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Pizza for breakfast: Yes or no?

After asking what readers have for breakfast that many might find strange as start-the-day food, I got emails from a couple of local people who said they sometimes have leftover pizza.

I assumed everyone had done that. But maybe I am wrong.

So I wonder just how common that is.


2 charged in four-pizza armed robbery

Two suspects have been identified in a knife-point robbery that netted four pizzas and nothing else.

Manuel Torres, 21, has been charged with first-degree robbery and conspiracy to commit first-degree robbery for the Jan. 29 heist in the area of 1800 W. Gardner Ave.

A 16-year-old girl is charged as a juvenile.

The two are accused of stealing four pizzas from a Domino's Pizza delivery driver after the girl ordered five pizzas. Spokane police believe Torres threatened the man with a knife and grabbed the top pizza bag containing four pizzas.

The girl had placed the order from her mother's cellphone. Her mother identified her to police as having her phone that night. The victim and other witnesses identified the girl and Torres from photo montages.

Pizza for Grant Huskies

South Perry Pizza is having a fundraising evening for Grant Elementary School tonight, donating 10 percent of today's sale to the school. Be there or be square.

Medical pot bill passes w/o pizza clause

OLYMPIA – Rules for growing, processing and selling medical marijuana passed the Washington state House of Representatives after heated debate Monday on whether the proposed law has enough safeguards to prevent sales to children.

Read the rest of Jim Camden's story here.

The bill passed the House without an amendment proposed as a joke by Rep. Glenn Anderson, R-Fall City (pictured).

 The amendment would require the state to reimburse medical marijuana patients for the cost of pizza they ate while high on legal pot.

The Department of Health would reimburse the patient "no later than five business days after the patient submits a receipt for the pizza," according to the amendment, which Anderson withdrew on Monday.

The department would not reimburse for delivery charges, tips or more than three toppings.

"For purposes of this section, "pizza" means a pie with a bread crust topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and various toppings," according to the amendment. ""Pizza" includes Chicago style deep dish, New York style thin crust, and stuffed crust."

Some advocates criticized the amendment has insensitive to medical cannabis patients; others found it humorous.

Pizza delivery man robbed at knifepoint

The smell of hot pizza helped police arrest a robbery suspect Monday.

Marco Antonio Rocha, 23, is accused with Courtney R. Araiza, 21, and Augustin Tello, 17, of robbing a Domino's pizza delivery driver at knifepoint after arranging a delivery in northeast Spokane.
The driver called the customer after knocking on a door in the 700 block of East Nebraska Avenue and getting no answer. A woman assured him someone would be out shortly, but three people approached and ordered him to the ground, police said today.
The victim ran, but one of the robbers struck him in the face, and another pulled out a "knife-like object" and demanded his wallet and money bag, police said.
They also stole pizza.
Two robbers drove away in the victim's car but abandoned it after attacking a man who'd yelled at them to slow down.
Police responded at 12:22 a.m. and learned the caller who ordered the pizza lived just a couple houses away from the address given to the driver. Officers approached the home and smelled hot - literally and figuratively - pizza inside.
They located Rocha in a bedroom at 808 E. Nebraska with time-stamped pizza boxes labeled with the 700 block address. They also found the victim's cell phone and money in the room, as well as a pizza bag and money bag in garbage cans behind the home.
Araiza was arrested after admitting to police he'd planned the robbery with Rocha and Tello and acted as a "look out," according to court documents.
Tello was arrested after he arrived at Holy Family Hospital with a cut on his head. Staff called police, and the boy admitted to being involved in the robbery and said someone hit his head as he was fleeing. He was booked into the Spokane County Juvenile Detention Center but faces a first-degree robbery charge in Superior Court.
Rocha remains in jail on $40,000 bond after appearing in Superior Court Monday on a first-degree robbery charge.

Eat pizza, support Grant Elementary School

It's Grant support day at South Perry Pizza: 10 percent of all sales today will be donated to Grant Elementary School, so bring the big appetite. Stop in and support your local elementary school - and while you are at it, bring some boots and socks to donate to the South Perry Sock Drive. It's going to snow again.

Pizza for the PTO

South Perry Pizza is having a fundraiser for Grant Elementary’s PTG on Tuesday Nov. 23. They have one every quarter, and on Tuesday 10 percent of the day’s gross sales will be donated to the PTG. There will also be a “jar” available for additional donations. 

Pizza Porn: Smoke Salmon/Artichoke

On his Facebook page, OrangeTV published this late this morning. Which was OK. Because my wife brought me a Subway sandwich with all the fixings. A saw it for the first time a few minutes ago. I don’t think I’m crazy about smoked salmon on pizza (by Pepe Caldo Pizzaria). But the whole idea of pizza made my stomach rumble. Darn you again, OTV.

Question: What’s your favorite pizza topping?

Brent: Pizza Delivery Beats Recession

Brent Andrews: My pizza delivery gig for this Great Recession pays about $15 an hour with tips - sometimes up to $30/hr. - not bad work, either, ‘specially if you don’t mind mopping the store and doing a few dishes. You probably don’t mind that. U might check around. For me pizza delivery has been a recession-buster. I went into it on Dave Ramsey’s radio advice - he’s always telling people to deliver pizzas, on his show - and so far it has been a God-send.

Question: Have you ever delivered pizza for a living? Any good stories to tell us about?