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Kerri Thoreson: POW/MIA Bracelets Still Meaningful

Remember those iconic stainless steel POW/MIA bracelets. Kerri does. So should we all.

“On a recent sunny October day I watched as the postman came up the walk, a shoe box-sized package in hand. I signed for the delivery, taking the box to my desk to open. I was overcome with emotion to see 60 stainless steel bracelets, each bearing the name, rank, home state and date an American service member became a prisoner of war or missing in action in Vietnam. It was a compelling visual reminder of the war that was the backdrop of so many of our coming of age years.” Read more: http://www.cdapress.com/articles/2009/11/10/news/bracelets-remind-and-honor-soldiers-families-who-wait.txt