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Everything is Copy: Who do I want to be in the world?

“I listened to the police officer and in that moment had to decide. Who do I want to be in the world?”

Everything is Copy: When evil is comforting

When it comes to pleasure reading, we gravitate to what we need at the cultural moment. I seem to be in a trench of surrounding myself with female psycho killers.

Everything is Copy: Keeping Clean

As a kid, I remember being baffled by the way my grandparents scurried about their Manhattan apartment before the cleaning lady showed up. As a young adult, I couldn’t believe …

Everything is Copy: Boaty McBoatface, isolation and exclusion

Tell people they get to choose, and then don’t listen to them, and you’re left with citizens who act like pissed off children. Say you trust them with power, and …

Everything is Copy: Fatherhood is every day

Good men, good fathers, know that even if that can’t silence that ugly inner voice, they can choose not to parrot it. They love their children with generosity and forgiveness, …

Everything is Copy: On sabbatical

Teaching is only part of the job. I am expected to be a good citizen of the university and to help keep it running, hand in hand with full-time administrators.

Everything is Copy: Lost in Griefland

All the clichés come home to roost, the stale sentiments finding their marks like characters in a familiar play. There’s old Carpe Diem, lurking in the wings, who reminds that …

Everything is Copy: Reboiled soup stirs the soul

I do any research ahead of a trip, it’s often about food.

Everything is Copy: The members of my tribe

My life as a runner started at age 30. It took another eight or so years to begin what would become the way I now make my living – as …

Everything is Copy: Weeding through the options

What I wanted was to quiet my racing mind. What I wanted, really, was to be put to sleep so I could wean myself off the hypnotic chemicals I ingest …

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Everything is Copy: Be as quick to offer praise as complaints

Many people, when they get great service, think it goes without saying that they’re satisfied. I believe it never goes without saying, that it’s important to go out of your …

Everything is Copy: A good appetite spoiled

There’s only one chance to make a good first impression, and at restaurants, that starts with a menu that follows the rules of English.

Everything is copy: Elegy for a friendship

Like most Americans, I tend to hang out with people who have the same values and prejudices as me.

Summer Stories: A Girl Who Floats Rivers

When she was 8 years old, Autumn, who’d only ever been called Timmie, told her mother that she had pretty much given up on ever having a heteronormative relationship, though …

Everything is Copy: #Spokanedoesntsuck

This spring, in the wake of Cody-gate,

Everything is Copy: Failing at the rules for chit chat

If the sign says “Ten items or less,” I check my basket and don’t start a pedantic conversation about whether it should read

Everything is Copy: Helen is top of the class

The politics of dog ownership are more fraught than a middle school playground. What we have in common is that we love our canine companions and see them as family …

Everything is Copy: A sugar addict faces her demon

Junior Mints, with their whiff of medicinal virtue, may be the perfect candy. Unless we consider Peanut M&Ms, offering protein and the smugness of legume consumption. Or perhaps Kit-Kats and …

Everything is Copy: The man who doesn’t read

Because I like to be around people who know things I don’t, my love life has been replete with physicists, computer scientists, doctors, and even some engineers (in other words, …

Everything is Copy: Teaching vets, and learning even more

Like many others now in comfortable middle age, my political consciousness was shaped by the geopolitics of Southeast Asia. With my parents I went to protest marches and chanted “Hell, …

Being like Ben: Following Franklin’s lead

For Rachel Toor, 2017 will be The Year of Being Ben-ish.

Eggs with hats: Our history with certain foods informs a lifetime of emotions

You won’t find this dish on restaurant menus. Instead, sneak into a home where toddlers roam, piles of toys act as traps, and where outrageous requests, like “Please don’t put …

Everything Is Copy: Where everyone knows my name

Each morning, six days a week, I take my dog Helen for a walk, brush my teeth though not always my hair, put on holey jeans or the clothes I’ll …

Summer Stories: Re-Org

Spokane author Rachel Toor imagines the darker side of the corporate retreat in “Re-Org,” her entry in our weekly series Summer Stories: The Woods.