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Pope Styles In Sombrero

Pope Benedict XVI waves from the popemobile wearing a Mexican sombrero as he arrives to give a Mass in Bicentennial Park near Silao, Mexico, Sunday. (AP photo)

Question: Is a sombrero a good luck for Pope Benedict XVI?

Crashing The Pope’s Party

A dog runs through the path lined by faithful as they wait for the the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI in Guanajuato, Mexico Saturday. At the entrance to Guanajuato, Benedict received the keys to the city. The pope reserved his only public remarks Saturday for a gathering of about 4,000 children and their parents massed in the Plaza de la Paz or Peace Plaza. (AP Photo/Alexandre Meneghini)

Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust

Monsignor Arthur Rodgers, rector of the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, places ash on a worshiper's forehead during an Ash Wednesday Mass at the cathedral in Philadelphia earlier today in Philadelphia. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, a time when Christians prepare for Easter through acts of penitence and prayer. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Question: Do you observe Lent?

APhoto Of The Day — 12.15.10

Acrobats perform in front of Pope Benedict XVI, during his weekly general audience in the Paul VI hall at the Vatican Wednesday. The “Pellegrini brothers” took off their shirts as they came on stage Wednesday to begin their show, which lasted a few minutes. They lifted each other in different acrobatic poses, keeping balance with their bodies often supported only by their arms. (AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito)

Top Cutlines:

  • 1. In an attempt to make peace with the Vatican, Madonna has hired Pope Benedict XVI to supervise the auditions for back up dancers for her upcoming “White Pants After Labor Day” world tour — OrangeTV.
  • 2. This is not what I meant when I asked for ideas on how to rebuild the image of today’s catholic priest from the bottom up! — Formerly Sandpoint.
  • 3. Still confounded by the clergy sex abuse issue, His Holiness gets a refresher course — JohnA.
  • HM: Gary D. Rhodes