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Woman Admits Shooting Cow w/Pellets

A woman in the southern part of Spokane County is facing possible criminal charges after she tells KREM 2 News she shot her neighbor’s cow at least 8 times with a pellet gun. The woman says she was tired of it coming onto her property. KREM 2 talked with the woman as well as the man who owns the cow/KREM. (Video here)

Question: Who’s wrong here — the woman who shot the cow with a pellet gun? Or the owner who allowed his cow to wander onto her property numerous times?

Cableman Faces Hostile Homeowner

A not-so-funny thing happened to Time Warner cable guy Travis Greer Thursday morning when he tried to shut off service to a house at 2025 N. 14th Street. He knocked on the door and rang the door bell. When no one answered, he proceeded through a fence to the back of the yard. Where he’d just disconnected the cable when he was confronted by a man. Who leveled a handgun at Travis and asked him why he hadn’t used the doorbell. The householder directed Travis to leave without making a threat, holding the gun on him at all times. Later, a CPD Blue learned the weapon was a pellet gun. The householder explained that he’d seen the shadow of a man go past his window. He grabbed his gun because he has been having trouble with his brother. And he thought the man could be his brother or someone sent by him. The officer didn’t make an arrest but he did file a report to be sent to the prosecutor’s office for charges.