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Clark: ‘Red Dawn’ For Weak Minded

Whoever came up with the supermarket “impulse buy” had a sucker like me in mind. I can’t stand in a checkout line without grabbing a candy bar or a tube of lip balm or another box of mints from the goodies that have been put there to tempt the weak and simple-minded. That’s how I wound up owning a copy of “Red Dawn,” the documentary about Spokane being invaded by North Korea. It was in a box of “previously viewed” DVDs that was located suspiciously close to my checkout line. A few minutes later, I was $7.99 poorer and cursing my lack of willpower/Doug Clark, SR. More here.

Question: What unnecessary product displayed near a checkout counter are you most likely to buy?

Hint: Average income is higher there

Despite the suggestion in the ludicrous "Red Dawn" — no, I haven't seen it…but c'mon — there isn't a Spokane high school that uses Wolverines as a name for its sports teams.

But there is such a school elsewhere in Washington — a traditional football power, in fact.

Can you name that high school?