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Verner press conference: Taking it to the streets

Mayor Mary Verner must be tired of media events at City Hall.

And who can blame her? Except for the Chase Gallery outside the Council Chambers, it’s a pretty bland environment.

Monday she decided to talk about non-conforming bus benches in front of (wait for it..) non-conforming bus benches.

She picked a pair at Monroe and Indiana.Word is she’d heard the bench seats, which are essentially wooden 2-by-4s, were all broken last week. What better place to  illustrate the problems?

Except that Emerald Outdoor Advertising had fixed the seats in the intervening days. So Verner emphasized that they were on the sidewalk, cutting off space for pedestrians and wheelchairs, and of different designs.

Verner also had to deal with the basic law of press conferences in the wild, which is: Stuff happens…


Today’s video: Best press conference exhange?

Buzz Feed is flagging this press conference exchange between Barack Obama and Reporter Ed Henry, in which the president answers the question (toward the end) Why did you wait so long on AIG outrage?

What do you think? Did Obama get  the better of this Q-and-A, or are you not buying the A? Click here to add a comment.