also have our weekly Wednesday WSU football chat tomorrow at 11 a.m., so keep an eye out for that. The Cougars are just two short days away from taking on Arizona State and, like Simba, they'll need to put the past behind them … Safety Deone Bucannon is a semifinalist for the Jim Thorpe award … Their opponent is impressed by the Cougars' character …The Sun Devils are led by an assistant coach who is no stranger to WSU.

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Monday Morning Links

From Pullman — The Cougars had their typical Monday press conference on Thursday of last week, so there won't be any new news or video from today … We've got a story in the S-R about how the Washington State basketball team is already feeling the impact of the NCAA's new rules … As well as a first look at the ASU-WSU football game … The Cougars may have been off last weekend but their flag wasn't … WSU will face a Top-25 opponent on Thursday, although just barely … The Sun Devils took a recruit from USC last weekend.

Links from around the conference will be your everlasting reward if you continue reading.

Sunday morning Pac-12 links

From Pullman — The Cougars took Saturday off from practice while the rest of the conference took the field. Continue reading for the fallout from another Saturday full of Pac-12 football.

Saturday morning Pac-12 links

From Pullman—Fans of the Washington State football team can enjoy a stress-free Saturday for the first time this season, as the Cougars rest up with a bye. But outside of Pullman the world maintains its busy schedule, an infinite story lines will play out in Pac-12 stadiums just a few short hours from now.

Friday Morning Links

No pressure for the Washington State football team this weekend, but the rest of the Pac-12 is gearing up for Saturday's games. Here are some links from around the conference.

Morning links, and a new recruit

From Pullman—Kind of a hectic day for Washington State football recruiting. While one committed player may no longer have the option of enrolling at WSU, the Cougars also received a commitment from a defensive lineman on Wednesday as reported by Scout.com. The player, Sacramento's Feaomoengalu Tapa,becomes the 15th known player to verbally indicate their intent to sign with WSU in February.

Elsewhere around the conference …

Pac-12 power rankings: Week 9

Chaos and disarray reign supreme in the “Conference of Champions.” Utah beats Stanford, Arizona beats Utah. Cats and birds living together in perfect harmony. Is nothing sacred? For those of us who bristle at the idea of change and want our porridge to taste exactly the same every morning there is always old reliable Oregon to take solace in. Actually, Cal is pretty reliable as well. Everything in between, however, is a lawless anarchy. Bring order to your universe with our power rankings for week 9.

Wednesday Morning Links

The Pac-12 conference is having a very good year … But who is best? More importantly, who is the second best? Third? … There's going to be fancy, new hotel soon in Pullman … WSU Athletics has a spotlight on kicker Andrew Furney … The effects of ASU's controversial win over Wisconsin are still being felt … A Sun Devil specialist received an honor for his work against Washington.

More from around the conference after the jump.

Tuesday morning links

From Pullman—Following a hectic week both in the Pac-12 and around the country, the Pac-12 has made a clear case for the arugment that it is the nation's deepest conference. However, according a Las Vegas insider says that its the toughest at the top as well.

The saga of Oregon assistant Nick Aliotti — who made disparaging remarks about WSU coach Mike Leach following UO's 62-38 victory — continues. Aliotti made a public apology, to which Leach responded. WSU athletic director Bill Moos had some remarks as well. In the end, Aliotti was fined by the conference despite the apology. Was Aliotti's greatest strength his downfall?

The Cougars won't practice until Thursday with a bye game this weekend … Norman Chad has a third installment of his Couch Slouch series … Has Vince Mayle become a real weapon for Leach's offense? 

Monday Morning Links

From Pullman—Well, the Cougars have finally made it to the bye week and with just four games left they need to make the most of it … The Oregon assistant  who blasted WSU coach Mike Leach yesterday has apologized for his remarks … While the team was in Eugene, the tower crane above the developing football operations building was removed. This reporter, for one, will miss it … Interestingly, teams that break passing records — as WSU did on Saturday — often lose — as WSU did on Saturday.

Also of note was the passing of legendary Washington coach Don James. The College Football Hall of Fame coach was fondly remembered by Jim Walden, who was often his rival.

Links from around the conference after the jump.

Postgame links


From The Heavens — David's shot missed its mark last night and Goliath, Oregon, pummeled the Cougs in a 62-38 victory. It was a dishonorable defeat for WSU, according to an Oregon assistant, who was apparently miffed at the insubordination the Cougars showed by not spending the fourth quarter having quarterback Connor Halliday kneel down to run out the clock while the rest of the team applauded the Ducks in awestruck wonder. The nerve.

Granted, WSU kept its pedal to the metal throughout the game, even though not much went right when they did. It was a sloppy game for both teams, and Oregon QB Marcus Mariota coughed up his first two turnovers of the year.

Pac-12 gameday links

From Eugene—Lots of good college  football today and what better way to prepare yourself than by reading the advances from all the Pac-12 beat writers? What's that? You have three TVs, a keg of ginger ale and those amazing chips that are scientifically engineered for optimal scoop capacity? Ok, that does sound better.

Here are some links, anyways.

Friday Morning Links

From San Francisco — It's that time again. The coffee is brewing, the birds are chirping and there's a new set of links for you to peruse. The kids are still asleep, and this solitary hour is for you to treasure. I won't keep you. 

Yesterday was Pac-12's Basketball media day. The conference is expected to be much improved, even if the Cougars aren't … The football team is traveling down to Eugene to face the juggernaut that is Oregon … The Ducks have found a way to introduce a new helmet that isn't obnoxious … Oregon's coach isn't overlooking WSU … Nobody panic, the Ducks have another budding superstar … A penchant for interceptions may not be WSU quarterback Connor Halliday's biggest problem.

How was that? Getting settled in? Immerse yourself, after the jump.

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott

From San Francisco— After the players and coaches were done, Pac-12 commissioner took the stageat the2013 Pac-12 basketballmedia day to address topics such as scheduling, DIRECTV and basketball players leaving school early. You can watch the video or read the transcript below.


Larry Scott Transcription

Cougars at media day

From San Francisco — Coach Ken Bone and guard DaVonte Lacy led off a busy Pac-12 Basketball Media day. Below is the video provided by the Pac-12 and continue reading for a transcription.

Thursday Morning Links

From San Francisco — The city by the bay has been taken over by Pac-12 basketball players, coaches and scribes. Back in Pullman, the football team is getting ready to face the No. 2 Ducks, and here is a nice summary of today's practice … Oregon is hoping the Cougars make plenty of mistakes in the passing game … But WSU is going to win, obviously … The NFL is starting to notice Oregon's stellar quarterback.

Continue reading for more links.

Pac-12 Power Rankings, week 8


From Pullman –After laying dormant the past few weeks, the Pac-12’s depth asserted itself this week. One of the conference’s made men was iced by an underling, and some middle tier teams emphasized their superiority over the bottom feeders. It’s pretty obvious who the king of the hill is, and who is destined to remain at the bottom of the heap. But there are a number of teams scrambling over each other to get to the top, and it’s anyone’s guess how they stack up. What is clear: The Pac-12 is an exceptionally deep conference.

Tuesday Morning Pac-12 Links

The Washington State football team has quite a challenge  this week, traveling to face Oregon in unfriendly Autzen Stadium. The Ducks lead the conference in both passing and rushing, and have a fearsome defense. That means the Cougars won’t have any time to sulk  over their disheartening loss to OSU on Saturday. But CougCenter gives us a look back  at that game. Here’s our first look at that game. 

In case you missed it, we tried out a new feature  on the blog yesterday … And Ken Goe had a controversial column  about Cougar coach Mike Leach … De’Anthony Thomas may not have practiced  on Monday, but still hopes to play against WSU … Marcus Mariota is getting a lot of well-deserved praise, and handling it well  … Greg Bishop of the New York Times has a good read  on the Ducks.

Continue reading for more links from around the conference.

Sunday night WSU practice

Washington State postponed its Sunday night football practice until 9 p.m., but didn't officially get started until 10 p.m. That was when the coaches and a number of starting players arrived at Martin Stadium. Most of the team arrived at 9 p.m. and participated in drills that were overseen by graduate assistants. Once everyone was accounted for the practice lasted around 40 minutes.

Unofficially, the players that arrived at 10 were:

Offense: Quarterback Connor Halliday, receiver Gabe Marks, running back Marcus Mason, center Elliott Bosch, offensive tackle John Fullington, offensive lineman Joe Dahl, offensive tackle Gunnar Eklund and receiver Kristoff Williams.

Defense: Linebacker Darryl Monroe, linebacker Justin Sagote, safety Deone Bucannon, cornerback Damante Horton, defensive linemen Xavier Cooper, Toni Pole and Ioane Gauta.

Practicing at cornerback was Nolan Washington, who warmed up with the wide receivers before Saturday's game.

After practice we had our first chance to speak with defensive coordinator Mike Breske since the OSU game. More on that after the jump.