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Private City Park Board Meeting/executive session

Good afternoon Netizens…

Several sharp-eyed Netizens, including Ron_the_Cop, have made note of the City Park Board Executive Session meeting that was held at 7:00 AM this morning at the Maintenance Shed at Manito Park during which the MOBIUS Group contract language and lease were discussed. According to Nancy Goodspeed, the Marketing and Communications Manager for the Park & Recreation Department, no other issues regarding Park Board Business were discussed.

According to Goodspeed this meeting was not open to the public.

After talking with Dick Adams and Jock Swamstrom earlier this morning, and after several e-mail messages, I am told this lease is in support of the Pacific Science Center which was soundly rejected by the voters the last time around. Just a few million dollars more than before is all. Bigger plans, More clandestine than before and no clear means of paying present or proposed debts.

All the same, rumors abound about land on the north side of the river being leased, and vast expansive plans are being hatched. There is a great deal about this of which we are unaware, but given the players, the potential cost to the taxpayers and the secretive manner in which the MOBIUS Group Lease is being drafted, something is rotten in this deal.

Is the City of Spokane, doing the city’s business in public only when they want?