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1st Story For Panhandle Sun Is In

DFO: Taryn Hecker Thompson told HBO via Facebook that the 1st edition of the weekly will be out March 28.

Well, my first story is in. I wrote about the current and past forestry practices in the Park and the reasons for doing what they are doing. It's going to be a fun ride. I missed writing for publication, since the Spokesman-Review pulled the Handle Extra out of Idaho. That happened over a year ago and with the retiring of the Rathdrum Star, There hasn't been much chance of local news and features making the paper. The date of the first issue isn't set qite yet but it will be in the next few weeks. The paper will be available in racks in loctions we will alert you to as soon as they are extabished. Advertisers can contact Mary Jane Honegger at: editor@panhandlesun.com or at 687-4030/Herb Huseland, Bay Views. More here.

New Paper To Serve North Kootenai?

Herb Huseland of Bay Views writes: "I was surprised to get a call from Taryn Hecker Thompson today. She said that prior Spokesman-Review correspondent, May Jane Honegger is the editor of a brand new Newspaper named Panhandle Sun. Taryn will be writing for the spirit Lake/Athol Twin Lakes area, and yours truly my old beat, Bayview and Farragut State Park. Look for the first edition soon. It turns out Mary Jane has been looking for me for the last couple of weeks not knowing I was listed in the phone directory. It will be fun to write for a publication again. The Rathdrum Star closed down a while back leaving local businesses without advertising coverage. Some of those businesses stepped up, hired Mary Jane and the rest is the future. We will specialize in features and stories about local people. The paper will be distributed in Bayview, Rathdrum, Athol and Spirit Lake." More here.

Question: I think this is a great thing. How about you?