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Solon Didn’t Disclose Son’s Tickets

Idaho’s House transportation chairman, who successfully pushed a bill through the House last week to shut off parking meters around the state Capitol during legislative sessions, didn’t disclose that his 24-year-old son has gotten numerous parking tickets in the area and had his car towed on the first day of this year’s legislative session. Instead, Rep. Joe Palmer, R-Meridian, told the House, “The reason I’m bringing this bill is because I had a constituent come to me.” After city records obtained under the Idaho Public Records Law revealed the towing and numerous tickets incurred during or just before the legislative session by Ty Palmer, three of which remain unpaid, Palmer was asked by a reporter if the constituent in question was his son. He had a one-word answer: “No”/Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: Should Rep. Joe Palmer have disclosed information about his son's parking tickets when he introduced his bill? And/or: Have you received more than one parking ticket?

Parking tickets issued for snow emergency violations

The City of Spokane issued about 20 parking tickets to the owners of vehicles who didn't obey the city's snow emergency rules late last week.

The city declared a stage 2 snow emergency Thursday, which set into motion a plowing of residential streets and an order for vehicles to be parked only on the side of the street with odd-numbered addresses. The city earlier in the storm banned parking along most arterials.

Street Director Mark Serbousek said the city issued tickets along some narrow residential streets where parking along both sides made it extremely difficult for plows to clear snow. But, he added, the rule was violated throughout the city.

"Compliance was terrible out there," he said.

Tickets were issued by city's parking enforcement officers who normally enforce meters.

The city's snow emergency plans were drafted in 2009. This is the first winter in which officials have issued tickets to violators. Next year, the city has said it may begin towing cars in neighborhoods outside of Browne's Addition, where the city has long towed cars that haven't been moved to make way for plows.

Speaking of Browne's Addition, cars parked along north-south streets in that neighborhood on Tuesday will be towed as city crews complete their full-city plow. Cars parked along east-west streets will be towed on Wednesday.

Spokane won’t consider raising parking ticket fines for six months

A plan to raise parking ticket fines at parking meters from $15 to $25 or $20 if paid within six days won't be decided until a new City Council is sworn into office.

Spokane City Council President Joe Shogan has pushed to raise the fee, arguing that Spokane's fines are low compared to many other cities of similar size. But the council has resisted and has said raising the fine is premature. Tonight, during the last meeting of the year, the council voted to push the decision on a fine increase to next summer.


The council voted for a delay after Councilman Jon Snyder said city employees believe that the costs associated with maintaining the city's parking system is more than revenue brought in from fines. However, he said, the city is making changes next year to save money. He argued that the council shouldn't vote on the plan until it's clear if current fines will cover costs.

Police chief’s wife ticketed at his order

LODI, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey police chief says no one is above the law — not even his wife.

Lodi Police Chief Vincent Caruso ordered an officer to ticket his wife after she double parked while dropping off their 5-year-old son at school.

Caruso told The Record newspaper he didn't want her to get any special treatment because of who she is.

The chief paid the $54 ticket.

It's not the first time for Paula Caruso. The chief ordered another officer to ticket her two years ago after she forgot to move their vehicle for street cleaning.

The chief told the newspaper he loves his wife and she's very busy driving their four sons around.

His wife couldn't be reached for comment Thursday. The Carusos' phone number is unlisted.