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Who’s on first

One problem with trying to use "I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it" from "Magic Bus" as a password is that it's 28 characters and that tends to be too long.

Your change-password warning

If a computer is one of your workplace tools, you no doubt are familiar with the change-your-password message.

Sure. Here at the newspaper, the system used to give us a heads-up more than a week in advance of the required change.

But now, there's no warning. You come in one morning and the message on the screen declares that you need to change your password. Now. Do not pass "GO." Do not collect $200.

This is not one of life's major injustices. Still, I liked to give the new password a little thought. Now I pretty much have to come up with something on the spot.

The obvious solution is to have a ready reserve of passwords. I realize that.

But let me ask you.

Do you typically have a new password waiting in the on-deck circle for when your system says you need to replace your old one?

Or do you prefer to come up with something on the spur of the moment?

Do your passwords include the letters…

…P, O and E?


Or perhaps, if you are a "Dr.Strangelove" fan, you just use that as your code group prefix. 

Facebook: Say No To Snoopy Bosses

Has an employer or potential employer ever requested access to your Facebook account? If so, Facebook itself advises you to just say no. Responding to growing complaints from employees over the practice, Facebook made its own position quite clear in a post published today. Noting an increase in the number of such requests from employers, the social network said they undermine both the security and the privacy of the user and the user's friends. And the practice can put employers themselves at risk. Companies making such requests may not have the right policies or training in place to deal with private information, according to Facebook/CNET News. More here.

Question: Have you ever been asked by your boss or an authority figure to provide your password?

Employers Want Your FB Passwords

Studies have shown that Facebook can be a useful hiring tool. Just a 5- to 10-minute perusal of a user’s profile can net more information than a basic personality test. It’s no wonder employers head to the site to check out prospective hires. But one problem remains: Many users are now going private, cutting off their profiles from outside viewers. As a result, a new trend has emerged. Employers are reportedly now asking job applicants for Facebook passwords. Is this a good idea? Can you legally ask a job applicant for a Facebook password? Even though law professor Orin Kerr considers the practice to be “an egregious privacy violation,” it appears to be legal/Stephanie Rabiner, Reuters. More here. (AP file photo: A Kennewick teen reads her Facebook wall in the local library earlier this month)

Question: Would you provide your Facebook password to a prospective employer, if asked to do so?