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2015 Ford Mustang caught on camera

When a flasher wraps himself in an ill-fitting leather overcoat most people aren’t curious to know what he plans on revealing.  The same can’t be said for the 2015 Ford Mustang.  Spy video shot this month shows the hotly anticipated muscle car being tested on public streets.  Although there isn’t much that can be discerned about the exterior styling, the audible sound of the engine speaks volumes about the mold-breaking changes Ford has in store for its epic performance machine.

The Corvette Stingray is back

Corvette is America’s sports car and for the money is supposed to be the best on the planet.  The last time Chevrolet adorned a Vette with the epic Stingray moniker was in 1976; a year Greg Brady could have embarrassed it with the family station wagon.  Chevrolet made a bold statement this month with the reveal of a completely redesigned machine they believe is once again worthy of the Stingray name.  Well, there are two carryover parts:  A roof panel latch and a cabin air filter. 

Dead Wolf Photos Stir Passions

Photos of dead and maimed wolves have pervaded the Internet in recent weeks, raising tensions in the Northern Rocky Mountains over renewed hunting and trapping of the once federally protected animals. Escalating rancor between hunters and animal rights activists on social media and websites centers on pictures of wolves killed or about to be killed. Many have text celebrating the fact that Western states are allowing more killing of the predators. Commenting on a Facebook-posted image of two wolves strangled to death by cable snares, an individual who identified himself as Shane Miller wrote last month, “Very nice!! Don't stop now, you're just getting started!”/Laura Zuckerman, Reuters. More here.

Question: Is Idaho doing a good/bad job in regulating the number of wolves in the state?

Crunch those leaves

Becky's story today reminds readers of what has endured in the Inland Northwest over the last several decades: marching bands as football teams rally for a field goal; men setting out in early morning to hunt for the prized deer and quiet lakes serving as oases for visitors' deep thoughts.  Our traditions carry us through time as the economy challenges, children grow and leave, the e-world simultaneously connects and separates us from each other.

 Autumn is a good time to pause and grab a snapshot for the future; those changing leaves with blinding colors call us to slow down and savor what is good, a happiness boost for sure.

 What do you love best about the fall season?

(Photo from King Collection, Spokesman-Review archives)

Party photos help ID shooting suspects

Three suspects have been arrested in connection with a shooting at a house party after Spokane County sheriff’s detectives used photos from a digital camera to identify witnesses.

 The alleged shooter, 16-year-old Tarique R. Jeske, was hiding in the trunk of a car when his sister, Meghan L. Jeske, 22, (pictured) and Francisco D. Mora, 23, attempted to flee detectives in the 15000 block of South Molter Road on Tuesday, according to a news release by sheriff’s Sgt. Dave Reagan.

Detectives believe Tarique Jeske shot a 23-year-old man during a drunken dispute between the victim and Meghan Jeske at a party at 16016 S. Molter Road in Rockford early Sunday.

Read the rest of my story here.

Taryn’s Back w/Blog, Photos

Taryn Hecker and her wonderful photography are part of Huckleberries Online again. Here, you see her up close & personal shot of a sunflower, titled: “Fall at the Thompson ranch.” You can see her blog here.