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Pocatello OKs Anti-Bias Law 4-2

Even the applause seemed tired as a weary Pocatello City Council voted 4-2 to pass an ordinance to protect members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community from discrimination when it comes to housing, employment and public accommodations. Voting for the ordinance that contains only three modifications compared to one that failed in April were Roger Bray, Gary Moore, Steve Brown and Eva Nye. Those opposed were councilmen Craig Cooper and Jim Johnston. Language added to the ordinance that would have called for gender identification based on state driver's licenses or official IDs in restrooms and locker rooms and an exemption for all employers with five or fewer employes were pulled before the bill passed. An addition to the April ordinance language was made early Friday morning as the Thursday council meeting went past midnight/Idaho State Journal. More here.

Tony Stewart (who sent this link to Huckleberries Online): The City of Pocatello last evening adopted the anti-discrimination ordinance on the basis of the LGBT community. If you click on the http address below, you will get the details of the debate and vote. Also please note below that with the six cities involved, the ordinance now covers 347,250 city residents or 21.76 per cent of the state’s population.

Question: Do you think the Legislature will “Add the Words” in the 2014 session?

‘Armpit’ Comment Riles Highlanders

On his VarsityCDA blog, Ryan Collingwood reports that Highland High fans weren't too happy with a comment by SR colleague Greg Lee comparing Pocatello to an armpit in a Pigskin Picks item for his Web site:

Highland fans weren’t too happy with Greg Lee’s “armpit of Idaho” comment he made in the most recent installment of Prep Picks (see comments). Funny thing is, though, was some Highland fans and coaches thinking I might have been Lee and gave me a piece of their mind on Friday night. Highland’s good, I get that. And Pocatello isn’t as bad as people think (I lived there two years and miss some things about it) — but don’t try to convince me it’s great.  And no, it’s not better than Spokane, as one sure-of-himself Highland coach told me.  Anyone who’s ever left Bannock County can tell you that. Full blog post here.

  • BTW, the link above will provide info re: the status of CHS Vik Jacques Mort, who was hurt in the loss to Highland at Coeur d'Alene Friday.

Question: Have you ever lived in a town that you would desribe as an “armpit”?

Dennis: Never Go Back To Poky

Dennis Mansfield writes of the planned visit Sunday in Nampa of former Arkansas governor, who will be introduced by former First Lady Pat Kempthorne: “I like Pat — Kempthorne, that is … I understand that she'll co-introduce him to those in attendance. I've posted the notice below, if you are interested. Pat Kempthorne is really as great a person as is Mike Huckabee. Faithful, kind, involved in the community. She's weathered storms that most people do not know about and she's come out of it all like a champ. The people of Idaho are honored that Pat Kempthorne will be at the mike with MIke. The old political adage “they never come back to Pocatello” does not apply to Pat.” More here.

Question: Anyone out there in Hucks Nation ever live in Pocatello? Did you ever go back?

Idaho Teen Dies After Birthing Son

In this Dec. 6 photo, Jenni Lake's son, Chad Michael Lake Wittman, drinks from a bottle at the family's home in Pocatello. Jenni Lake, who decided against treatment for tumors on her brain and spine so she could carry the baby, died of cancer on Nov. 21, 12 days after giving birth to Chad. (AP Photo/James B. Hale)

Jenni Lake gave birth to a baby boy the month before her 18th birthday, though she was not destined to become just another teenage mother. That much, she knew. While being admitted to the hospital, she pulled her nurse down to her at bed level and whispered into her ear. The nurse would later repeat the girl's words to comfort her family, as their worst fears were realized a day after Jenni's baby was born. “She told the nurse, 'I'm done, I did what I was supposed to. My baby is going to get here safe,'” said Diana Phillips, Jenni's mother/Jessie L. Bonner, AP. More here. (AP photo)


Suspect nabbed in ‘BZR Bandit’ case, but he has different initials…

A 19-year-old from Pocatello by the name of Ryan P. Hanson has been issued a summons to appear on two misdemeanor counts of malicious injury to property, according to the Idaho State Journal, in the “BZR bandit” case, in which he allegedly went to great heights to leave his “BZR” graffiti tag in prominent locations in Pocatello. Downtown business owners there had offered a reward to collar the tagger.

It’s not me…

Imagine how stunned I was to see on the AP wire today that an elusive graffiti bandit is annoying the heck out of Pocatello by emblazoning “BZR” in all kinds of high and hard-to-reach places on buildings and signs in the southeast Idaho city. Yes, those are my initials (Betsy Z. Russell), but I’m definitely not the bandit! Click below to read an AP report, via the Idaho State Journal, about the graffiti artist, whom one local business owner has threatened to make “walk the plank” if she catches him.