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Avista Dan: 115 E-mails & Counting

Over the next few days, Avista will be sending out e-mails to Washington and Idaho customers (who have provided us their e-mail address through their utility account). The message, from Avista Utilities President Dennis Vermillion is pasted below in its entirety. The e-mail is a notification of our recent rates filings and directions where customers can learn more about the details of those requests. Last year, we sent many customer conversation e-mails. They happened to coincide with three requests to lower natural gas rates throughout the year in Washington and Idaho. We received many thank you replies, but also many notes that asked us to continue sending informational e-mails when requests go the other direction. This e-mail recognizes that. I, along with another co-worker, personally responded to anyone who replied to those e-mails – we’ll continue that practice as long as you continue to e-mail us back and find value in it/Dan_At_Avista. More here.

Question: Which other company would you like to see hire a public relations expert to answer your personal e-mail questions about its performance?