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Paul Turner: Time to burnish those Washington State bona fides

Today is the anniversary of Washington’s 1889 statehood.

Paul Turner: Spokane family rivalries

There’s a little problem with the picture of Spokane as one big, happy family.

The Slice returns: Some blowhards are good people

Seven months after Paul Turner’s The Slice column disappeared from the pages of the Today section, it’s back. Look for column monthly in Sunday Today.

Paul Turner: The pie that divides us

Spokane is torn in two, but it is not politics that divides us.

Paul Turner: Natural selection and the Spokane squirrel

There’s a problem with squirrels. They are fast, unpredictable and lack any real understanding of the threat to them posed by vehicular traffic.

Paul Turner: This Halloween heed the advice of third-graders and forget the toothbrushes and dole out lots of candy

Third-graders offer suggestions to adults regarding Halloween.

Paul Turner: Parking provides a trophy hunt in Spokane

The key to life in Spokane is convenient parking.

Paul Turner: Goodbye, and thanks – it’s been a great ride.

Paul Turner looks back on a long career with The Spokesman-Review, and says farewell.

Paul Turner: One last dance with Spokane Man

My access to the S-R’s digital archives is about to get complicated.

Paul Turner: Leave paddling in the dustbin of history

My wife was at home and happened to be looking out a window one recent afternoon. She observed a minor traffic collision. The fault in the matter was quite clear. …

Paul Turner: Are you suffering from Octoberitis?

So we have arrived at the eve of October.

Paul Turner: The rush to fireplace season

There are two kinds of people in the Inland Northwest.

For the restroom-wary among us, RVs can offer respite

Those who have road-tripped across the Inland Northwest know that public restrooms can make us wishful for an RV.

Paul Turner: 30 years of marriage is great, eh!

My wife and I celebrate our 30th anniversary today.

Paul Turner: Big talk before this Saturday’s EWU football game

I suppose there are people who care about Big Sky Conference football. In fact, I’m almost sure of it. Seems as if I’ve met some of them. It’s just that …

Paul Turner: Pig Out’s greatest hits

In the time-honored tradition of summer reruns, here’s a greatest hits package of column items and excerpts dealing with Pig Out in the Park.

Paul Turner: The end of summer is a state of mind

This holiday weekend is, of course, the traditional milestone. Still, I suspect some of us have our own perspectives.

Paul Turner: First day of school, take two

The first day of school inevitably prompts some of us to wistfully contemplate do-overs.

Paul Turner: Spokane resents public sector wages - especially when they’re higher

There are a number of things that make people in Spokane angry. But I can tell you what’s near the top of the list: Public employees making high salaries.

UPDATED: Tue., Aug. 28, 2018, 12:05 a.m.

Paul Turner: Troubling tales for incoming seventh-graders turned out to be rather tall

Once upon a time, kids about to start their first year at middle school or junior high approached this transition with trepidation.

Paul Turner: At a retirement party, looking back, looking forward

Maybe you would agree that retirement parties are unique. Part celebration of a happy transition to another chapter of a person’s life and part melancholy farewell, they are a mixed …

Smoky skies and the Great Indoors

There have been some good things about August’s on again/off again smoke-filled air. I mean, if you really think about it.

UPDATED: Tue., Aug. 21, 2018, 7:32 p.m.

Spokane doesn’t take it easy when it comes to the Eagles

Feelings about the Eagles divide Spokane more sharply than politics or opinions about bicyclists.

Paul Turner: Don’t fret, a righteous wind’s gonna blow our troubles away

Eventually the Inland Northwest’s air will clear and the siege of smoke will be over. Really and truly over. Until the next time.

Paul Turner: Who made you the arbiter of shorts?

It seems a significant number of Lilac City residents long to be the person who gets to decide who is allowed to wear shorts. Or so I have come to …

Paul Turner: Some things don’t change

Markets disappear, prices fluctuate and the politics of farm policy can make a farmer scratch his head. But Roy Dube’s quiet pride in being a farmer has not changed. And …

Paul Turner: What if, Spokane?

I’m sure you noticed the entertaining series of stories The Spokesman-Review sports section presented this summer in which several “What if?” scenarios were explored.

Paul Turner: The deeper meaning of ‘Blue Skies’

A reader in Cheney sent an email Tuesday blaming me for a song getting stuck in his head.

Paul Turner: What tales apartment walls may tell

It has been suggested to me a time or two over the years that this newspaper seldom acknowledges the existence of apartment dwellers.

Paul Turner: Ode to the oral traditions of family gatherings

Let’s turn our attention instead to the unsung heroes of these clan gatherings: Men and women who know how to tell family stories.