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Patriots To Man NIdaho Overpasses

Dunno if this is a joke or not. But an item was posted on the Kootenai County Reagan Republican Facebook wall promoting an event called “Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment — North Idaho.” Seems the “event” is part of a larger effort to (wo)man overpasses demanding the impeachment of President Barack Obama. The effort in North Idaho is calling for overpasses from Post Falls to Wallace to be (wo)manned Aug. 6. The group  has a Facebook wall. This note accompanied the Reagan Republican post: “We would like to get as many patriots together as possible for this event. The more people, the more overpasses we can cover. Imagine the impact if every overpass from Post Falls to Wallace was manned on August 6th!”


The Citadel: Will They Come?

They call it III Citadel, and they say they’ve already lined up “hundreds” of extreme-right gun lovers to join them in the walled city they’re planning for a lonely tract in northern Idaho. The end game, they say, is an ideologically pure settlement of 7,000 “Patriots” built around a huge arms factory. But there’s no sign that the latest fantastic plans from antigovernment extremists will ever come to much. Dave Resser, the sheriff of sparsely populated Benewah County, calls the whole thing a “scam.” They say they’re not racists and welcome any and all comers, so long as they promise to follow the rules and they’re devoted and well-armed defenders of the Constitution — “liberals, Marxists and blue voters” need not apply. But in practically the same breath, the man who with others recently purchased the land enthusiastically described how Latinos and Muslims will be “purged” and “culled” by “fed-up Americans” in the not-so distant future/Bill Morlin, Southern Poverty Law Center. More here.

Question: Do you worry re: another Aryan Nations compound relocating to North Idaho?

Tea Party, Patriots To Discuss Militia

Classified ad in this week's Nickel's Worth: “Tea Party and Patriot meeting, Monday, March 5th, 6:30 p.m., Blanchard Community Center. Discussion will include Republican caucus, candidate forum, caribou update, Idaho Lightfoot Militia and Obamacare.”

Question: Can anyone interpret this? Has North Idaho Tea Party and Patriot types thrown in with Idaho Lightfoot Militia? Or do they want to discussion combining forces? Or what?

Trillhaase: No Patriot Would Invert Flag

An inverted flag is a sign of imminent distress. Sailors fly the American flag upside down when their ships are about to sink. What does it mean when someone runs Old Glory with the stars below the stripes outside his home? Is his house about to explode? Is he suffering some serious malady? Does he need to be rescued from danger? No, says Greg Murray of Canyon County. Since Barack Obama’s election, he - and scattered others across the country - have taken to flying the flag upside down as a form of protest. “The path we’re going down is a sinking ship,” Murray told The Associated Press. “What’s happened to American values, they’ve been corrupted by this socialistic trend. Everything right now is upside down.” The United States has its tribulations. A sinking ship/Marty Trillhaase, Lewiston Tribune.

Question: Do you view the USA as a “sinking ship”? And/or: Would you consider flying a US flag upside down because you disagreed with the path it’s going down?