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UPDATED: Wed., March 1, 2017, 7:06 p.m.

Doug Clark: Chilling movie was no place for children

I saw something frightening inside Spokane’s River Park Square cinemas last weekend. Chilled me to the bone, in fact.

64-year-old Spanish woman gives birth to healthy twins

A doctor in northern Spain says a 64-year-old woman has given birth to healthy twins following her second successful pregnancy at an advanced age.

UPDATED: Tue., Feb. 7, 2017, 9:58 p.m.

Study: Idaho’s child welfare system overwhelmed, overworked

State auditors say Idaho’s child welfare system is overwhelmed, with too few foster parents, too heavy caseloads for social workers and not enough infrastructure to hold it all together.

Front Porch: Snowpocalypse perfect weather for soup, stew

The one good thing about Snowmageddon is that it’s perfect soup and stew weather.

House Call: Variety of treatments can help teens deal with anxiety

The teenage years are exciting both for teens and their parents as teens are dealing with changing bodies, surging hormones, testing boundaries, and trying new experiences. Part of the job …

Whatever Girls invites parents to take a journey with their daughters

Because of her own bad experiences in middle school, Erin Bishop launched Whatever Girls – a faith-based group for moms and daughters. The name comes from a Bible verse, Philippians …

Raising a vegan baby: Parents say abuse cases give a bad rap

PHILADELPHIA – There’s a right way and a wrong way to raise a baby on vegan food. Those who get it wrong, parents say, give the responsible ones a bad …

How much digital media is OK for kids? Seattle experts help issue new guidelines

New guidelines released Friday by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and co-authored by two Seattle experts, suggest that media use is nearly inevitable, but it’s up to parents to closely …

House Call: Enough sleep crucial for busy teenagers

School has started and you may have noticed some changes in your teenager. He or she may be finding it difficult to concentrate and get up in the morning, be …

I told my daughter she can’t dress up as a Native American for Halloween. Here’s why.

My 8-year-old daughter is obsessed with American Girl dolls. She knows every doll’s name, pet’s name and horse’s name. And she’s particularly obsessed with a doll named Kaya, which is …

Front Porch: Being a girl no insult

If there’s one remark guaranteed to rain down the wrath of Mom upon my sons, it’s when one of them says to the other, “Don’t be such a girl!”

Dear Annie: Couple juggling successful careers, parenting

Dear Annie: My wife and I have been married for 10 years and have two children, ages 5 and 3. My wife is professionally ambitious and has built an impressive …

Front Porch: Annual trip gives mother, son chance to bond over love of stage

I just came back from a delightful trip with our youngest son to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. We saw five plays, had terrific walks and talks, bought a …

Congrats, Procter & Gamble, you’ve alienated half your customer base

Kids benefit from dad’s involvement off the court too. Children – boys and girls alike – whose father supports them in sports get better grades in school and have more …

Mick Jagger to be a dad again – it’s baby No. 8 – at 72 years old

Mick Jagger and girlfriend Melanie Hamrick are expecting a baby – her first, his eighth.

Front Porch: Parenthood keeps make-believe alive

For me, the best part about being a parent has been the ongoing permission to indulge in my love of make-believe, Cindy Hval writes.

Carolyn Hax: Daughter, 6, noticing others’ wealth

Dear Carolyn: My daughter, 6, has just begun noticing that many of her friends have much nicer homes than we do. For a variety of reasons, my husband and I …

Bring home successful parenting

Spokane Regional Health District is expanding its Nurse Family Partnership program, which uses evidence-based approaches to improve maternal and early childhood health.

Carolyn Hax: Stand up for kids; tell girlfriend to move out

Dear Carolyn: I am a working professional with twin 9-year-old boys and my girlfriend recently moved in. I have them only a couple of days each week and like to …

Living with Children: ‘Puzzled Grandma’ has right to be

“Puzzled Grandma in the South” recently wrote to “Dear Abby” asking “Why is there so much angst today over raising children, especially in young mothers?” Grandma has observed that moms …

Rocking fatherhood: A dude’s how-to guide on staying cool

Before parenthood, Chris Kornelis rocked it as a music writer for Seattle Weekly. Two kids later, he’s still making a living as a writer, a freelancer, and recently added a …

Front Porch: Gather ye Chuck E. Cheese tokens while ye may

With four sons, I’ve lost count of the number of Chuck E. Cheese, Wonderland, Laser Quest and bowling birthday parties we’ve hosted. For years I insisted on home birthday bashes, …

Emma and Noah still tops for baby names

For the second year in a row, Emma and Noah top the annual list of top baby names in the U.S., according to the Social Security Administration. That’s the third …

Hilliary Holyoak: Dear Other Moms, I’m That Mom

I’m the mom who holds her little boy at night, listening to him explain things she doesn’t even come close to understanding, nervously thinking about the long road.

Singer Kelly Clarkson gives birth to a boy

Pop singer Kelly Clarkson has announced the birth of her second child, a boy named Remington Alexander Blackstock.

100 years ago in Spokane: Man praised, jailed for his homemade whiskey

From our archives, 100 years ago A court hearing on a bootlegging charge turned into a whisky-tasting session.

Carolyn Hax: With kids, it gets better

The little years are cute, yes, and they’re a slideshow of tiny miracles as you re-see the world through their eyes. And some parents are geniuses at handling these stages. …

Adolescents should be screened for depression too, says federal panel

Amid evidence that fewer than half of depressed adolescents get treatment for their emotional distress, a federal task force has recommended that physicians routinely screen children between 12 and 18 …

Froma Harrop: Helicopter parents should be grounded

Helicopter parents are famous for micromanaging their children’s affairs. There are two kinds. One kind indulges children to the point of near imbecility. No demands are ever placed, no chores …

Midstokke: Precocious child forgets about Disneyland, learns to love outdoors

I am unsure whether my child got really lucky with me as a mother or she’s paying off some bad karma from a previous life. Better parents probably take their …