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Welcome to Opposite-land…

Here’s a basic fact about myself : I love free papers. And The Inlander has definitely got to be one of my favorites. While flipping through the March 5 - 11 issue(Vol. 16, No. 20), I came across a dynamite collabo’ piece by Daniel Walters, Derek Casanovas, Joel Smith, Jordy Byrd, and Nicholas Deshais.

Titled, When Down is Up, this article investigates 10 jobs that arn’t feeling the economic problems, each one saved by one simple fact: The rest of us are feeling it. Here’s the list:

Repo Man - The first line is brilliant: “An ‘07 Porsche Cayman sits in [repo man’s] garage. Oh, it isn’t his. He swiped it - legally.”  Ahhh…such irony, such truth. Daniel Walters reports that auto repossessions “jumped 12 percent” between the years of 2007 and 2008.

Box Officer - What’s really bringing the public to the Garland Theatre?: Is it their great prices or the bottomless popcorn? Only charging $3.50 a ticket, the Garland is seeing a huge jump in ticket-sales. “It’s not rocket science,” said Martin Kaplan, an entertainment-scholar at the U. of South Carolina. “People want to forget their troubles, and they want to be with other people.”

Beautifier - Botox: “It’s the ultimate pick-me-up with instant gratification,” says Kelly Richardson, Reflctions Med Spas’ exec. director. That’s all we need to hear.

Gamer - Just like the movies, video games are becoming the talk of the town. ”People are just trying to brighten up their lives and find something that’s going to give them some enjoyment.” And enjoyment there is; video games can be bought for cheap, resold for cash, and played for hours. One word: Ka-ching.

Check out the full at: The Inlander, online.

(Read on, more are listed below.)  But so far, what jobs do YOU think are doing the best? How do you think YOUR dream-future profession is going to fare through the times?